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  1. Even better. First hand experience works for me. I meant to put that in the original post but rushed through it and forgot. Thanks for the assist!
  2. Hello All, Looking at trying a condo in View Talay 6 versus the usual hotels. I found offers from Big Mango Properties. They have a few listed. The questions are: have any of you heard of them, are they reputable, can you recommend them? I don't want to blindly engage them and send any money without doing a little research. Any constructive input would be appreciated. Thanks, HR
  3. Great stuff. Amazing pictures. Laos is a beautiful scenic country. I am actually in Laos right now. Been in Xekong/Sekong/Sepon (depending on who is typing/writing it) for about a month. Head to Savanakhet tomorrow. As far as language goes, no one here speaks any english. Luckily I have a Lao speaker and another who speaks Lao or Thai and we get by fine. As far as the company of ladies this is just a village, there is one 'guest house' that has a couple of Vietnamese girls and the going rate is 300,000 kip which is about $37-38. Thats just a simple short time. I am f
  4. I havent been in a few years either. However the day we went we had a good time. One perk: When we were at the top the attendant told a few girls getting ready to go down they cant wear t-shirts, only bikini tops. Something about fines, blah blah blah, etc. Either way they had to lose the shirts. Which later worked out good for me and my buddy that were relaxing in the pool at the bottom of the slide. I would say it was about 50% that lost their top as they splashed into the pool. GOOD TIMES
  5. In my experience quite the opposite. When using meds, I'll be hard as a rock but its a cardio nightmare with several intermissions for sweat towels and water breaks. They actually seem to dull sensitivity. It wasnt unheard of for me to satisfy the shit out of her and end up going to sleep with a hard on and full nuts and feeling like I just ran 1/2 marathon. (and thats why I dont drink everyday when there.)
  6. One of the more highly recommend pharmacys that I have read about here, is the one I went to and there were no questions asked. It is right next to Tim Beer Bar on 2nd road. Convenient for me as I stay on Soi 13 every time I go. If you have never been there, that probably means nothing to you. However, if you find Mike Mall its across the street on the back side of the mall (2nd road side). Look for Tim Beer Bar and its right next to it.
  7. I too, am 43. I am in good shape, I am in the gym 5 days a week. I take pills for high blood pressure though and they (obviously) can contribute to ED. If not drinking I dont have a problem. I have taken regular blue pill viagra and when drinking and had an experience or two where it didnt do anything. However, last trip, I was pretty shitty a few days and on those days I took the kamagra gel and less than 20 mins later I am standing tall and wouldnt go away. I am now a big fan and on days that I drink heavy will definitely use kamagra from now on.
  8. UPDATE: Yes, they will want to see the documentation. Because if I only spend $1000 thats all they will repay. I am only 5' 8", 180 lbs so I am "normal" sized. What I didnt realize at the time is Thai has a non-stop flight from LAX. So, yep, I am doing Southwest from Vegas to LAX and LAX direct to BKK in premium economy for about $1k. So when its all said and done I spent just over the allowance I am provided.
  9. A friend of mine did this for Austrian Airlines. Travel agent charged 200 baht. No telling what Turkish Airlines will charge in addition. HR
  10. Any new word on this? Definintely going to hit AC in conjunction with the April trip.
  11. Well time goes on and plans change. I was planning on going from Tampa to JFK and JFK to BKK direct. Problem (well, not really) is now I will be on the west coast (Vegas) prior to departure. So here is my question: Is the Eva Air Elite Class worth a (potential) extra $264? Reason I say "potential" is my employer is going to reimburse me a predesignated amount for my travel. I am changing work locations from Tampa to Turkey and they will pay me THEIR cost of that trip. I can book whatever route of travel I please and go where I want. Based on ticket prices I get to swin
  12. Bill Thanks for the input. I am also not a fat ass, only 5'8" 175 lbs. So seat size is not the issue, just want to be as comfortable as possible (at a reasonable price) for that long ass flight. Sounds like I just need to be able to get that exit row and I'm good to go. HR
  13. Jack, Great info. That is really helpful. The seating chart is money! I think it will be worth it for the few extra bucks to have that one less chair in the row. For a flight that long you just have to be comfortable. HR
  14. Well I have manipulated another trip. Its not until April, but its nice to know its on the books. I am tired of the Delta: Tampa to Atlanta to Seoul to BKK route arriving at midnight. I am going to do the Tampa to JFK to BKK direct route and arrive around lunch. My question is: has anyone experienced the different levels of economy on Thai airlines? If so, is it worth the $400 difference for Economy Best to Premium Economy? Before you ridicule my math skills the prices below are pre-taxes and after taxes rise to $1260 for best and $1648 FOR Premium. ECONOMY BES
  15. HansumRob


    Excellent info Joekicker...as usual. Joseph1...there is another "shady" option. You will have to check with the state you live in, but if she goes back to Thailand and you are back in the US there is a way. I have a friend that had his wife run out on him. He filed a "whereabouts unknown" divorce. He had to take out an add in the local newspaper classifieds section. She doesn't respond within 30 days and he gets a divorce. Something to think about. HR
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