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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I agree, if her fingerprint is not on the safe it will not be a court case. I have a feeling however that the bar decided to cut this girl from their staff the moment they realized that the police wanted to send fingerprint samples to Bangkok. Her two representatives (one of them probably mamasan) got pretty long faced when they heard that. I also have a feeling that someone in the Pattaya police know exactly what have happened here, and they know how to deal with it. This girl will probably have to find her work on beach road or the discos in the future. The chances for me to get my mone
  2. It is not only that Stevoman, This is eighter done by this girl or someone breaking in to my room. If this was done by someone breaking into my room between 20.00 – 01.00 the crime scenario would have locked different. The safety box would have been empty; the thief would not only have taken what can be put in a little thai girls bag. There where still money and walubales left in the safety box. My laptop (60000 baht) keyboard, mouse, maybe also exsternal Pc monitor would have been gone. This done by someone breaking in to my room having the hole room for them self, just doesn’t make sens
  3. Lock pretty much like my safety box. I have picture of mine but the file is to big to post (over 4 MB)
  4. Really? A don’t know who reads this forum and who don’t. I would think that this spreads to the people involved pretty fast. This is not the only board I have posted this on. I dint post it on Secrets however, since they forumrules state no posting about "Matters concerning the Thai police authorities.”
  5. I agree about the “bigging myself up”. Don’t know why I wrote that stuff. We all have an ego I guess. I am not good locking by the way, and have no experience about how it is to have a horse cock. I don’t think that will be a pro with the TG however. I can get quite emotional with the girls however. If I had I caught this girl reed handed, I would probably just sat down with her and asked her why she did it and talked about it. I think the girls and Thai people in general are very good at spotting that. Maybe that’s why she tried this trick on me, and almost told me what she had done during th
  6. Wow, that can be pretty spot on teelack, Like I Wrote, she had been with me two days back. At that time she called me after work to come back to take care me. When I drove her home on my bike the second time when this incident happened, she was sending SMS all the times. Maybe I should ask the police to check her telephone. Holy fuck, this girls really can be some sneaky bastards cant they. Anyway you are spot on about the “Safety Box”. I can post picture of it, if someone are nice enough to resize the pic or tell me how I can to do it.
  7. You have some valid points MM. I also find it hard to believe that the girl could do it, but after thinking this over many times I am near 100 % sure this girl is the thief. If there was someone breaking in to my room while I was out having fun on WS, they would have taken my computer, keyboard, monitor, mouse (the most expensive computer stuff you can get today). I can also add that there was about 15000 baht left in the safety box that she did not take, because it was lying underneath some other stuff, so she probably could not see it in the hurry and in the dark. She just grabbed a b
  8. I haven’t posted much on this or other Pattaya forums the last year. Sorry about that. An experience I had a couple of days back was so strange and surprising however, that I think it has common interest. It can also be good therapy for me to write this out (yes I am a selfish bastard). I don’t know what section of the forum that is the best place to post this. I think pretty much everyone can have an interest in reading it. I also hope some veterans can give their view. I am no newbie, but I have never even heard about anything like this in relation to a high end go go bar in WS. Yes, th
  9. I have already been offered 20000. I might bee interested to sell it for something between 20000 and 25000.
  10. I bought it for 38000 baht a cople of months ago. Selling it for 25000 baht. Model LA40B610A5RXXT The TV is currently in my rom in Soi Boukao. Call: 0824739536 016.pdf 014.pdf 015.pdf
  11. Sorry, I am sold out.
  12. What about the new LK hotel Four season place? Do FLB PattayaTalk members get anny special rate at this place?
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