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  1. Hmm, so in truth you have some sympathy, perhaps quite a lot of sympathy, with touristman's initial sentiments? By saying that I'm not flaming you in the slightest. It's just interesting to read about how you feel, given how some of the posts in this thread developed earlier. After all, out of everyone posting here you are closest to the reality of this sad situation.
  2. And there was me too shy to ask Cheers Owen, you're a star
  3. Shit … wow …. Condolences, condolences ….. Nidnoyham, thank you for starting this thought provoking, profound thread about your workmate - and staying with it all the way, gulp, till the end. I for one would greatly appreciate an update eventually – as and when you feel appropriate. bart
  4. Forgetting issues like exchange rates, taxes, other income sources and what-the-fuck-you-actually invest-in, I have a few questions concerning Owen’s basic model. Can Owen or other investment-minded BMs help? If we use the example of a 500,000 USD nest egg, have I got this right………? EXAMPLE Nest egg on Jan 1st 2008: 500,000 US dollars in bank On Jan 1st 2008 this entire nest egg is invested in some 50/50 mix. (Bonds, equities, fixed income, stocks) Whatever the investment return is over the 12 months of 2008, 4 percent of 500,000 can be withdrawn/spent over the next 12 months
  5. In the wake of the Northern Rock debacle, deposits in UK based banks are now guaranteed by the government 100 percent up to £35,000 I believe. And quite a few such banks now offer (or seem to offer!) in excess of 6 percent interest gross. But, yes, it might depend on your relationship with the taxman and where you live/reside/are domiciled etc. For tax purposes where are you, pray tell? (If you wanna!)
  6. There is a lot of uncertainty in the western/global banking system at the moment. I'm an amateur with all this offshore business, so reading this on a financial advice website gave me the jitters bigtime: "when you head offshore, such as to Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man, you get nothing like the protection which you enjoy in the UK. Indeed, there is no depositor protection whatsoever in Guernsey and Jersey! In the Isle of Man, your money is covered by a scheme under the Banking Business (Compensation of Depositors) Regulation 1991. However, this protection is limited, as only three-q
  7. If GeorgeK means by "AA Insurance of the UK" the venerable Automobile Association of the UK: http://www.theaa.com/ then I'm sure there is no connection whatsoever with AA Insurance of Pattaya/Thailand. I think the chap Jacko is talking about is called Peter Smith, and I agree Mr Smith does come over as very competent. However I also agree with GeorgeK - the About Us section of their website is .. definitely not helpful.
  8. Are we right to assume 'pre-existing conditions' means 'conditions that were pre-existing when the policy was first taken out'? If so, if you keep renewing your existing policy the high blood pressure can't be counted as pre-exisiting.
  9. My interpretation would be the rules apply once you have accumulated 91 days abroad in any calendar (or tax?) year whether consecutively or not. But there again I'm a pessimist This is a piece on Thaivisa from 2004: http://insurance.thaivisa.com/news/new-nhs...for-expats.html
  10. Thanks pattaya1234. Very helpful. I'm just asking this as a long shot: any idea how my UK GP will react if, over a period of 12-15 months, I do not apply to his surgery as usual for my two-monthly regular repeat prescriptions? When I get back, if he asks I was just going to say I was on a very long holiday.
  11. Pattaya People newspaper (23-30 June 2007) pages 24-25: A report on a talk at the expats meeting about changes to UK tax rules contains the following item: “One of the new rules is that you will no longer be eligible for free NHS treatment after an absence of 91 days….” I find it heard to believe that after a single absence from the UK of 91 days or more you will no longer be entitled to NHS treatment ever again. Maybe if you are absent more than 91 days for a number of consecutive years? Or maybe you lose your entitlement until you establish UK residency again? Any Bri
  12. Well, it's a franchise. Not sure if that's the same thing as being "owned" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7-Eleven
  13. You haven't eaten there for 8 years but you know what it's like today? No one on this thread has come near calling it "the best"
  14. Yes, talk about LOS (Lack Of Smiles), the Kiss staff can be some of the surliest in Pattaya. (I'm talking about the one on 2nd Road opposite Mike Shopping Mall). But it's open 24 hours (I think ) and during the day and evening it is usually always fairly full. The size of the Thai food portions are okay. Food's not bad. Pretty cheap. I'll keep going but I won't leave a tip.
  15. Yes, exactly. That's the sort of thing I meant by "legal emergencies". Wonder if jacko's got his reply from them yet........ Thanks. Sounds like you know more about them than you're letting on Go on, tell us more
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