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    The upgrade is complete. The index service is rebuilding, so it may be a couple hours before all known posts are back in their rightful positions in your feed.
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    Many Brits complain that they can't get a good British-style Indian curry in Pattaya, so I would like to make mention of Beer Hubb. I've just come from there. It is on Soi Buakhao (on the edge of Treetown, opposite Chunk Monkey), a newly opened place, and looks very upmarket from the outside. It is Indian-owned so, as I fancied an Indian curry, I thought I'd try it out. The decor is very smart, with tables inside in air-conditioning, or outside for people watching. Most of the outside tables were taken, but probably only a quarter of the inside ones. There is TV sport, and background music (a little too loud for my liking). The menu has Thai, Western and Indian food. I ordered a Chicken Madras with plain rice. I'm not a food critic so will say no more than that it was good; I would have been happy if it had been served to me in the UK. Including an orange juice, the bill was (IIRC) 287 Baht. The owner came over for a brief chat. He said the restaurant had been open 2 weeks, but he was not new to the restaurant trade having owned a place in Phuket for 3 years. All the food is freshly prepared - no frozen pre-prepared stuff. They will be adding to the Indian menu shortly (currently, it is somewhat limited). That will be good as it would be nice to see the option of side-orders like raitha, naan bread, etc. I believe that upstairs there is a bar with a view and, furthermore, there is draught Guinness available. I was hoping they would have a website so that I could point to further information, but I can't locate one. However, they do have a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/beerhubb/ and I took the pic. below. I will certainly be eating there again.
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    Greetings Monkeywatchers, showaddy crap to you all, and join us as we celebrate the Chinese New Year, which this time around is the year of the pig – or in the case of Pattaya, the year of the stinking pig. Again. Oh well, off we go. Fans of the famous Dolphin Roundabout in North Pattaya will be pleased to know that it’s been resurrected. The dead dolphin found on Pattaya Beach, on the other hand, hasn’t. Pattaya officials have proudly announced that the Russian mafia have finally been driven out of the city. What they inadvertently forgot to mention is that they were driven out by the triads. Same same, but different. The police have followed this up by issuing a statement declaring that there are no Chinese mafia in Pattaya. This follows previous statements that there are no drugs and no prostitutes in the city. Linguists are still struggling to find a definition of the word “no” that fits comfortably with these statements. Best of luck, boys. Be the envy of your drinking buddies with the new “Barcrawler” – guarantees you a seat at every bar and you won’t even have to walk there… Now that the date for the upcoming election has been confirmed as March 24, the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association have been entrusted with the task of ensuring that the voting in the city is both free and fair. The PBTA, as they are generally known, should not be confused with LGBT (Lovers of the Great Beef Torpedo) as they are a respectable business organisation and not just a bunch of attention seeking poofs. Well, not all of them anyway. Actually, there’s talk of a new group emerging during the election campaign who are disaffected with the country’s membership of the ASEAN group and are advocating something called Thexit. Once free of this heinous organisation, their plans include the immediate deportation of all stinking pigs and the creation of a hard border by building a wall round the entire country. This will apparently free up 350 million baht a week that could be spent on the health service, but won’t be. Sounds promising. Once upon a time long ago there was a children’s TV film called “The Singing Ringing Tree”, an excruciating abomination from Germany that was probably made as an act of revenge for World War Two, that parents inflicted on baby boomers, probably as a form of aversion therapy to discourage them from watching too much television. Sadly, many of those same baby boomers can now be seen sitting in bars around Pattaya having to endure a new kind of aversion therapy known as “the drinking stinking pig.” Revenge for the British Empire? It said on the dating site that she was a real dish… Bar news this month kicks off with the demise of the long standing if nomadic Beach Club, which is to become part of an enlarged Happy A Go Go. Pin-Up A Go Go is joined by Tee Rak A Go Go as a new kid on the block on Walking Street. And the good old former Blues Factory is having another go at Go Go with the upcoming opening of Republic A Go Go. Sounds a bit Ruskie, that one. Speaking of which, the old Living Dolls 1 has been consumed by an expansion to the XO Club. The evil empire is expanding. Pattaya is currently training 120 new tourist assistants to “improve the tourist experience” for foreign visitors. At the end of the training period they will each be issued a stick with a ball on top, a variety of forged tickets and a large money bag to assist them in their endeavours. Now that’s what you call customer service. Vintage Pattaya memories now with a look at a couple of bits from Monkeywatch from February 2009… “The other Monday, police were called to an Exchange Booth on Second Road after staff reported that a Pakistani man had attempted to exchange counterfeit UK bank notes. The man was arrested but later released without charge when he pointed out that on current exchange rates the fake notes were actually worth more than real ones. A brand spanking new set of traffic lights has been installed on the Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya in an attempt to improve the flow of traffic in the area. Large numbers of people are expected to benefit from this imaginative scheme, mainly scrap dealers and undertakers.” Thai A Yellow Ribbon Round The Oil Palm Tree?... Pattaya officials and police held a meeting with baht bus drivers on February 8 during which the drivers were lectured about overcharging and insulting tourists. We spoke to one driver who said he didn’t bother to attend as he knew how to do those things already. Building work has restarted on Pattaya’s new football stadium and officials say they hope to have it completed by 2026. If you think that sounds like a long time, it might be worth noting that construction actually began in 2009. No point in rushing these things, is there? Finally, Valentine’s Day celebrations in Pattaya were a bit muted this year. Wonder if the decision by officials to rename it STD Day had anything to do with it? If they’d given it some thought they could’ve just shortened the name to VD and got both messages across together. But then when do Thais ever think before thy act? be seeing you monkeyman
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    7th Heaven location will soon be reincarnated as a very small agogo. The soi next to Easy Corner Bar is now an open sewer. And on the soi next to the Buffalo Bar a swanky, new Thai restaurant will soon be opening.
