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    Greetings Monkeywatchers, a yuletide showaddy crap to you all, and welcome to Christmas in Giggle City. City Hall has announced that the Pattaya Countdown to New Year will take place on December 30-31. So when else would it be, in the middle of bloody April? It’s also been announced that from December 29 to January 1, all tourists and locals will be admitted to historical parks and museums free of charge, though there will of course be reduced rates for Thais. There’s been a shortage of girls in the bars lately as so many of them are still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after being disconnected from their smartphones for a whole day. O2 be in Thailand, now that winter’s here… Local officials are pleased to report that the clear up after the Loy Krathong festivities was completed much more quickly than usual. They did, however, neglect to mention this was because the recent floods washed most of the shit out to sea. Getting sunburn in Pattaya can be a thing of the past if you get yourself one of these handy portable trees… A 48 year old Walking Street freelancer was arrested last week after allegedly robbing a punter who'd taken her back to his hotel. 48 year old? He was robbed all right. Another Thai master criminal came to a sticky end a few weeks ago when he tried to rob a Pattaya gold shop. As soon as he produced a knife, the staff ran into a back room and activated all the locks, leaving the hapless would-be thief with no means of escape until the police arrived and arrested him. Turns out he was a mahout. Bet his elephant never forgets about this. Silly bugger. Pattaya had a ban on plastic bags for a day on 4 December for some reason or another. Might explain why the only girls working in the Go Go’s that night were the ones with natural tits. Once again, Pattaya leads the way with the first ever 16 cylinder pickup truck… Christmas bar news now, and fans of the old Club Blu might want to check out Lisa on the Beach, a new glass fronted coyote bar on the site of the recently closed We Are The World. Harem Club has opened on Walking Street, and Champion A Go Go closed down then strangely reopened upstairs. LoSo to HiSo? And there’s yet another Indian club opening in the building that used to be the CoCoon nightclub, reportedly once owned by a Jamaican bloke with a stammer. Looks like they’ll be employing Russian girls rather than Indians though. Shame. Local health volunteers have been told they must do more to prevent the spread of dengue fever. They appear to have taken the directive on board as they were last seen heading for a nearby mosquito-ridden swamp armed with submachine guns. Wind back a decade now with a duo of snippets from Monkeywatch of December 2008… “All hell broke loose on Pattayaland 2 last week when a lost monkey ran through several shops and started slinging all the goods around. It eventually disappeared into a shoe shop and hasn’t been seen since. When questioned, shop owners said they hadn’t bothered reporting the incident as the monkey had behaved better than most of their customers. Thai Environment Day was celebrated in Pattaya on December 4. Over 300 people took part in a bicycle ride, during which they collected rubbish from streets all around the city. Council workers are now clearing up 2000 beer cans, 1500 burger boxes and 500 gallons of urine left over from the party held to celebrate the event’s success.” There was controversy at this year’s annual Pattaya Frog Trampling Contest when some of the participants demanded a recount… Police arrested a Thai bloke a few days ago for stealing the clothes and belongings of a couple who’s gone for a late night swim at the north end of Pattaya Beach. They advised tourists who engage in such activities to “leave their belongings with a minder. “ Good advice, unless you don’t happen to be the Kray twins. Plans are already under way for next year’s Pattaya Night Run. This is an official event and is in no way related to the nightly event on Beach Road involving groups of ladyboys being chased up the road by local police. Finally, if you’ve seen a story entitled “Cambodian arrested for Koh Larn theft”, don’t worry. We’ve checked and it’s still there. Bloody fake news. Merry Christmas everyone. be seeing you monkeyman
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    Bali Café is a new restaurant and guest house on Soi Buakhao about 100 meters north of the misnamed Action Street complex. The menu features a half-dozen Indonesian specialties, a few Dutch dishes and the rest international and Thai items. It's an open-front restaurant with "indoor" and outdoor dining areas. The interior is clean, comfortable, well-ventilated and attractively decorated, although I don't see much that is Balinese about it. There is a big screen TV as well as an even larger projection TV, which doesn't just show sports or YouTube music videos. I'm a fan of Indonesian food in general and nasi goreng ("fried rice") in particular, so I tried Bali Café's version of the iconic Indonesian dish. It came with the usual accompaniments: two small pork satay skewers, a fried egg and krupuk udang (shrimp crackers) and cost 189 baht. It was good but not great. I would have liked more taste. It had plenty of heat from chili peppers, but the other flavors were a bit weak. What distinguishes nasi goreng from most other Asian fried rice variations is a richer and bolder taste that comes from ingredients like tamarind, shrimp paste and caramelized sweet soy sauce (kecap manis). It's that characteristic taste I thought could have been stronger. I next tried the smashed fried chicken (ayam penyet), an East Javanese staple. The chicken is pounded ("smashed") with a mortar and pestle or back of a cleaver to soften it. It's typically served with sambal (a spicy condiment) and slices of cucumber, which is how it came at Bali Café. The chicken had been boiled in a broth of herbs and spices, then deep-fried and finally "smashed," which makes it crispy and tender in the same bite. Very good and light years from KFC. The sambal was also good and the perfect condiment for the chicken. It cost 179 baht. I also had seafood mie goreng (fried noodles), another mainstay of indonesian cuisine. There was plenty of squid, shrimp and vegetables. The flavors shone through more brightly than with the nasi goreng. It cost 149 baht. Bottom line: So far I've been happy with the meals I've had at Bali Café and won't hesitate to try some of the other items on the menu. Prices are reasonable, although the portions weren't particularly large. Almost all the items on the menu were under 200 baht, with the most expensive at 220 baht, The one downside for me was the level of the background music. Too loud! At least some nights there's a DJ and live band and I shudder to think what the volume would be then. I'll definitely confine my return visits to the afternoon or early evening. On Jan. 5, Bali Café is having a party. The non-Indonesian menu items are the standard Pattaya line-up of farang and Thai dishes. I'll include photos below of most menu pages to give a better idea of prices and what is on offer. I'm not sure about Bali Café's hours as I didn't see them listed on the menu and I forgot to ask the waitress. Evil
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    A few pics as Pattaya gets ready to celebrate NYE. New Plaza is the new Walking Street tonight. Klang from 2nd Rd to Beach Rd just closed and the last of the traffic clearing the road. But at 15:30, Beach Rd south at Klang was still open with no barricades in sight. Mats out and Thai families celebrating NYE Thai style. Blustery day out on the water with parasailing grounded. 2nd Rd chock a block from the Avenue to Klang.
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    Didn't see any thread dedicated to general pics people take while out and about around Pattaya. Feel free to add your own. Here's a couple from today. North end of Bua Khao the muck in the storm sewers is getting removed, by hand. Sukhumvit end of Pattaya Tai now has a super sized 7-11.
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    I wandered over to New Plaza last night. Liked how they had closed off the soi and set up three stages for music. The disappointment was no bands, only karaoke on each of the stages. Still the vibe was good and people were having a good night out.
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    As I walked along Beach Road this afternoon, I came across two teams power hosing the pavement. Looking at the pavement after it had dried, it really didn't look that much different. However, the objective seemed to be to get rid of the loose sand by washing it into the drain at the side of the road. I'm sure that will do the drainage system a lot of good!
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    Time for an update. La Petite Planète has been offering French food for many years now. I don't when it opened, but I've enjoyed meals there since 2008. It's located about half-way down a sub soi that runs along the west side of Tukcom. It's small and there's nothing fancy about it, but the food is excellent. For a unpretentious bistro meal, La Petite Planète is a good choice. I've never had a bad meal there and plenty of truly good ones. It also features a limit menu of Thai food and the girls I've taken there who've sampled the Thai dishes gave it the thumbs up. Last summer I took an American friend to LPP and he's become a huge fan. He visits Pattaya three or four times a year and now eats at LPP several times each trip. Sunday night we had another meal there. As usual, we both went for the three-course "mix-and-match" menu. At 320 baht, it's excellent value for money. He started with the tomato soup ... while I had the couscous salad. The starters came with a basket of warm, fresh French bread and pats of butter. He chose salmon steak with potato croquettes as his main course ... and I went with the chicken breast with mustard sauce. For dessert, he decided on the French classic crème caramel ... and I had raspberry pudding in a cake "frame." No complaints from either of us on any of our choices. All the dishes were prepared with quality ingredients, executed well and were full of flavor. The mustard sauce was outstanding, the highlight of my meal. La petite planète has conquered the bugbear of many small restaurants- inconsistency. Every meal is good. I do wish they'd have a bit more variation with the vegetables- I get tired of the holy trinity of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots- but that's a very minor point. To get three course of that quality for only 320 baht is an excellent deal. Bottom line: Both of us will be going back to LPP, probably this week. One important point of information: LPP is closed Tuesdays. Evil
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    There are a lot of guys eking out that bottle of Chang sat on Buakhao stools at the moment. Some make that first one last until 10 am! (Not sure if that is from 9am or 2am!)
