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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. . So far no mention of Swiss Annuities to answer the needs of the OP. Keeps your money out of Thailand and very, very, safe in times of financial storms. You can put money in, or draw money out, in any amounts, at any time. They will wire money to your bank in Thailand. If you select a Swiss Annuity that focuses on investments in gold, you get long-term protection from inflation/weak currencies. You can also get some degree of "asset protection" from future creditors. Here's just one web page to give you some ideas for further research: http://www.euraxxess.com/our_services_swiss_annuities.html I'm not an investment advisor, and I have no financial interest here whatsoever. But I do have some acquaintances in the that industry who have treated me well over the years. If you want a referral, contact me privately to discuss.
  2. I'm new here, so I'm wondering: There are thousands of forums on the web dedicated to solving computer problems like this. I wonder why "stewieg" and "wacmedia" are using bandwith for that topic on a forum focused on Pattaya, Thailand. Perhaps there is interest in a computer hobby section on this forum. .
  3. The economics of buying vs. renting are fascinating. Good arguments on both sides. But, I have a different approach I want to sleep very soundly every night, so I keep this in mind: The rule of law is not strong in this region of the world. And the social fabric is not durable. So I only buy things here that I can carry with me if I need to leave in a hurry. Or things I am willing to, and can afford to, leave behind. I rent a serviced apartment. .
  4. After two years of living here (retired), I agree with (Eneukman's comment about learning the language. And learning Thai is one of the fascinating activities I have here: Thai language lessons, 5 days a week. Right, it's not easy, but it's a valuable skill, it also teaches you something about the culture. And it sure keeps your brain active. In addition, I offer to teach a little bit of English once in a while. Not a job and I don't take any money at all. But when someone I know -- say the manager of a restaurant where I often eat -- asks me to help some of his staff improve their English, I agree. A few hours of relaxed lessons, spread over a few weeks, is valuable for them and fun for me. I find teaching materials on the web. Finally, any man who loves to read will never be bored for the duration of his retirement. I live in Bangkok -- plenty of English language bookshops in the area. Easy to take the skytrain to Siam Square where the Chula University Book Centre has a huge English language section (up on the balcony level). And, one more thing, in those two years, I have never, ever, turned on the TV in my room. Yet, even without TV, never a boring day in Thailand. Not yet. .
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