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  1. MrMango

    BA Dreamliner engine problems

    Ok, but why are they leaving? If they are hanging up their pilots licence and retiring, then they are lost, but if they are going to another carrier, then somethings wrong with the pay scale or employment structure and environment. Pilots are no different than any skilled profession, you pay above average and provide an outstanding work environment, then skilled people will want to work for you.
  2. MrMango

    BA Dreamliner engine problems

    I disagree. There are plenty of pilots to fly the planes, all they have to do is pay more than anybody else and they will flock to them. Econ 101, supply and demand.
  3. MrMango

    A dyslexic walks into a bra.

    Two blondes walk into a building - You would have thought that one would have noticed.
  4. Here is $50 and thanks.
  5. MrMango

    Political Differences Explained.......

    They are illegal, that says it all. It was their parents who were the ringleaders and forced their children to be criminals. Don't put them in jail, but send them back and stand in line with the others who are doing it legally.
  6. MrMango

    Political Differences Explained.......

    Come on, they broke the law! People have been waiting years to emigrate to the US, but you seem to think that is is fine to just slip in illegally and we should put them in the front of the line. Let them go home and emigrate legally like the people waiting in line are doing
  7. MrMango

    What emergency supplies do you keep?

    Just close the fridge door.....
  8. MrMango

    What emergency supplies do you keep?

    The problem with that argument is that the cell phone towers will probably have lost power, so your phone is useless.
  9. MrMango


    This is what you posted: Your original contention was the A380 must be 'unreliable' Which is not what I said.
  10. MrMango


  11. MrMango


    I understand that of course, but the post implied that the 380's were being replaced to lower the fleet age, which apparently was not the main reason.
  12. MrMango


    No problems here understanding that, but you seem to have stuck in your craw the obvious - If you want to lower your fleet age, take your oldest birds out of service, not one that is near the mean age.
  13. MrMango


    That makes sense to me too. The 380 is a white elephant as evidenced by the dismal sales and acceptance. But that does not explain the reason of the OP that they were taking them out of service to lower their average age. That obviously was a false statement.
  14. MrMango


    First, I apologize for calling you that, I try to be civil to non trolls, but I got carried away. Second, I have no idea of the accuracy of the wiki chart, but your's have a few problems too. It shows the last delivery of bird 9V SSK in July of 2010 with a total of 9 380's in service. http://www.abcdlist.nl/a380f/a380f.html This site shows a total of 19 active 380's to SQ with the last one delivered on February 2013 so somthing is wrong with the references. If that is the case, then the fleet age of the 380 is in fact, much younger than 7.8 years.
  15. MrMango


    Ok, sorry to let me take my frustrations out and I will be civil. My first comment was in response to the statement that they were taking the 380's out of service to keep thier fleet young, and had nothing to do about the 380 and it's profitability. That makes no sense. The average fleet age of the 380's is about 8 years, and they have a bunch of 777 that have an age of almost 12 years. The obvious way to make your fleet younger is to take the oldest birds out of service, not the mid life birds. Then someone brings out the fact that they are leased and all kinds of other reasons, but the first reason did and still does not make sense.