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  1. 1. I spent 2 weeks over xmas/new year period in Pattaya, we ate our lunch at PBG every day. The service was easily 8/10, though i think we had the same service girl everyday so maybe we were just lucky in where we chose to sit. The location is 10/10, in all honesty i would say the food ranged from 6/10 to 8/10. Myself and my mate who travelled with me loved the place and the girls we took with us each day thought it was great as well... 2. This is the perfect place to be having this discussion, isnt this why the boards were started, to discus all that is Pattaya.... 3. I thought Pete's reply was very open and honest and shows he is serious about keeping the customer happy. 4. I have never, ever, ever in all the years i have been getting my banana smoothie for breakfast been given the leftover .................sad but true!!
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