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    Just a few pics from town today... Beach Rd end of Klang about midday. Showing how quiet it is, but far from the deserted images from the European major cities. Klang towards the beach. Beach Road looking South. The Beach looking South. The Beach looking North. The much changed exchange rates, Soi 7 Soi 8
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    Greetings Monkeywatchers and core coon crap for joining us once again, though you probably haven’t got much else to do at the moment. Ho hum. Predictably, the Kung Flu is still dominating the news in Pattaya. City Hall has announced that pretty much everything has been cancelled for the next six months, including Songkran, the Pattaya Music Festival and the Beach Road Frog Trampling Contest. A long list of cancelled events has been published, though most people don’t seem to have been aware that most of these events existed in the first place. As Joni Mitchell once said, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. And you probably don’t give a monkey’s bollock (she didn’t say that bit.) If that wasn’t enough, it was announced that tourists arriving from certain countries would be asked to quarantine themselves for 14 days. Not much fun if you’ve come to Thailand for a fortnight’s holiday. Though there’s not much chance of that for a while. There’s been some controversy over farangs not wearing masks in Thailand during the current outbreak. Thais seem to be of the opinion that foreigners should be respectful of their culture at this time. So you’ve been told. Wear a mask, eat lots of bugs and drive at 100 mph while pissed out of your mind. Pattaya hotels are refurbishing their rooms in anticipation of the return of the Chinese tourists. Here’s one they’ve just finished… A Chinese chap who’d been to visit Pattaya with a tour group was later found tied up and bundled into a suitcase that had been chucked into the sea. The cause of death hasn’t yet been established though police say they haven’t ruled out suicide. Makes you wonder what they have ruled out. The Health Minister got himself into a spot of hot water after pontificating that Europeans were dirty, didn’t take showers and brought coronavirus to Thailand while fleeing the disease in their own countries. So nothing to do with the Chinese then. Doesn’t come as any surprise really. It’s generally accepted that the Thais don’t like Westerners. Or Russians. Or Chinese. Or Indians. Come to think of it, they don’t seem to like each other too much. Let’s face it, they can’t abide anybody. Welcome to the Land of Smiles. Not content with his previous rant, the minister is now trying to get all the bars, restaurants and nightclubs to stay shut at least until Hell freezes over. Talk about kicking a country when it’s down. We hereby nominated him for the 2020 “Biggest Tosspot Since Purachai Award.” In more enlightened times this man would have been burned at the stake. Pattaya is already preparing to welcome the return of the Chinese tourists with a traditional Thai noose party… Bar news time, and even before the current shutdown it was all all doom and gloom with multiple closures, including three long-established names. Living Dolls Showcase, Heaven Above, Rich, Runway and Club Nevada have all bitten the dust in the last month. At this rate there won’t be any Go Go bars left in Pattaya by the summer, though it probably won’t matter because there won’t be any tourists either. A Thai bloke has been arrested for murder after killing his neighbour because he wouldn’t give him a cigarette. He apparently offed the poor fellow by beating him to death with a pipe. Must have been a bloody big pipe, like that one Sherlock Holmes used to smoke. Actually, if he had a pipe, why did he need a cigarette anyway? Silly bugger. Let’s take a magic carpet ride back to pre-virus days now with a peek at a trio of stories from Monkeywatch in March 2010… “Remember Naklua opening its own version of Walking Street that was going to give Pattaya a whole new image? Well, it’s closed down already. Just more proof if it were needed that social engineering in Pattaya is about as feasible as knitting fog. A worker was rushed to hospital the other week after suffering severe burns in the Nong Pla Lai district while erecting a neon sign outside a convenience store. Locals are referring to the incident as “the tragic events of 7/11”. Seventy people convicted of drunk driving offences have each been sentenced to six hours community service - presumably as baht bus drivers until they sober up.” Post–lockdown civil disorder has already begun in Pattaya with the murder of this wheelie bin… In order to increase demand for rubber, the Rubber Authority of Thailand is to use the substance for manufacturing anatomical models. Funny, thought those things were banned. As soon as the entertainment venues in Pattaya were closed down, there was a