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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi All Been reading the posts and there seems to be a wide range of places to stay. Is there a map that shows all hotels by soi location. What hotels on soi1 between beach road and second road? soi 2 and so on all the way down to the entrance of walking street...just curious??
  2. Hi All Was wondering do any of the guesthouse have private entrances? Seems like to get to your room you have to go thru the bar with everyone looking at you anf your guest. I THINK the Canterburytales Guesthouse has a private entrance, but not sure...any help appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the feedback...Do the guesthouses you mention have a one way in one way out entrance were you have to go thru the bar to get your room, or is there a private entrance away from on lookers if bring back guests.
  4. Thanks to all for your honest feedback
  5. Hi All Just want to get some feedback from BM about the best best guesthouse you stayed in and why you liked it? Thinking of a couple of places from Nov 11-21 2009, but haven't made up my mind on where just yet. So where have you stayed/what made it a nice place/cost/no joiner fee/location. What say you all??
  6. Hi, Want to stay at a nice place not to far from walking street, don't want to spend more than 1500 a night and hotel with hi speed internet access. Thanks
  7. Last trip rented a motor scooter for getting around and stayed at hotel on Soi 13(can't remember name) and had area for parking. Want to stay at a different hotel were parking a scooter on site isn't a problem. Any suggestions on hotel with secured parking. Thanks
  8. Great info buddy,. Haven't been back since November 2007, but if I get the chance to go again will think about the info you provided. Great when members post good solid reviews and comments, makes looking for places to stay a little easlier to deal with. thanks
  9. Excellent report...I will truely have to give some of the places you mentioned a try. Thanks for posting.
  10. Hi Wanted to know if the Jasmine hotel in Pattaya has broadband connection in the rooms or looby. Want to stay there, but really need a spot that's close to the action nice rooms, guest friendly of course, no insects running about Can spend between 1300-1500baht per night. Are there any cools spots around pattayaland soi's. Thanks in advance.
  11. Traveling to Pattaya in November, Anyone have comments on these places. Want a nice clean room that's guest frienldy/located close to main action area/with any amenities such, room safe, frig, shower, etc.., Thanks
  12. Hi Thanks for the info, but would prefer a place with no roach....LOL
  13. Going in November to Pattaya, but here's my question...looking for a nice hotel within walking distance of the main action strip. Ideally would like a place with nice rooms and no additional charges for any quests I might bring back to my room. Really don't want to spend more than 1000bht a nite. Will be there for 7days. Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi Wanted to know which hotels near walking street have broadband internet connections? Don't want to be far from the action to get broadband, but would like to stay at a hotel that has broadband and is guest friendly. Thanks
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