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    I had dinner New Year's Eve with a farang friend and his Thai companion at Calles Bar and Restaurant in the arcade next to Soi Diana. That arcade, which runs between 2nd Road and Cherry Bar, is something of Pattaya's Restaurant Row. It's home to Kiss Food, Beefeater, Patrick's, Longhorn Steakhouse, My Way, Little India and a couple of others. All were very busy. Every seat was taken at Kiss; Patrick's had a sign up saying it was fully occupied; Beefeater and Longhorn had people waiting for tables. We got the last table available at 8.00 p.m. at Calles. It hadn't been our first choice, but we we were rewarded with excellent meals. I had the planked chicken at 295 baht. Roasting meat or fish on an oak plank is a Scandinavian cooking technique that probably predates Viking times, but was revived in Sweden in the 20th century. I got a nicely grilled piece of chicken breast flanked on two sides by duchess potatoes, a favorite of mine. It's the nutmeg used as a seasoning as well as butter and egg in the mashed potatoes that does it for me. Duchess potatoes are a classic of French cuisine, supposedly first made for a British duchess on a visit to France. The two asparagus stalks wrapped in bacon and the grilled tomato half are the usual accompaniments to modern Swedish planked dishes. The gravy was OK, but it didn't add much flavor. My friend had the dory fillet, which he liked very much. It came with salad and rice, but he could have had potatoes with it and on second thought, wished he had. I can't remember the exact price, but it was around 250 baht. His girlfriend had the planked salmon at about 425 baht. That's outside the scope of this thread, but she was happy with it and her margarita. The salmon came with duchess potatoes, two asparagus stalks, grilled tomato half, Hollandaise sauce and a sprig of dill. Bottom line: Good stuff on the menu at Calles, with quite a few items under 300 baht. All three of us intend to return. I did an earlier review of Calles here. It's post #67 in this thread. Evil
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    No, Mr Nonchalance was a Scot......He was a number that had been skipped over earlier......and he'd re-appeared with lots of last minute photocopies. His glasses on and off, pen in hand furiously scribbling info'... handing over papers, having them quickly handed back by a patient Immigration Officer pointing out where he needed gaps completed. In fact of the 8 in front of me I have a good memory....And one of the first up fits your description......Though he had his white hair tied back into a fetching little pony tail. His processing took quite a while when compared to slick and efficient yours truly. Today I've got to go and collect my passport today at two if I see him I'll pass on your comments here!.............. (Joking) Another character was paper thin......wispy dyed Elvis hair........Another was a black bloke with an enormous head the size of a bar-stool seat, trouble walking.....He took the longest, very polite for the help he'd needed and the time he'd been given. A couple of retirees had Thai woman partners with them. Both treating their men like helpless children. One of these couples stood out. She was all business, and dressed for the board-room........He.....was a skinny, aged punk.... Mohican hair...chains hanging from his jeans and a walking stick. One wrinkle I'll mention...(with the caveat that I ain't testing it myself).......I overheard one of the staff telling an applicant that the bank letter is valid for 3 days...(perhaps to allow for week-ends I'm thinking?) I'd got mine on Christmas Eve......The day before is not a problem. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable 45 mins of people watching.......Especially the gay mincing reindeer who was keeping the other staff laughing. I noticed though that all the women called upon his expertise when it came the important business of positioning their 'Santa caps' Lots of smiles........On Christmas Day even the otherwise dour, hard-pressed Immigration Officers who have to deal with some of the worst of falang-land's jetsam live up to Thailand's reputation. Lovely
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    Most comprehensive No Trespassing sign ever...
