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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. That only makes sense. Marketing 101 would say don't push something that portrays a bad image.
  2. I assume Boeing and its sales force does what any sales force does - Sells airplanes and they don't benefit by pushing the number of seats to a customer who doesn't want that. They are not selling to some rube, but to very sophisticated Corporations who know exactly what type of bird they want.
  3. Come on stop that BS! Who gives a rats ass what Boeing "encourages" Very knowable customers with huge engineering and marketing departments that are going to spend billions of US$ to buy Birds, do what they think is best, not what Boeing "recommends"
  4. The seating is a function of the cabin width as well as the desires of the Airlines, not boeing or Airbus. And the pitch of he seats is the same, up to the customer.
  5. When you sell anything, you offer all kinds of options, but it is the customer who decides. Airlines are very sophisticated in what they want in their birds and it is there choice, not Boeing who makes that decision.
  6. It is not the airplane manafture who decides the seating but the provider, so blaming Boeing for not having leg room is crazy.
  7. Off the mark? I don't think so. I agree with your post but it totally misses my point, When I had my computer company, I found that maybe 10% of the programmers were great, 60 % average, and the rest idiots. And there were idiots and geniuses in all wage areas.
  8. I totally agree what you said but my point is that if you pay a higher price for engineering makes it any better. There are great programmers and bad ones, I have hired both and the price I paid them was not what determined quality.
  9. As it should be, that makes all of us better off. I do not understand the logic of somebody saying that a $30 per hour idiot is a better programmer than a $9 per hour idiot. Managements job is to make the best possible product at the lowest cost and always has been.
  10. I am on the big island now (0n the west (dry) side), and we get maybe 5 inches of rain a year vs. 300 inches a year on the east side. But Lava does not have much nutrition and to make soil they take macadamia shells, crush them and mix with crushed lava rock to grow anything. The other problem is that it never freezes so ice does not break up the lava to allow dirt to form. As I am typing this, it is raining outside....
  11. Yes, washington does not have an income tax and Portland has no sales tax.... And I understand why you got away from Fresno. My daughter lives in Modesto, and the gangs on the 99 and I5 corredor make life difficult.
  12. i never had one in Nevada as I only use my condo a few weeks a year. I use Nevada mosty for filing my tax returns.
  13. Here in Hawaii, we only have 2 choices for private health insurance, Kaiser and HMSA (Blue Cross), and I had MRI's with both
  14. As I remember, the cost was about $1,000, which is not that much. it costs about $3,000 a night in a hospitable so the amount seems ok to me.
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