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  1. anyone want to share a ride from bkk airport to pattaya on the 21 aug i land at 730am
  2. hi what price did you pay from dublin to bangkok and who did you book it throught thank you
  3. hi a friend stayed at this hotel on soi buakow i think the name is bren and joy 2 dose anyone know this hotel and if they have a web site thank you
  4. in the tuesday and thursday market in pattaya
  5. hi anyone stayed at the sanya apartments if so what is it like thanks
  6. i will be at bkk airport on the 18/08/2005 landing at 3.30pm on air france anyone want to share a taxi to pattaya email me at ereilly26@hotmail.com
  7. hi anyone know of any travel agents in pattaya with air line booking on the internet as i need a one way from bkk to lhr
  8. will i be ok to get into thailand with just a one way ticket
  9. hi can anyone tell me if i can go one way to bkk as i have airmiles and then pay for my flight home in 4 months
  10. hi can anyone tell me what price is it from bkk to london one way
  11. will be in bkk on the 10/05/204 at 11.45am anyone want to share a taxi to pattaya
  12. has anyone stayed at the sanya apartments
  13. anyone know were the sanya apartments are are they close to beach road
  14. hi anyone stayed in these apartments as i may stay here
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