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  1. My first trip to Pattaya was 2001 or so, and Buffalo Bar was dying then! I made a couple of trips there, and it was a bunch of old farts who did not show much friendship to a newcomer.
  2. I grew up in Seattle and it would rain 24/7 for a week and the total would be way less than an inch of rain. It would be just a constant drizzle and overcast. Very depressing...
  3. I live in Hawaii, and a lot of people have said that today.....
  4. More relevant? I was responding to the usually gold plating on the chip that acts as a connector when you insert the card into the reader. Which is the point of the OP.
  5. Yes of course, the plating is very thin - A few microns.
  6. As I posted there are other noble metals other than gold, Rhodium is one.
  7. Gold and a few other metals that do not react to O2 are almost universally used to plate electrical contacts to prevent that.
  8. I too have a mild astigmatism, but not enough to effect my distance vision, and of course, the brain automatically recognizes which eye to use when you view near and far things.
  9. Over the years, my eyesight deteriorated and I went to contact lenses, then to mono contact lenses, where one eye is for distance and the other for reading. But then cataracts set in, so I had inter ocular transplants using the same mono lens prescription. I now have 20-20 eyesight for both near and far and have no need for any glasses, other than sunglasses. Its like being 20 years old again (just the eyes)... A year later, my TW did the same and now, neither of us uses any sort of corrective vision.
  10. Actually, maybe 15-16 years ago, Hilly asked me to bring him some fresh Brussels Sprouts from the US and I did.
  11. Here is my favorite group that nobody has ever seen....
  12. I did the math, if the average rental is 1 week, then that makes the number of cars at about 38,000. If we assume that the rental companys decrease their fleet by 50% then the excess number of cars would be 19,000. I just checked and the latest figures I could find from 2015 was there were 3,858,000 so an extra 19,000 is not going to impact the market that much.
  13. Actually the US has several chapters in Bankruptcy - The main ones are chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13. There is also a few others the address railroads, etc. but lets ignore them for the moment. Chapter 7 is where a debtor locks the doors and gives the keys to a judge, who oversees the liquidation of all of the unsecured assets. Chapter 11 lets a debtor continue to run the business under the courts protection from creditors seizing assets etc. Chapter 13 is for individual citizens, allowing them to submit to the court a repayment plan to orderly repay creditors. This cha
  14. Of course there is a huge difference between commercial aircraft and automobiles. Air traffic and rental car traffic is down - Maybe 90% but the number of rental cars vs. the number of cars on the road is maybe 5%.
  15. You must be drinking the bottle of Whine.....
  16. Understand. My lifelong friend and business partner in Hong did the same thing in 1968 I think - swam the Pearl river with the Chinese guards shooting at him and a few years later, worth millions of US$.
  17. Actually January and February, tourism was petty good. We were virus free up to a couple of weeks ago, so mainlander's took vacations here as they did not have many choices. We also have been impacted by the lack of Japanese Golfers - It was cheaper to fly to Hawaii and play golf for a week or so than play golf in Japan. Actually most of the Luau entertainment is done by an independent company that works the different hotels on different nights and most of the dancers are Philippine decent.
  18. How about all of the people who die becase of the quarantine? Ok so what. Common sense and old news. Your usual bs. I have never said that we should immediately return to past times, but a total quarantine that stops the economy is worse than moderate actions. Been there, done that a few times. But not the best on the island
  19. Yep, and also killed the economy....... At some point, the cure is worse than the illness.
  20. Hawaii has just announced that ALL arrivals will be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival.
  21. I would think that the CC you purchased it with would credit you the price if the flight was cancelled.
  22. I did not imply that the bird was badly designed, but to point out that the 737 engine placement was not the root cause for its problems. In the past, we have engine(s) mounted in the tail, nose, above the wings and in back of the cockpit and none had stability problems.
  23. I did see something interesting, the engines.... They are huge! something like 11 feet in diameter and they are mounted ahead of the wings, not underneath, similar to the new 737...
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