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  1. I did not imply that the bird was badly designed, but to point out that the 737 engine placement was not the root cause for its problems. In the past, we have engine(s) mounted in the tail, nose, above the wings and in back of the cockpit and none had stability problems.
  2. I did see something interesting, the engines.... They are huge! something like 11 feet in diameter and they are mounted ahead of the wings, not underneath, similar to the new 737...
  3. My father had an ongoing war with Gophers. He would spend hours watering the hole, only to have the gopher exit from another hole. Finally he used Carbide. He would put it in the hole, add water, and the carbide gas that was heavier than air would sink to the bottom, then one match, and it was the same results as the vid. But he never got rid of the gophers....
  4. My Ti Wifes home is Amanat Charoen where she is building her retirement house. I am amazed how the area has changed over the last 15 years from a small rice village to urban.
  5. Interesting, you in Ubon? My Thai wife is from close to Ubon and we are building a house there.
  6. An interesting opinion with almost no facts.
  7. Ok so what? I pointed out that when you mount engines on the tail it effects the CG much more, and of course when you mount engines on the front, its the same.
  8. This is old news and doesn't make sense to me. Aircraft engines have been mounted in the wing, on the wing, over the wing, on the tail. on the front etc.
  9. I agree that none of that helps Boeing, but to say that the test rocket malfunction is taking Boeing down is a streach.
  10. Come on, a malfunction of a test rocket is taking Boeing downhill? What a load of BS.
  11. I never tried to walk either on the beach or the road to Pattaya, as I would walk south on Jomtiem beach road.
  12. When I lived in Jomtiem, I too, did not go to the beach, but I enjoyed every morning the walk up an d down the beach on the nice sidewalks.
  13. Its much more than just "small" planes. It is new materials, new engines etc.
  14. That statement ignores economic life. The bird is not able to compete with other birds. Pretty simple to understand whey they only built 300+ and are scrapping them.
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