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    Surprise! (aka Surprise BBQ) is best known for its U.S.-style BBQ beef and pork ribs at bargain prices, but it also has steaks, burgers, skewers and chicken on its menu.. It's located near the intersection of Soi Buakhao and Soi 21, across the street from the north end of Tree Town and around the corner from the Chunky Monkey. It's a very small restaurant with only three tables (two tables for four and one for two), plus counter seats for about six more. It's popular, which means it's often crowded. It's not a comfortable place to have a meal, but the decent food at cheap prices have won it a loyal customer base. Two ladies handle the cooking and two more the serving, which means wait times for your food can be long. Because Surprise! is so cramped, I've mostly had ribs for takeaway, but that's a topic for a separate post. Yesterday I tried the rib eye steak steak at 169 baht. It came with a handful of thick-cut fries, two onion rings, a dish of brown sauce and a dollop of salad. I asked for my steak to be cooked medium rare, but I got it medium. It was Thai beef. but not tough. The menu and a sign says its "AA" grade beef, but I'm not sure what grading scale is being used. Canada has a scale with letter-A ratings and "AA" would be the equivalent of lower-end U.S. Choice. For the price, it was O.K. The fries could have been a bit crisper for my taste. The onion rings, which I can easily live without, were O.K. and the salad was fresh. It hadn't been sitting slathered in dressing all day. The sauce was supposed to be pepper or mushroom, but had no flavor at all. At least it was served on the side and not poured on top of the meat. Bottom line: The rib eye steak was O.K., certainly not great, but you can't expect a great steak for 169 baht. The sides were a mixed lot, ranging from good salad through middling fries and onion rings to a poor sauce. My main reservation about Surprise! centers on the cramped quarters, which more or less rules it out for me as a place to have a meal. You are almost sitting on top of the other customers. Not only can you hear every word they say, but every sound they make, including chewing, burps and farts. If they haven't had a recent shower, you can sure smell them. In the future, I'll continue to use Surprise! for takeaway. Almost worth noting for anyone with mobility problems. There is a very narrow set of stairs leading up to Surprise! which would be difficult for some to manage. It's open from 2.30 or 3.00 p.m. (the menu and sign give different times) to 10.00 p.m., but opening hours seem quite flexible. It often closes earlier than 10.00 p.m., probably because they have run out of food. It's closed Sundays. Evil I've included photos of some of the menu pages to give a better idea of what's available and the prices charged.
