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  1. Adam great piccys, i hope the roumor i heard about you is true ? you deserve it !!
  2. "Windmill" Soi Diamond is holding its second year anniversary party on Monday the 19th of November, and "The Sportsman" will be providing the very popular hot and cold buffet, It promises to be a very lively night !! and for those of you in town your more than welcome to join in the fun Cheers Gary
  3. Once again its party time at "Baby Dolls" Soi 15 Walking Street, this time its Mamasan Na's birthday, and "The Sportsman" will again be providing the very popular hot and cold buffet, It promises to be an excellent night with one or two shows promised for you guy's !! so if your in town please pop in you wont be disappointed Cheers Gary
  4. A big thankyou for all of you that attended, and for the presents and drinks, ill just leave you with the pictures and hope to see you all very soon cheers Gary Thanks once again, please keep your eyes open for mamasan's birthday paty on the 24 th of November !!
  5. Been going on for a week now, just cant get connected to my account ! might get through ten minutes here ten minutes there ! anyone else encountering the same problems ?
  6. Last minute reminders for those of you in town tonight, hope you can make it down to "Baby Dolls" for my 21st birthday bash
  7. I just want to show my apprieciation on the forum for fellow board member "Sparky" who went out of his way to bring in the club some good old 80's music and also pleasured the girls with many B52's last night !! As some of you may know "Sparky" has a bar and guest house in Nong Kai (spelling) "The Meeting Place" (i think) so if any of you fellow boardies are up that way please pop in and show your support !! i know i defiantaly will if i am up that way !! Even though "Sparky" is a Man Utd fan he is still a good guy !! : Thanks once again pal see you soon. Gary
  8. No they wont, and the owner has informed me that they were only set like that on "Halloween" to stop the girls paying there own bar fines and going up walking street !! the bar fine tarrif is- 500/600 baht for dancers 700 baht for showgirls and for me mines a san miguel light so stop whinging and enjoy
  9. BIRTHDAY BASH Hi guys just to let you all know, for those who are in town, its my birthday on Monday the 12 th of November !! and you are all invited to have a good old knees up , piss up and sex shows will be included !! PLEASE JOIN ME FOR A GREAT TIME CHEERS CAPTAIN
  10. Leeds will still win this League by a mile !! i just wish i would of taken the 40/1 odds at the beggining of the season ?
  11. Another banging night at "Baby Dolls", Thanks to you members what made it ! Hope to see most of you over high season Thanks once again Captain
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