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  1. Meanwhile, the other Robin Hood in Jomtien has been sold, apparently to a Russian - was one of my regular Jomtien haunts for years and it will be interesting to see what becomes of it now...
  2. I used to walk over the hill quite often on both sides of Pratamnak Rd and never had a problem with the feral dogs - as FBWY says, just stay clear of them and they won't bother you in the daytime heat; I don't think I would chance a stroll through after dark, however, as stray dogs everywhere become much more active. As for Buddha Hill and the area behind it, there used to be a rather precipitous short cut through an empty lot where you could exit the park area and get onto Thappraya Rd but I haven't tried it for a few years now so don't know if it is still there.
  3. I think I could live in a studio condo for an extended period of time providing it was well-equipped and at least 40 sq. mtr.; I've done so already several times for a couple of months and was perfectly comfortable. I'd prefer a lower floor, say up to five stories, so I could avoid the elevators as much as possible and close to a baht bus route so I don't need any transport of my own. I've been living in a house with only 75 sq. mtr. of main living space for 35 years and have no desire for a larger one, and in my part of the world I am growing weary of having to find house sitters for the wint
  4. Congratulations from me too, I'd certainly be there if I could....
  5. Yes, they own some condos themselves and act as agents for many others; I've stayed at 16 of their condos in various locations over the last nine years and have almost always been happy with the arrangements - they do tend to be a little more expensive than some of their competition but the condos are all well-equipped and maintained and you know what you are getting, and Tik and the crew are great people to deal with - DW himself has health issues and you don't see him out and about much - I believe he and Tik also live in VT2A.
  6. I've cancelled two trips in the last two months and never even made it far enough in the process to deal with the Thailand entry BS - both of mine were axed by the airlines, first being EVA because of an extended ban on transit visitors in Taipei Airport, and the second when my connecting flight from HKG to BKK with Cathay Pacific was cancelled apparently because of a shortage of pilots for flights in/out of HKG due to stringent restrictions on air crew working these routes. Thankfully full refunds were promptly given by both airlines and now I think I will wait until at least April or May bef
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