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    Baht buses are still 10 baht. Soi Bukhao and LK Metro has expanded exponentially bar - wise. In fact, I tend to stay around that area now as Beach Rd / Second road hotels have lost their lustre, and you can cut through to Sois 7,8 and Central festival from Bukhao in an easy 5 min walk. Sois Chaiyapoon and Lengkhi are also popular for massage parlours and cheap guest houses / restaurants. Soi Honey is also a good massage venue. As mentioned elsewhere, everywhere you walk there is some cunt with a camera, either vlogging on youtube or just taking photo's. WS is terrible for it, LKM getting progressively worse. Speaking of which, Soi diana seems to be dying a very slow and tortured death for some reason. Papagayo still has a massive Gin menu though. JP bar has gone i'm told, late night Ibar and Insomnia nightclubs for off duty girls, but Insomnia seems to be full of vest wearing middle eastern musclemen for some reason. Lucifer, Red Car (gullivers - the one with the Vette on the wall) and 808 above Candyshop offer the nightclub experience, also Miami on WS might be worth a look if FL action is your scene (and at 5k a pop plus BF longtime, why wouldn't it be lol?) Plenty of GGB's, prices covered elsewhere on the forum. Windmill for good fun, hands on as well, Babydolls same same. Beer bars abound, still offering happy hours and many in the Bukhao area offering 2 for 1. Plenty of live music bars around, almost one on every busy Soi. Daytime fun: More Gentlemens Clubs, MC Taxi drivers are now fairly knowledgeable regarding locations, just show them a google maps pic. Soi 6 is still busy but has effectively been ruined in the opinions of some (myself included) as the Nightwish group have opened numerous bars along there with the same kind of approach, loud music, lots of girls rinsing newbies for drinks. Even the managers get in on the act. However, Ruby club and a few select others are still open for naughty, behind closed doors fun. Nighshit are expanding their operation into Chaiyapoon as well apparently. Still numerous daytime bars open along Beach Rd, Tahitian queen A/C still a welcome change from a hot day, PBG offering half decent food but the service sucked big time last I was there, 45 minutes for Tom Ka Gai... Multitiude of massage parlours in the Chaiyapoon, Lengkhi / Honey area, most offering happy endings. not sure on prices though, or quality of the girls. Some decent restaurants in town, Grottinos for a good Italian, plus a few specialist places opennig up (Wine Bistro, craft beer joints). Other stuff: Terminal 21 is a massive shopping centre, but never been there. A few Starbucks / Costas opened if you want a coffee and a read of the paper. Motorcycle hire still available cheap, but make sure you are legal, the fines are getting ridiculous. Loads of Hotels to choose from ranging in price and quality. LK group are very good, Eastiny and flipper are the budget end and look very tired. Sabai group again are mid range but again need updating.
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    Ok chaps. here's some from the HDD I've had floating around. Not any particular year but a few venues have gone since I took them. They may be alreayd posted elsewhere on the forum in an age old TR, so apoligies if you've already seen them. Infamous Soi 6 Moving down to a quiet Beach Rd Pre improvement days lol. Gullivers Soi 1 end. Again, view from Soi 1 down to BR
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    This morning's rates. The article 50 is affecting the £, but it isn't ever going to be 50!
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    A couple of days ago I saw one of the most sickening reports on Fox News and only confirmed for me that this really is at the peak of fake news channels. In essence the three wise news people came to the conclusion that there really was nothing wrong with the wonderful American technology and it all came down to the fact that overseas pilots were not trained as well as the home grown versions. They failed to note that the great American icon, Boeing, therefore apparently sold these aircraft all around the world known that they would be piloted by these inferior pilots. Seems to be a case of 'Take the money and run". What a bunch of biased incompetent journalists these people are.
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    No, not unless I do it manually, which I did not this time. I did find the problem however. One of my host servers - the one that hosts my generic web server that does the redirection for pattayatalk.com, was paused because it was low on disk space... one of the backup routines got way out of hand lol. Its now fixed... and cheers for making me go look. It might have been a week before I checked it as there is nothing else critical running on that server lol.
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    Ok, well that was a fast failure lol. Apparently I need to set up a new FTP account on the server specifically for these updates. I am going to do that today or tonight and proceed with the update as soon as its done. Will update here when I click the button.
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    A few minutes ago at TT on Second Road: Sorry about the sideways shot. Some pesky people prevented a full frontal.
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    Chinese Shaxian Snacks is one of the better recent additions to the local food scene as Pattaya has always been weak on the Chinese side. I've eaten there a number of times since it opened in September, 2018, and it's time for an update. I have to emphasize something I wrote in the OP: Several times at Shaxian, I've seen farang families walk in, sit down but not recognize any items on the menu. After some fruitless questions the staff didn't understand, these families got up and left in frustration. On a couple of occasions, the family father made stupid remarks that reflected his ignorance rather than any shortcoming with the restaurant. If Orange Chicken at Panda Express defines your taste in Chinese cuisine, you're better off skipping Chinese Shaxian Snacks. While its menu has expanded at bit since it opened 5 1/2 months ago, it is still concentrated on a few types of Chinese food, namely dumplings, noodles and soups. If your heart beats warmly for boiled or fried dumplings, beef brisket noodles, herbal soups and wonton or noodles in peanut sauce, then Shaxian is the place for you. I also want to correct an error in the OP. Shaxian does have air conditioning, but it wasn't working the first night I was there. It's been fine on every subsequent visit. The big attraction for me is that the jiaozi are made fresh daily in the traditional fashion. The fact that she sat in the dining area filling the jiaozi gives Shaxian a very authentic Chinese feel. It's a bit rough at the edges and about as far way as you can get from elegant dining, but the food is excellent. And this is how those dumplings will end up: either steamed , boiled in broth- or fried- Most of the staff at Shaxian know I can use the nimble tongs, but a new waiter brought me the order above with a fork and side dish of ketchup ()!!! The fork was replaced with chopsticks and I used the dark vinegar instead of ketchup (). One of my favorite dishes is the noodles in peanut sauce and topped with scallion and pickled cabbage. You have to mix it thoroughly. I have a fair amount of take away from Shaxian, but they tend to skimp on the sauce to avoid messiness. Dumplings do best for takeaway. Bottom line: I eat at Chinese Shaxian Snacks two or three times a week. I can definitely recommend it, but only if you are familiar with and enjoy traditional Chinese snacks. Evil
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    12:43 today at TT on Second Road:
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    Soi 8 in better days The destruction of the bars on Soi 2 - Just sat and reflected on the good times many guys must have had there, how many girls worked there and the drinks drunk and bells rung!. Soi 1 looking like a wasteland back in 2013 I think. several disused buildings including a Thai karaoke joint, back then Soi 1 was considered a bit out of the way... I always liked the design of this small building, never knew what it was or who owned it, there was always some work going on there though. Over to bukhao, "The booze lounge" now long gone. The sad demolition of "The Belgian Embassy"..anyone remember what it was correctly called??
