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  1. I've cancelled two trips in the last two months and never even made it far enough in the process to deal with the Thailand entry BS - both of mine were axed by the airlines, first being EVA because of an extended ban on transit visitors in Taipei Airport, and the second when my connecting flight from HKG to BKK with Cathay Pacific was cancelled apparently because of a shortage of pilots for flights in/out of HKG due to stringent restrictions on air crew working these routes. Thankfully full refunds were promptly given by both airlines and now I think I will wait until at least April or May bef
  2. Happy Birthday for the bar and here's to better days coming in the not too distant future...
  3. I have seen this issue come up on Facebook repeatedly over the years, and all I can say is that after 45 years of personal work experience dealing with wire, cable and ropes, is the ONLY way to pull them off is from the top, as in this old and classic diagram...
  4. I used to walk from Soi Nana to Patpong in the afternoon occasionally, and would cut across the park along the way...
  5. Yes, I had come to much the same conclusion myself even before Covid - shorter trips with less concern about keeping to budgets; now tentatively looking at December 2021/January 2022 if conditions are conducive by then.
  6. Yes, very well done report and thanks for posting - I always wondered what some of these places looked like...
  7. I used to stay in the old Parkway a few doors down from the Majestic Suites, and when they opened I stayed there a couple of times, but then it became too popular and it was difficult to get a reservation; nice rooms but a little small. It was around that time that I first stayed in the Dynasty Grande and that is still my hotel of choice in the area. Lovely girl in the photos, I'd sure like to see her with that top off....?
  8. Check out "Harry's Garage" and the related "Tyrrell's Classic Workshop" on YouTube - some wonderful cars and very enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters...
  9. Modern pickups have come a long way since the crude vehicles I started out with in the mid-'70s - they are immensely popular here in northern Canada and as a homeowner, I wouldn't be without one - I have an old Ford Ranger 4x4 for everyday use and an F350 flat deck for heavier jobs and trailer pulling. However, I would still rather drive a car for most daily errands as I find pickups to be boring to drive - much more fun in the BMW....
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