mass stampede of temporarily displaced staff to Koh Larn where they all ended up standing shoulder to shoulder like a very big tin of sardines. It would seem that the local government’s social distancing policy needs a spot of tweaking. However, they decided not to bother and just shut the island down completely. So having lost the Chinese and Indian tourists, they’ve now got rid of the Thais as well. Think they might have to adjust their 2020 tourism predictions down a tad. And to finish as we started on a Kung Flu story, all visitors to Thailand (if there are any) must now download an app that will allow the authorities to track them wherever they go. So presumably not owning a mobile phone means you’ll get deported. A bit harsh maybe, but very reminiscent of the British schoolmaster who used to invite some of the younger boys round to his house to see his new state-of-the-art tape recorder. Then the headmaster found out that he didn’t own a tape recorder and he was sent to prison. I mean, what kind of a society is it where a man can be jailed just because he doesn’t own a tape recorder? be seeing you monkeyman
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    Water truck with free water made a trip down our soi this morning. We've been without city water for three days now due to a broken main, so the free water is appreciated. Someone asked if Katesiree was still serving coffee. Sadly the answer is no, at both locations. Still working on the new Jomtien Hospital. Looks like outpatient services are open. Resorts/ST rooms are now closed.
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    Line at Thai Airways office this morning. Road into New Plaza getting a scrub. First thing that caught my eye was the free food part. Thought, that's a nice gesture in these trying times. Alas, once my brain caught up to what my eyes were seeing I realized she was using an old Korando's Bar party poster for a tablecloth.
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    Beach Rd photo update, starting from the north end. Never noticed any customers before today at the Thai Airways office. Line out the door keeping a proper social distance, probably looking to rebook canceled flights. Looking north opposite Holiday Inn Looking south from the same spot Soi 1 Noticed this guy digging himself a cool spot in the sand. Pavement work opposite The Bay Water north of Soi 6 is currently draining into a pit. Very odd they don't have a pipe yet that connects to the new drains south of this point. Drain grates completed from just north of the Klang intersection. Typical, quality Thai engineering on show. Curb construction almost to Mike's Mall. South end getting pumped out. Beach is pretty empty. And no parasails in the air.
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    My opinion is that you should get back as much of your money as you can, by whatever means possible. Forget postponing - it'll be many months (possibly years) before you'll want / be able to do the trip.
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    Our group ride yesterday was different from our usual off road, Friday rides. Yesterday's ride leader called it the Urban Commando Ride, and it was just that. A lot of road riding mixed with bits of off road. It was also a long ride at 50.8 km that took us as far north as Laem Chabang Port. Thought I'd post the ride details incase someone is looking for a route to ride that's a bit different. First stop was about 11 km into the ride at the Forbidden Floating Temple. A place until now I didn't know existed. The entrance to the Temple is Chittaphon Wan Buddhist College, just off Sukhumvit. Air quality was good yesterday, so had great view towards Nakula to the south from the Temple. And Laem Chabang Port to the north. After enjoying the view and a bit of rest, we were off to our next stop. While not really rough off road riding, it was certainly a lot nicer than riding on busy Sukhumvit. As the ride leader didn't tell us where we were going at the start of the ride, we didn't realize until we reached this point we would be getting a much closer look at Laem Chabang Port. The ride out to the far end of the port area was a 2 km stretch along an area that can best be described as a salt marsh. From the far end we had a nice, breezy view of Nakula and Pattaya off in the distance. After relaxing and enjoying the view we were once again off on our ride back to Pattaya. After a 15 minute rehydration stop on Sukhumvit, we made a mad dash across three lanes of speeding traffic to a U Turn, then repeated the process on the other side. Then it was a shortcut through a temple to a route that was parallel to the railroad. This far north of Pattaya, the area next to the railroad is still pretty wild with some good single track to ride. Once we made it to 3240, I split from the group so I could snap a few pics of the current water level at Mabprachan Reservoir.