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    I went out to Bangkok in February. Thought I would treat myself so bought a Premium Economy ticket on Austrian. I was a bit concerned about the connecting time in Vienna but was assured it would be sufficient. Well Austrian and Vienna airport were the biggest shamble I have ever seen and I have flown a bit ! Firstly the plane from Vienna that was to turn to be my plane was late. I enquired about the connecting flight again but was told once again by the check in that it would be fine. It wasnt. The Heathrow to Vienna flight arrived into Vienna with 5 minutes before the scheduled flight to Bangkok. I was told by email that there would be people at the arrival gate to advise where to go. There wasnt. It was chaos. Now I'm pretty sprightly and had studied previous Bangkok flights so had a rough idea where to go, I found a staircase leading up so ran balls out up them. To be confronted by the most ridiculous pair of morons manning a security post. The girl on the X Ray machine hadnt a clue, she also looked like she hadnt washed for a month and her hair was that greasy I would suspect more than a month. 5 Tome the morns put me through their stupid Metal detector. eventualy they had me nearly strip before finally deciding to do a drugs test on my carry on bag. Finally letting me go I only just made it to the departure gate which was technically closed but I just flashed my boarding pass and walked past the zombie on the desk and onto the flight. 16 other passengers didnt make it and got dumped into a hotel for the night, then after spending 6 hours in Vienna they were shipped up to Frankfurt and out onto a Lufthansa flight to Bangkok .So after getting to my 'Premium Economy' seat, which is simply an old Business class seat. I found myself sitting next to what looked like a 25 year old female snowflake. IN the entire 10 hour flight she spoke only one word when, friendly chap that I am, I asked her if her trip was for Business or Pleasure. She replied with her one word "Business" and that was that. Now one of the reasons I wanted premium Economy was for the better food. WRONG. I chose the chicken. What turned up was a lump of meat, overcooked inedible and hard as iron. Next to it was a sea of mushy peas, or a better description would be a Mushy PEA with a lot of water. There was also 2 lonely what looked like tinned potatoes. It was disgusting. The breakfast was even worse. I couldnt even stomach the idea of returning on that airline and bought myself an Eva Air flight, Good seat and good food. Now my friend was due to follow me to Bangkok on Austrian the following day. True to form his flight from Heathrow to Vienna was late and as he arrived he watched the Bangkok flight taking off. He was sent to a Hotel for the night and told the same story as the earlier passengers that he would be sent to Frankfurt then on to Bangkok. He refused and demanded a refund and a flight back to London. Then magically, they found a Thai flight the next day from Vienna. He is now currently chasing them for the 600 Euro's he is entitled to. He said the staff at Vienna Airport were rude and surly even though he was the one being dumped upon Dont fly Austrian !!!!
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    they go up tiddly up up, they go down tiddly down down. This afternoon's rates.
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    No sir, the hold up was that the flight Into Heathrow was over half an hour late. I questioned the departure gate specifically if there was going to be a problem in Vienna and was told there wouldnt be. The only reason I got on the flight was that the Vienna to Bankok flight was also late. If it had departed on time it would have departed 10 minutes before I arrived. I was trying to be sociable to the snowflake, on the basis that we would be sitting next to each other for 10 Hours+. But dont panic I will never sit next to you. I do have some standards.😅
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    Beach road is a shadow of her former self. I loved making out on the couches of the old closed faced bars of the 6. The babe would get it rock hard - then it was BJ with pussy caressing time. Fuck the moron and his PC forum. More construction. However; the aforementioned greater Bukhow zone is teaming with massage pussy. A shower with the gal, 20 minute foreplay massage - followed by a BBBJ can be had for a 400 - 500 baht tip - which was the going rate 10 years ago.
