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  1. Thanks for that. I know it is a scam I just wanted to know if someboby else got the same message and I found out that some other people did. I called AIS and you can not block a number that sends out an SMS only voicemail. So I guess case closed
  2. Last night at 02.35.24 Thailand Time (20.35.24 UK time) I got a strange SMS from a tel number in Ireland (+353864582439) quote: Hurry Your mobile no has won BP 500,000.00 pounds on the APPLE IPhone PROMO. Send name, mobile, Email to: claims34@hotmail.co.uk unquote Did anyone else on this website get this SMS. I did of course not reply but wonder if I should do anything i.e. inform APPLE or Irish Authorities. Any reply would be appreciated.
  3. Does any BM know if the fight tomorrow morning will be shown on True TV or in any Pattaya bar on TV. I have a lot of friends from the Philippines and they are all asking me. Thanks for any reply.
  4. Tolerance-From a British Perspective ... Simply Brilliant!!!! From a British perspective: This was a reader's 'letter to the editor ' published in daily " SUN" on Sunday. Tolerance .. I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in London on the Thames ? I think it should be the goal of every Englishman to be tolerant. Thus the Mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance. That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque, thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque. We could call one of
  5. 27 inch Panasonic TV, 5 years old, good condition for sale. Good unit for investment property, children's room, guest room or for the sick buffalo in Esaarn. Must pick up in Jomtien. Baht 3000.00 ONO
  6. Thank you guys for your replies. I have received the answer I was expecting on Thai Visa. A child under 14 does not have to pay for overstaying her visa. We can either apply for a dependent visa or for an ed visa, but both applications have to be filed at the main immigration office in Bangkok, visa changes can't be done at Jomtien immigration.
  7. I have now been living in Thailand for the last 6 years on a retirement visa. Since 2008 my Philippine gf lives here with me. She stayed here always on a double entry tourist visa either from Cambodia or the Philippines. Now we have changed her visa status into Non-B which expires March 2013. Since Sept. 2011 we have also her 8 year old daughter living with us. She is here on a 30 day visa on arrival and is enrolled in Burappa International School Pattaya and the help we are getting from the school is not existing, they are hopeless and incompetent. If my daughter wants to leave can she be cha
  8. Hi guys, I want to start a Captain's table only for merchant mariners, because I am bored and I have to do something. Maybe a meeting once in a month. Just send some messages if there is any interest and than we can work out something. Thia is to make money it is about communication which we are loosing, talk about Pinochet, Pol Pot, the Shah, Marcos. We all know about it and that makes it interesting Hans
  9. No Jacko, you are still OK with one payment of 1900 Baht, but maybe they are changing that next year
  10. Hi Guys, I have just been to the immigration in Jomtien and was informed that they are now requesting 2 originals of form TM7 and therefore also 2 photos. I was told it is a new regulation and I thought it might be interesting to hear about it, because I arrived there only with 1 original and 1 photo, and had to do it all again.
  11. Thanks and I saw that, but if you open their web page you get no schedule no pricing and no information at all, that's why I do not know what is going on
  12. A couple of month ago I read a story abt a new airline opening up services from Bangkok to other centers in Asia. They even have a web page on http://www.crystalthaiair.com and their latest news was from Feb. this year. They opened an office in Bangkok and trained their flight crew and their opening flight was supposed to be in March 2011, but nothing after that. Does anybody on the forum knows what is happening here, did they not get a license or don't they have planes. Would be interested to hear any news. Old Salty
  13. Hi all, typical Philippine organisation. Wake now in Boomerang Bar Arunothai Road off Pattaya Klang at 7pm. Sorry
  14. Hi all, did you know a Philippine singer with the name of "Angel"? She was singing in Billabong Bar (Pattaya), Boomerang Bar (Pattaya) and in Wild West Saloon in Jomtien. Last Thursday she died while on stage in Boomerang Bar from a massive heart attack. She is leaving behind a devastated husband and a little girl. We are trying to raise some money tonight in the Wild West Saloon in Jomtien to help her family out of this terrible situation and to get her body to the Philippines So if you have nothing to do tonjight and you want to help just come to the Wild West Saloon and talk to Reg the own
  15. The arrival/departure tax in Thailand is included in your airfare. The only tax you have to pay is the Philippine departure tax for your GF or wife Old Salty
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