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    A pic from a friend when Mabprachan was overflowing.
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    After Mabprachan, next stop was a photo recon on the state of Huai Chak Nok Reservoir. Map updated with waypoints marking the current shoreline edge. When I got to the turnoff for the road over the dam, I was surprised to see they had it barricaded. No doubt closed due to the latest edict from the Chonburi Governor to keep people from gathering in groups of any size. Since I was a group of one, and seeing a guy walking his dogs in the distance I figured I'd chance it. So lifted my bicycle over the barricade and had a nice quiet ride by my lonesome self across the dam. New since the last update is a retaining wall around this pumping station, and a pump to get water from the main body into the small pond. What I don't understand is why they just didn't dig the channel deeper eliminating the need for a pond and another pump. The latest position of the receding shoreline, just on the other side of the pumping station. Final pic is the other receding shoreline.
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    Update of the north end of Beach Rd as of this morning. Looks like they might be fast tracking the project now that there's very few tourists left. Soi 1 Soi 2 Soi 3 Soi 5 And at Soi 6 it looks like they either dug out the buried pipe that connects the south end of the drains, or they installed the missing section in the past week. At any rate, the water from the north now has a way to continue on to the south.
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    Amen. What if...? 1. We have no vaccine for MERS or SARS. What if we are unable to develope a vaccine for Covid-19? 2. What if we don't develope immunity to this virus and run the risk of reinfection? 3. Are we to stop our economies for ever? Our ancestors accepted death. They didn't stop commerce or living their lives. In 1918, the Spanish Flu infected roughly 1/3 of the world's population (500 million) and killed roughly 10% of those infected. People went on living. There is no evidence that this virus will be any worse than the yearly max of flu deaths worldwide (under 700,000). I'm in a higher risk group. I take reasonable precautions. Many are in a low risk for death group. They need to go to work but people like me need to stay away from them or wear protective gear. I was having groceries and sundries delivered to my house. Now, with so many staying home, I can't get a delivery time. That forces me and others in a higher risk group to go to the store. I have faced death. I won't be cowed by hand wringers. No one gets out of here alive. I don't want to hasten death but I won't live in fear of it. Get back to work or even more will die in poverty/homelessness when the worldwide depression hits. Finally, these pandemics of undiscovered viruses are happening more frequently. Are we supposed to shutdown for every one? We need to learn to live with these since it is obvious we can't prevent them from happening...yet.
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    I don't think I'm interpreting the situation the same as you are. As I read the situation, absent a vaccine or cure, we are all going to catch it. As some of us will get it very seriously, the government is simply trying to make sure we don't all get it at the same time.
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    As promised, the latest photo update of the shrinking Mabprachan Reservoir. You can see in the screenshot below today's ride spent a lot of time riding areas that used to be underwater, but is now bone dry lakebed. First up is the southern edge of the water. Pic 01: Still a bit of water, but not much, around the overflow structure. Northern edge of the water. Pic 02: Panoramic shot looking east at what's left of the main body of water in the reservoir. Pic 03: Pumping water from the main body to the channel that leads to the pumping station. Pic 04: Draining the last bit of water from this area. Pic 05: North of the pumping station there is no more water to be had. Pic 06 Pic 07 Pic 08 Pic 09 Pic 10 Pic 11: High spots in the area north of the land bridge are now becoming visible. It won't be long before the water is drained from this area too. Pic 12: Gap in the land bridge. Still too deep to wade across. Pic 13: This gap though can be easily waded across. This guy provided a good example of how shallow it is around this area. It wasn't until he reached the buoys that the water was over his head. Dry land as of 10 Mar, 2020 Pic 14: Fishing shelter left high and dry. Pic 15: Tree stump sentinels wondering where all the water went. Pic 16: I imagine this cistern dates back to a time before the reservoir was built. Pic 17: The floating pump house is no longer drawing water from what's left of the main body of water.