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    Sorry for the delay in answering. From what I gather from reading posts elsewhere and what a friend said, the food truck was located on the Darkside, but I couldn't pin down a specific location. Maybe someone else knows the details. Anyway, I had a final meal on Friday at Richman Poorman. I had intended to have a Reuben sandwich, but it was finished. The only dish left was the quesadilla at 180 baht. It was good, but I wouldn't have gone all the way to Soi 9 off Jomtien Beach Road just for it. The RMPM Facebook page said sandwiches and other dishes were still available Friday, but that wasn't the case. A bit of a sad ending for my experience with RMPM. It will be interesting to see what opens in its place. Will the new owners continue on the U.S.-theme or try something different? Evil
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47392300#core-navigation Owing to military activity between Pakistan and India.
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    Portofino is a new Italian restaurant and pizzeria that occupies what had once been half of Jameson's Irish Pub. It started serving customers on March 1. It has an open kitchen and the interior has been nicely done up. The pic below comes from Jameson's FB. I was at Portofino on March 4 and there were 12 guests scattered across the restaurant. It was by no means full, but busier than I had expected. I ordered a pizza and salad for take away and while I waited, several other people picked up pizzas. I ordered the prosciutto crudo pizza (Parma ham, mushrooms. mozzarella) and a Greek salad for take away. The pizza was 295 baht and the salad 195 baht. The pizza had good quality toppings, although the sauce was a bit sweet and lacked seasoning. Pizza wasn't baked enough for me. The crust was too soft and chewy. Since there was a decent char on the upper edge of the pizza but almost none on the bottom of the crust, the oven probably wasn't hot enough. There an old joke, sometimes attributed to Mel Brooks, to the effect that "Pizza is like sex; even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." I've never agreed with that sentiment. Anyone who believes it has been lucky enough in life to avoid both bad pizza and bad sex. My personal simile regarding pizza and sex would be "I'm happy as long as I occasionally get a good piece." It's also easier to find good sex in Pattaya than good pizza. The pizza I had wasn't bad, just mediocre and certainly not worth 295 baht. The big letdown came from the Greek salad. I'm not going to get into sexual word plays on Greek and salad, but there was nothing Greek about my salad. It was an abbreviated garden salad, heavy on strips of sweet pepper, with three cubes of feta cheese and a couple of black olives. No oregano or lemon juice, very few pieces of tomato or cucumber.👎👎👎 Bottom line: I won't be back to Portofino. There are many, many better places in Pattaya. In case anyone wants to visit for some strange reason, here's a map of the location: and a photo of the food menu: Evil
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    There is a Pier 21 inside Terminal 21! Terminal 21 is a brand new shopping mall near the North Rd, 2nd Rd and Naklua Rd junction. As it is 10 years since you were here obviously it will be new to you. I regard it as superfluous to most like minded male tourists other than causing traffic hold ups.
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    Seems they have started again, Suvarnabhumi departures show delays of several hours this mornlng, but this afteroon's flights to London left on time.
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    No progress on the open sewer, other than dropping off a load of steel for retaining walls. Backyard of Nirun condo still a garbage dump Clearing the jungle from the front yard though
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    The 100-baht Sunday chicken dinner at the Marquee Bar on Soi Buakhao has declined a bit in quality compared with past meals, but I still rank it as good, just not as good as it once was. Here's what I had Sunday at about 2.00 p.m. The chicken breast fillet was tender and moist with a natural chicken taste but no seasoning. The skin showed no sign of browning or crispness- so i'm guessing it had been poached in water rather than oven-cooked or pan-fried. The roast potatoes were good, but I only got three small pieces. The Yorkshire was a touch too heavy and eggy for my taste, but not bad. The vegetables hadn't had the flavor boiled out of them and I appreciated the sliver of sweet corn. The gravy was generic. The meal was pretty bland but nevertheless tasted good, especially considering the price. You can't expect a sensational Sunday dinner for 100 baht. However, if it slips even further, then it will belong in the mediocre category and that would be a shame. By way of comparison, this is the Sunday dinner I got at Marquee a few months ago: There had been more effort to season the chicken in the past. The Marquee Bar is a pleasant enough place for a meal, so I hope its Sunday special doesn't lose more ground. To make things clear: there are numerous restaurants in Pattaya that have bigger and better Sunday roast dinners, but the Marquee is up near the top when it comes to value for money. I also like the relatively small portion. It's enough for me and I don't overeat. I'm not much impressed by the beef and pork dinners at the Marquee. I'd rather spend a bit more and get more elsewhere. But for chicken, the Marquee has offered a decent meal for 100 baht. It also has a 100-baht special on fish and chips on Fridays. Has anyone tried it? Evil
