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  1. Of Irvin Welsh we have Acid House, Marabou Stork Nightmares, Crime, Filth, Porno, Ecstasy, Skagboys, If You liked School You'll Love Work, Glue, train spotting,
  2. HI Sam, Thanks for your custom; yes a lot of books have been read several times and normally the tattier they get the price drops, we have many at 10 and 60 baht for example and I am loathed to throw them out as you never know what people want to read. As for the bits of paper and as we sell books to be read I add adverts to my business, I really see it as just something else to read in a book with some pictures maybe of the rooms or food etc, also I add bookmarks and sometimes there are several in each book but over the years I have had very few complaints as such as its just more reading in
  3. I will check which ones we have in the shop as I know we have 6/8 or so.
  4. Thanks for your custom and yes we work hard at all avenues of our service and the bookshop / book exchange is busy with the best choice for far and wide.
  5. Just had a major re-shuffle at Canterbury Tales Bookshop Pattaya and have Thousands of Fiction hundreds of Classics, Biographies, Politics, History, Travel, War, True crime, self help and Hundreds of Thailand related books. Google map location; https://goo.gl/maps/A9jLX83pTX82
  6. All good and look forward to meeting you, we are also very close to Lolitas and many Massage shops, with extra's of course.
  7. Is it in Paperback >? if so would like to offer in Canterbury Tales Bookshop
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