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    About 19:45 on 24 Dec. at TT on Second Road:
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    I agree, it is sad and it is also a poor reflection on farangs in general. I used to call them "lost souls", the balloon chasing budget watching tightwad expat who never leaves a tip and makes a pig of hmself at any free buffet, that was even a few years ago when it was over 50 baht to the sterling. Then again, it's probably no measure of wealth. I have an expat mate who is as tight as a ducks arse, yet he is pulling in £2.5k a month net and sits on half a million quids worth of property assets, yet he still drinks draft and his wardrobe consists of singha singlets and cargo shorts, he rents a real dump of a place just this side of sukhumvit, so I guess there are exceptions to every rule. I can't think of anything worse than being in funtown with no money to enjoy it. I know that some of these guys live literally week to week, and have a daily budget of a few hundred baht in some cases, so any decrease in the rate or increase in costs will always hit them hard. It's not due to boredom, it's due to falling into a rut and not being able to get out of it. If you ever talk to these guys (and I know a few of them) they always bemoan the 2 week millionaires (but happily accept a drink from them), they have a heirarchy of dislike, with big spending Asians at the top, followed by Thai males, baht bus drivers, two week tourists, bar owners, Indians and Russians (the last few in no particular order). They convince themselves and try to convince you that they are living the dream. Well, my dream doesn't match up with sitting outside a supermarket drinking cheap beer at 10:00 in the morning . They also have a self imposed sense of superiority, on the basis that they live there and I don't, ergo it stands to reason I know fuckall about the place. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I couldn't and wouldn't live in Pattaya. As with anything, the novelty wears off after a while. I'll have even money that the most stalwart of Expats on this board sometimes feel that the hassle of going to a GGB is really not worth it, and they would rather stay at home, as opposed to us tourists who, even if we're laid low with the Pattaya flu will drag ourselves out of bed just to maximise our time there. Anyway, sorry for my TF and going off topic. Don't expect sterling to get any better until Brexit is agreed or over with, meanwhile a stronger Baht will have double the effect. The GBP and PHP rates are not that fantastic either.
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    Plenty of different types of Nasi rames pops up with a google, here is one pic. Might be off to Bali for a short trip in a few months.
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    I noticed the nasi goreng (fried rice). Nasi rames is something different. Usually it is a dish with steamed rice surrounded with an assortment of green beans, peanuts, sateh, ikan (fish) etc. etc. The composition of this dish can vary from restaurant to restaurant. What they have is common for me is that after finishing the dish I am usually really full (for the rest of the day). If you want to have a look at a few examples google on 'nasi rames speciaal'. Have fun....
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    Hi, City beat Liverpool in this critical game. Klopp seemed to approach this game in a negative way with little creativity in midfield. Still, its hard to knock him as if Stones hadn't cleared the ball from the goal line Liverpool would have probably won by a few goals, as City would have had to chase the game. Kompany seemed to have Mo under control which was a telling factor, IMO.
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    Looking out for the next (full) Bahtbus....
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    Found it. Firefox/Options/Language and Appearance/Advanced/ there's an option to allow sites to choose their own fonts, instead of using the ones I prefer. Unticking that gives me back black lettering. That'll do me until/unless there's a new skin that does the job better. Thanks forcebwithu for the line spacing advice. Thanks all.
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    You could be right on that as that was my first thought when I saw the crew.
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    The Bua Khao muck removal team has moved their base of operations a bit farther south. Should provide smelly entertainment for day time Bua Khao drinkers over the next couple of weeks.
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    Thanks Atlas. Following your observations about how quiet immigration was on Christmas Day I decided to do my retirememt extension today, rather than waiting until the New Year. I arrived just before 11am and was finished after about 10 minutes. Picking up the passport tomorrow afternoon.
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    Since it 'Tis the season...
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    Hopefully the police order will resolve the discrepancies in requirements between offices.
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    Wow, i had this problem last year at eastiny 7 on soi 7,(thats why i did this post) got £1150 robbed from my room safe first night, then 5 more got done first night in eastiny on soi 8 two nights later. manager was denying everything.. I tried to post this on pattaya addicts and they removed every post instantly....... then i spotted that eastiny 7 was one of their sponsored hotels so that explained it. Wont be ever leaving money in hotel room again...
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