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    Big Kahuna is an American restaurant on Thappraya Road in Jomtien, about 100 meters north of the intersection with Thepprasit Road. The name, decor and some of the dishes on the menu are Hawaii-inspired, but Big Kahuna mostly offers U.S.-style finger food like burgers, sandwiches and pizza. It also serves U.S.-style breakfasts, with pancakes a notable item. It occupies the former premises of the defunct Pastrami on Rye and the menu at Big Kahuna reminds of PoR's. There's a big kahuna painting on one wall, but the interior isn't dripping with kitschy tiki symbols. In fact. the main dining area is pretty much free of them. It's a relaxing atmosphere in which to have a meal. In the Hawaiian language, "kahuna" can refer to a traditional priest, sorcerer or healer, but also to an "expert" of any sort. The term "big kahuna" was applied to Hawaii's top surfer and was made popular by a character with that name (played by Cliff Robertson) in the 1959 movie Gidget with Sandra Dee in the title roll. Today it points to the leading expert or most influential person in any field. I made me think about who might be Pattaya's "big kahuna." Link The other day I had the Small Pancake Special at 98 baht. It featured a single buttermilk pancake with syrup and butter; an in-house-made sausage patty; fried or scrambled egg; and your choice or coffee, tea or orange or pineapple juice. Considering the pancake was one of the best I'd had in Pattaya, it was certainly value for money at the price. The pancake was light and fluffy, exactly how a North American pancake should be. The egg was fired nicely and the sausage patty was OK, if a bit bland. It was pancake and not real maple syrup, but you can't expect too much for 98 baht. It wasn't a healthy breakfast unless you're running a marathon directly after, but it sure tasted good. I wouldn't eat it every day or even every month due to the jolt the syrup gives your blood sugar levels and I just can't have pancakes without some sort of syrup. It was a fair-sized glass of pineapple juice, not the thimble full you get in some restaurants. Big Kahuna has some of the best American food in Pattaya, but it's a bit of a trek to go all the way to Jomtien for a burger or sandwich. Fortunately they have delivery as well for 50 baht extra. I ordered the Cuban sandwich for lunch yesterday. It was a bit of a hassle as I've moved out of my condo and am living temporarily in a hotel. First the girl taking orders thought I had said, "Reuben sandwich," instead of "Cuban sandwich," but I caught that due to the disparity in price she named for the order. It also took some time to make clear my new address. I had anticipated that might happen. so I gave her the phone number to the hotel so she could call and get the directions in Thai. Forty-five minutes later my order arrived, which was fairly quick given the distance involved. Big Kahuna didn't use a moto driver for delivery, but the same pretty young waitress who'd served me my pancake breakfast the day before brought me the sandwich. It consisted of ham, pulled pork. Swiss cheese and slices of dill pickle between the halves of a baguette that had been spread with butter and mustard, then toasted in a sandwich press. It came with a choice of one side dish and a soft drink and I had picked coleslaw and Coke Zero. It cost 285 baht plus 50 baht for delivery. Some foods don't photograph attractively and a Cuban sandwich is one of them. I did indeed taste better than it looked and nevertheless was a fair approximation of the Cuban sandwiches you get in Florida or a big city like New York. Cuban sandwiches should be made with Cuban bread, the recipe for which includes lard as a shortening. This helps give the final loaf an exceptionally crisp crust and and airy. light interior compared to its French and Italian counterparts. In NYC, I lived close to one of the best Cuban bakeries in the city, so getting Cuban sandwiches with the authentic bread wasn't a problem. It would almost be an impossibility to find Cuban bread in Thailand and the Big Kahuna's substitution of a French baguette is the only option short of baking Cuban bread itself. In the pic above, I've opened the sandwich and included the coleslaw, Coke and slice of dill pickle that came with the order. Both the ham and pulled pork held a high standard. You can't make a good cuban sandwich from a sow's ear. I would have liked more mustard on the bread, but that's just personal preference. on the sandwich overall. The coleslaw was very good, with freshly grated cabbage and carrots. It wasn't swimming in dressing and celery seeds had been added for flavor. Bottom line; I won't hesitate to return to Big Kahuna to satisfy my infrequent longing for certain types of U.S. food, but I'm more likely to use the delivery option. The restaurant has numerous specials on food and drink. I'll post some menu pages from Big Kahuna's Facebook page as well. Writing this review has made me think about a Reuben for lunch! Evil
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    Sukiya at Central Marina is the Pattaya branch of Japan's largest gyūdon (beef bowl) restaurant chain with 2,390 units in Japan and multiple branches abroad. Gyūdon consists of thin slices of beef and onions simmered in sauce of dashi, soy sauce and mirin and served on a bowl of rice. It's a popular fast-food dish in Japan, although it's not considered part of classical Japanese cuisine. I recently had the gyūdon with leeks and a softly poached egg for 109 baht. It was very good and filling enough to serve as a lunch. In addition to beef bowls, Sukiya also offers fried chicken and pork bowls as well as various noodle dishes, combinations and sides. I also tried the fried chicken bowl set with four thick slices of salmon sashimi, miso soup and four minuscule sides (corn, mushrooms, potato salad and savory egg custard). It cost 214 baht, with the sashimi pushing up the price. The same combination with eel rather than salmon cost 159 baht. The taste was good and everything was fresh. I particularly liked the Japanese-style fried chicken and savory custard. The interior is clean, comfortable and air-conditioned. The times I've been there, the other guests have been Japanese or Thais, mostly families with kids. Sukiya does a landslide business with its 10-baht soft ice cream cones. Bottom line: In terms of taste and value for money, Sukiya beats the hell out of Western fast-food places in Pattaya. Portion size is fine for me, but those with bigger appetites would probably need to order several dishes. Sukiya's slogan is "Save time and money," and that's a pretty accurate description. For a quick fix of Japanese food at a cheap price, Sukiya fills the bill. I'll include some photos of menu pages and specials to give a better idea of what's on offer. Evil
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    Found this article that sets things out quite well: http://www.b737.org.uk/mcas.htm To disable the problem function involves selecting the automatic 'stab trim' off. I've tried to find (without success so far) a photo of the panel showing the switches on the Max, rather than older versions.