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    Greetings Monkeywatchers, showaddy crap to you all, and welcome to this month’s disease ridden edition. Masks on and off we go. The big story at the moment is of course the spreading of the Woohoo Flu to Thailand. The authorities have issued various guidelines in an attempt to keep holidaymakers safe, such as wear a mask, keep away from wild animals and if you see a Chinese tourist, shoot first and ask questions later. Pattaya Hospital has announced that is now fully equipped to deal with the virus – they’ve just received a consignment of coffins and body bags. The Thai government is considering extending Songkran this year to increase tourism. Would’ve thought that was the one thing guaranteed to decrease it. Refreshingly honest… A cheeky thief snatched the bag of a Chinese tourist who was standing right next to a police box in North Pattaya the other week. Police immediately set of in pursuit of the miscreant but were unable to apprehend him. When the officers returned they found that their police box had been stolen. Thieves in most places will steal anything that isn’t nailed down. In Pattaya they’ll steal it anyway and take the nails as well. A serial pickpocket has been arrested yet again, this time for picking the pocket of an Indian tourist. When asked what kind of person would choose an Indian tourist to pickpocket, the miscreant replied “Somebody who needs a new pocket.” Reminisce as we waft you back in time with a trio of memories from Monkeywatch in February 2010… “A Russian tourist was sliced in two by a speedboat the other Monday whilst swimming in a boating channel off the coast of Koh Larn. A police spokesman said they were still trying to locate the man’s other half, though it’s unclear at this stage whether or not they were referring to his wife. The other Monday, a street vendor staggered into Dongtan Police Station to report that he had been robbed at gunpoint while selling bags to tourists. A statement from the police said that this was a clear case of Bagman and Robbin’. A Norwegian bloke made a complaint to Pattaya Police the other week that 34,675 baht had gone missing from his hotel safety deposit box. He was immediately arrested for pedantry and placed on the sex offenders’ register.” City Hall was ordered to submit plans for a green transport initiative. This is what they came up with… A bit of bar news now, and Harem has reclosed, reopened and reclosed, whereas Party Girlz, not to be outdone, has reopened, reclosed, reopened again and reclosed again. Pulse has also just closed but this one looks to be more permanent. The Dark Knight rises on LK Metro with the opening of Rise, which uses the Batman logo in its sign. Perhaps they should’ve called it Even Newer Bat. Angel has closed too as the number of Go Go’s continues its steady decline. Black Snake Club, however, has been de-poofterized and is now a coyote bar avec girlies. Expect a closure soon. A local boat captain had a bit of a surprise earlier this month when he spotted what he had initially thought to be a dead dog in the water but was actually a dead deer. He said he’d no previous experience of dead deer though he’d heard that farangs often use the expression when visiting Go Go bars. Speaking of floaty dead things, a swarthy chap of indeterminate ethnicity has been found floating in Pattaya Bay with an 8 kilogram stone hanging round his neck. Police are running checks to see if any Elizabeth Taylor impersonators have been reported missing. Looks like at least one Chinese tour group has managed to get to Pattaya… Despite the massive drop in Chinese tourists, ferries are still running to Koh Larn, but the operators say they may not be able to keep running with the reduced passenger number as the boats are now only 50 percent overloaded. A man is being sought by police for threatening staff in a traditional Thai massage shop when the masseuse refused to give him a “happy ending”. The strange thing is that this wasn’t some dumb newbie tourist but actually a Thai dude. It’s one thing not understanding a foreign culture but not understanding your own? Silly bugger. Suppose we can’t close without mentioning the Brit bloke who had to call an ambulance after ripping the end of his dick off while shagging his hourly rental girlfriend in a particularly vigorous manner. Not so much a dickhead as a no dickhead. be seeing you monkeyman
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    Just checked my credit card account on-line again. The refund got credited on 3 April. Deep joy!! And well done EVA!
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    Bazle, My refund came through today, it was the cost minus the £165 cancellation fee, paid into my account. I applied the same day you did. hopefully yours will come through soon as well mate.
