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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. Irish Rovers will arrange a mystery tour on wednesday 18th of August. Anyone interested, please contact reception for information and reservation of seat. Lets explore some new venues together and have some fun!!
  2. The Irish Rovers will be holding a party on 21st August, eight til late, to welcome NING into the business. Will be live music, Farang and Thai food and plenty of craic Everyone welcome!!!
  3. New Co-Owner at Irish Rovers now was having problems with internet bookings this problem should be resolved soon! Anyone wishing to make a booking on the phone can call 080 097 7930 or 087 128 2308.
  4. Try the Irish Rovers Hotel next to the Pasedena Lodge! Has a Bar and a better atmosphere than any of the other two! info@the-irish-rovers.com You will need to book early as possible as it tends to fill up quickly!
  5. I have now sold my share of the Irish Rovers Jiml so sorry i have no dates as this month im going touring a bit before looking for my next venture! But good news is as long as im still in Pattaya i will be heading Crawls to the "Darkside" only once im back around end of March or beginning of April!
  6. coming to Koh Laern today do you have a room available for me tonight? cheers Mr Dom if you can call 087 127 6486 different lady coming just 1 this time not have power for 2 this time! lol
  7. This month St Patricks Day 17th March big Party with free Irish Stew and a kick ass Party of all Partys everyone welcome! live entertainment and dancers, more to come on this, once everthing is confirmed! Watch this space!
  8. Bar Crawl going out this Wednesday10th one off Mystery tour, somewhere different leave at 1.30 limited places! So if your not fast you will be last! names being taken!
  9. Bar Crawl this wednesday one off special mystery tour! leaves 1.30pm for those that are interested! names being taken now! Pop in to the irish rovers.
  10. Bar Crawl going to the"DARKSIDE" this thursday 4th Feb anyone interested pop into the Rovers on soi LK Metro to lock your seat! or ring Dom 087 127 6486
  11. Bar Crawl going to the "Darkside" this Thursday 4 th Feb if interested pop down to the Rovers and get your name down as limited places available or ring 087 127 6486
  12. Thankyou for a very enjoyable stay once again, The rooms are spotless and cleaned on a daily basis, grest location for me near to all the restraunts etc and a bike ride away from the best beaches! Reccommend a stay here for anyone wanting to stay overnight on Koh Larn island!
  13. Yes fires grenades too, M18 you can fire pretty much what you want i tried an MP5, UZI, M18 and AK47! Shit you can blow up a cow with a rocket launcher for $300.
  14. Lol you would like to think we do Bar Crawls to the Pook there because thats where you spend most of your time, tied up with stockings so im told! haha when you coming back mate, Tesco are doing 2 for 1 on there new stocking range!
  15. Yes mate she's ok now thanks, she gone home for a bit to get better, but all clear from hospital. Glad you enjoyed your stay with us Glyn hopefully see you soon for another session! lol
  16. Bar Crawl heading out to Ban Chang this Tuesday 12th Jan leaves at 1.30pm pop in to the Rovers if you are interested!
  17. Mr Captain Stabbin is there will confirm how many 2mo, bur judging from the crowd ive got in here tonight your boat could be full! Hope there are lot's of ladies on board el capitan? Ha
  18. Yes this trip looks fun i could be up for some of this! good look, will phone if i can wangle this one!
  19. My friend Anthony has decided he wanted his Birthday Party at the Rover's so everybody invited to this one and he has bought a big pig! Come along and join the fun!
  20. Bar Crawl to the Darkside going out on 4th Jan that's this Monday! Pop in to the Irish Rovers on soi LK Metro if you are interested! Bus leaves at 1.30pm
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