  31. 1 point
    Hands up who has "Thai Baggage".....
  32. 1 point
    The thing that bothers me the most is the eyewitnesses reports that the plane had parts falling off and that there was smoke. There were a number of witnesses. Are they all wrong? I was sure that the flight recorders would clear that up but there is no mention of it yet. If there was a structural failure while in flight Boeing will deserve to have their tit in the wringer big time.
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    Good OP Butch I hadnt realised I had already responded about the coloured string around both grab handles which will remove 99% the chance of some tit picking up accidentally the wrong one. In addition I put the frequent flyers luggage tags even if the tag is expired again it has your name on it What have also started doing is as I leave home is photograph the bag makes it very easy for the description bit of a lost bag form. I've been lucky never had one go astray and stay astray. Had one arrival at Heathrow where bag didnt come off but as Butch says the boarding card tab has the barcode on the back. Immediately they were able to see it hadnt been loaded along with others because of a weight problem with the airline on BA and it was delivered to me at home next day. Handy because I didnt have to walk through customs with 40 shirts in the bag
  34. 1 point
    I use mine about 8 times a months (max withdrawal is $500) on average and never had a problem with getting back all atm fees immediately. If someone used it 30 times a month i am sure it might raise some red flags not only from Schwab but from the US government re money laundering. They do not state how many times you are allowed to use the ATM per month any where in any literature that I have read.
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    I'm not a pilot, and only have a very basic understanding of the intricacies of jet flight. But post #6 by the fiend makes scary reading. If I understand it correctly, Boeing built a plane with a very complex automatic system for overcoming serious problems in some situations. But they didnt explain it to the airlines because the pilots wouldn't have understood it, and besides the pilots wouldn't even notice when it happened. There are some very serious and very expensive implications here for Boeing I think.
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    Yes, mine as well. Still get 10 hours plus from the battery. Unfortunately when I bought it I just didnt have enough knowledge to understand its limitations. You cant beat that 10 inch screen !!
  37. 1 point
    I would take 3,500 baht. I see them listed on eBay for 4,000-9,000 baht....Only 2 were listed for 1,500 baht and Both of them were Broken and being sold for 'Parts-Only'....I thought it might be better to keep price discussions off the main thread. Especially when most of the posters have no interest in buying this for any price. It might be a nice toy for a 4-6 year old to play basic games on. Certainly not for you high power gamers. But of course, you knew that already.
  38. 1 point
    GF and I just used them from HCMC to Nha Trang, something like $20 each. They are very competitive on domestic flights within Vietnam.
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    Well Cannot believe it!!! Kept trying and trying AND trying for an Available Network... Had thought I might possibly get Vodaphone (current conjunct with TPG who I pay) but it was eventually Telstra who hooked up. Amazing... there was a bunch of sms numbers for connect and finally picked the correct one And no - had not enabled roaming. AIS says on my account that YOU HAVE NO ROAMING PACKAGES. TBH, am happy with that after roaming with TPG cost me a $A500 deposit last year. So it is possible to log into AIS account from Oz without AIS roaming enabled...very pleasing... To be able to read the current status of my AIS account brought a big smile. BALANCE 722.67B VALID UNTIL 27JUL19 I had balance noted at 723.73B from last trip so that's pretty close I only ever hook up to a one month package so no recurring charges possible. Anyway, the package I will sign up to while in NAM taxi on 09Jun19 is 30 days 4Mbps unlimited volume 450B *777*7155# (which costs 481.5B with taxes) Is great for internet and hooking up to laptop on usb tether, if local wifi is down or crap. Thanks Jacko for giving me the inspiration to keep plugging away
  40. 1 point
    Great first post!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for coming onboard. How about an introduction.