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    Arrive at the parking lot. , 2 large tents. Do not go to one on the left. Huge lines ,not moving . On the right there is a line for a visa more than 10 deep. Go around or through them and directly to the 90 day desk no lines. Get a number and every several minutes they come out calling numbers with your passport. In at 9:10, out at 9:20.
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    Got out and had a look at Mabprachan Reservoir this morning. Since the water that remains is relatively shallow, the shoreline has receded quite a bit from the last update five days ago. Maps of the receding shoreline and photo waypoints are now at the end of the post. Pic 01: View from the south end of the dam. The southern shoreline as of today. In a few days that finger of water will be nothing but a memory. They're catching some nice size fish now. Pic 02: Not much of gap left between the dam and the dry land on the other side of the shallow channel of water. Pic 03: The landbridge gap in the distance is now dry. Pic 04: Quite a few of the fishermen are using the dry highpoints for their fishing base of operation. The north side shoreline is more like a small cove now. And the shore is quite a big bigger than five days ago. Pic 05 Pic 06: Not much water left. Pic 10: Since the last update they've dug the channel to the pumps a bit deeper. Pic 11: Fulfilling a request for a dead tree fan. Pic 12 Pic 13: It's looking like the Flower Land retaining pond is going to have water when the reservoir is nothing but a mud hole. To make it easier to see how much the shoreline has receded over time, I'm trying something new with an embedded map that has waypoints for where the shoreline was on the different update dates. To view the date the shoreline was at that point, click on the black circle waypoint in the map.
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    I,however, am quite relieved ........
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    As long as we're all still alive and well this time next year thats all that matters.
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    Gulf Air have been brilliant. Their offices open in bangkok and they got me flights home direct with Thai tonight free of charge.
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    Good news, the rear derailleur was quickly replaced and only set me back 1,500B + 200B for the pickup from where I broke down. Bad news, they replaced the derailleur with the wrong model so it jams when I try to shift up into the two highest gears. Not worth the time and effort to go back to the shop to have them do it correctly, instead ordered the correct model from Lazada for 1,200B which should arrive from China in about a week. Meanwhile the bike is still rideable, so did a group ride with friends this morning and when we were near Huai Chak Nok Reservoir, split from the group to get a photo update of the current water levels there. For reference, picture waypoints and receding water edge marked on Google Earth. Pic 1 The water's edge since the last update 10 days ago isn't as dramatic as what is happening at Mabprachan Reservoir. Perhaps because the demand for water from this reservoir is less. For comparison, on 17 March the water's edge was just on the other side of the overflow structure. Pic 2 Pic of water's edge on the other side. When I turned around and looked on the other side of the dam, I at first thought these two rigs in the distance might be for drilling bore holes. Unfortunately, on closer inspection I saw they were pile drivers. I wonder if the water dept has even considered drilling bore holes as a backup water supply. Pic 3 Click on black circle waypoints to view date shoreline was at that point.
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    Retirement extension of my in country non-immigrant O due by 28 April so decided to go today as the best of the various suboptimal alternatives. You queue outside the building to get a number. It is covered and there are a couple of fans. Arrived about 9:30 and it took about an hour to get in the door. They let perhaps ten in at a time. Guy takes your temperature before letting you in and you get a number. Good news is that it is not completely jammed inside. They were processing the number before mine when I got in. Young guy checking the documents at counter 8. I had a photo which he attached to the TM.7. Apparently, a copy of the house book and a couple of utility bills were sufficient for proof of address. The income letter which I got from Bangkok Bank was in order. He did ask if I had proof of my pension. Printed it off last week but forgot to bring it. He said he would call if the boss wanted it. No mention of insurance. There is a notice about insurance for O-As. Given the green receipt card and told to come back tomorrow afternoon. Overall, they're doing pretty well under the circumstances. Wore a mask to be a good neighbor. Outside, there was a separate canopy to the right with a big sign for document precheck. Did not go through it. There was a small sign on the table for "90 day".
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    Obtaining food & toilet paper during crazy times! d7e1c48c-5060-424d-b08c-3dca0c94c1ca.MP4
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    Also if you cancel a flight the airline should give you the tax back that applied to your ticket. Often the tax makes up half the price of the ticket.
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    Stop Press News. An Isis suicide bomber killed himself and 78 family members after deciding to work from home.
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    Y'all can thank me for the rain. Filled the rainwater collection tank last night from the water truck, so no surprise it's raining buckets of water 12 hours later.
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    Wow what a difference to now!
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    Thanks FBWU, Pattaya looks eerie being so quiet. Keep safe mate.
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    That's great, Butch. Thanks. Precisely what I needed to know. 🙂
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    China: 'We've Completely Cured Coronavirus And Everything Is Fine Here And No One Is Allowed In To Check'
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    Save water - drink more beer!! 😁
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    They cancelled the Frog Trampling Contest? Bastards! I've practicing all year!
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    Picked up the passport with a new extension just after 3pm. They had a table under an awning just to the right of the street entrance so quite quick and easy to keep my distance. I should add that yesterday, I also submitted a copy of my bank book for proof of income. Now, just hoping I didn't draw the short straw standing in line yesterday.
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    Didn't Joni also sing (in the same song) "They paved Bali Hi to put up a parking lot" ??
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    I'm coming up for renewal of the retirement extension next month and it is the first year I can't use an embassy affidavit. So I headed for the Bangkok Bank office at Soi 7. I figured things are as likely to get more restrictive in town than less. They knew exactly what I was asking for. No surprise, you need your passport and bank book. It took about 30 minutes and 700 baht. I got a letter showing dates, USD received, and baht credited. They attached the computerized transaction records for each deposit. I should note I have a direct deposit account for my government annuity. The only entries in the bank book are for the monthly deposits and transfers out to my other account. I'll let you know how at goes at immigration.
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    Plenty of ladies active on thaifreindly.....
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    How many would have been in the air at the same time a month ago? A lot of people are still getting home, can you please look again in exactly one weeks time?
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    What with all the flight cancellations going on there's going to be a lot less CO2 dumped into the upper atmosphere. Don't know what effect that's going to have on global warming, but it can't hurt.
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    I think the reason is 2 fold Bullfrog, Thai are in desperate financial difficulties at the moment and as the list shows, have cancelled swathes of flights and grounded planes. May / June is the low point before school hols in July / Aug as well, plus the whole thing is exacerbated by the current situation. There will be some good deals floating around for the time you wish to go, hopefully!
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    Came home about 10pm last night and passed a fire dept water truck the next soi over filling water tanks for free. Unfortunately they never made it over to our soi, but a private truck was filling tanks for a small tip. Word from my lady is the water was paid for by Hollywood Pattaya as advertising for their venue, and a local politico looking to gain favor and votes in the next election. Smart thinking on both parties parts. The truck ran out of water before it got to our house, so my lady stayed up until midnight to wait for the trucks return. Topped up our below ground tank and my rain water collection tank for a 200B tip. Might not have needed a top up on the rainwater tank as there's an 80% chance of rain today. She asked the driver what's going on with the lack of city water, but he didn't know. Word on the soi is the fire dept truck personnel were asked the same question, but wouldn't answer the question. That's telling in itself. Govt is being tight lipped on the reality of the water situation. In addition to tracking the shrinking of Pattaya reservoirs, looks like I have a new metric to track. Now four days without city water.
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    Maybe, just maybe, after Brexit, the Brits and no longer considered European! Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
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    It is another option but Extensions of Tourist Visa and Visa Exempt Entries are usually straightforward in Jomtiem, and if you are in Pattaya or Jomtiem area it is an easy place to find. Just a government office and a bit irritating.
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    Maybe it's not a footpath, certainly there doesnt seem to be anyone walking along it. Maybe it is simply a raised draincover so motorists won't drive over the drains and fall into the open access holes.
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