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    I just finished Mark Bowden’s “Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam”. It’s one of the best non-fiction book that I’ve read about the Vietnam War. I was in high school in 1968 and getting too close for comfort to draft age so I was paying close attention to the news media accounts of the Tet Offensive. I thought I knew a lot about it, but Mark Bowden’s book revealed that I knew very little. I apparently was drinking General William Westmoreland’s Kool-Aid about the inconsequential and ineffective Viet Cong and NVA forces during the Battle of Hue. https://www.amazon.com/Hue-1968-Turning-American-Vietnam/dp/0802127002/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=battle+of+hue&qid=1551839669&s=gateway&sr=8-1
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    Yep, I guess it is hit and miss and probably time of day etc. Like many I won't spend a red cent in any bar connected with him.
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    To be fair if you havent been for 10 years both Central Festival, Terminal 21 and the rebuilt Central Marina will ALL be new to you!!
  44. 1 point
    No but the Beach has, very much so. Although you may need to hurry here before that unimproved drainage has that away!
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    Thanks, Bazle. I pass Beer Hubb at least twice a day and it seems they are attracting more customers but still rather empty . The prices for bottled beer are competitive for Soi Buakhao. Evil
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    This may not be new, but Jolly's no longer seems to offer a Sunday carvery buffet. The restaurant and the Piss Stop Bar have had a checkered past due the major, major legal problems of the husband-and-wife owners. It doesn't get more serious than being sentenced to death. The food had gotten atrocious in the wake of all the hassles and the restaurant was closed for months. Apparently it's being operated by the family of the wife and old staff. The menu and specials haven't changed, but the carvery is gone. I just hope the food has gotten better, but I'm not brave enough to try it again.
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    Not just the media, but also the Deep State which has to ensure that the country has a clear enemy, and to keep the arms industry well plenished.
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    I don't write often about fast-food chain restaurants in Pattaya, mostly because I don't eat in them except on very rare occasions. On an impulse, I tried Texas Chicken at Central Marina. I was pleasantly surprised; the chicken I got was better than I had expected and it qualified as good. Texas Chicken is the name Church's Chicken operates under outside North America. It's the fourth largest U.S. fried chicken chain in both number of outlets and revenue, but I can't recall ever having tried it in the U.S. as it doesn't have stores in the eastern states. I ordered the three-piece combination for take-away. It cost 159 baht and came with a small order of French fries. one biscuit and a "bottomless" cup of soft drink. I also got some mashed potatoes with gravy for 15 baht. I drank my ice tea in the restaurant; I didn't want to lug it to my hotel. Here's what I got in my take-away box: The three pieces of chicken were all white meat, not thighs and legs. They had been battered and deep-fried properly, crisp on the outside, the meat juicy and full of real chicken flavor. It was far superior to greasy KFC chicken with its soggy batter and tasteless meat. The sides were less impressive. The French fries were industrial-style and the mashed potatoes had started out as flakes from a package. The biscuit had been topped with a honey-like sweetener and had a strange texture. It wasn't bad, but reminded me more of a dough-nut hole than a traditional biscuit. Bottom line: I don't often get a hankering for U.S.-style fried chicken, but the next time I do, I wouldn't hesitate to make a return visit to Texas Chicken. The restaurant has plenty of special offers. In that sense, it lives up to its U.S. reputation as the "poor man's KFC." Evil
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    The beach looks Great. The best I have seen it in 10 years. I hope it lasts.
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    Before I continue with the reviews, here's a note of explanation on the set-up at Terminal21. It has six levels, five named after cities (Paris, London, Tokyo, San Francisco and Hollywood) and one named Italy. All but Hollywood (the cinema level) have food or beverage outlets. The Pier21 Food Court and many restaurants are concentrated on the 3rd Floor San Franciso level. There is also a "food hall" on the M(ezzanie) London level, which includes the 24-hour Foodland supermarket. It's ironic, but I don't think you'll find fish and chips on the menu of any outlet on the London level, except maybe Foodland's Took Lae Dee. I wonder if Hawker Chan will succeed in attracting more customers than it did on Beach Road? The Hawker Chan branch at Terminal21 is said to be very popular, even crowded at times. More reminders of London: The restaurants aren't always tied to the level's national cuisine, but are spread hodge-podge throughout Terminal21. The girl below asked me to take her photo and therein lies the start of a story, but not one for a food thread on this level. This is Pattaya and anything can happen any time, anywhere. I do think, though, that a lot of women in Pattaya are burdened with excess baggage. The reviews and comments will continue. Evil
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