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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. i have bought a number of loose stones Rubies and Saphirre's ranging from 1Carat upto 4 Carat price from 500-7500 baht i sent the expensive one's back home but nobody really knows how to value loose stone it is i believe a specialist subject! I guess i would have to travel to London or Manchester to a top class store where you can pick the stone and design the ring yourself! Bottom line is get them mounted or buy one's already in the mount! Thailand's mine's are almost depleted of Rubies now. The best ones Pigeons Blood comes from Burma or if you don't want to go into Burma you c
  2. Every week another exciting location! Bring on the Bang Bus Tours!
  3. Everyone is struggling at the minute, i live in Pattaya and currently in Phuket im paying 400 a night here next to all the action nice room free wi-fi no extra charge for ladies etc! It's the same in Patts you can get a nice room now for the same 400 baht on soi LK metro where there is a lot of action! Everybody will drop there prices just to fill the rooms. it's good business sense, they get you in the room cheap you might have something to eat and a beer before you hit the town! that way they recoupe some of there loses! I know that's what i would be doing if i stillm owned my guesthouse,
  4. Bar Crawl to Darkside today i know this one is late notice, but had a few guys come in and wanted to go today so few spaces left if you can get down for 1.30pm today?
  5. yes quite possiby as my friend flys in on the 9th and then we leave for AC on the 13th so possibly could sneak one in between those dates! just give me a bell when your in town! 087 127 6486
  6. The "Domeister" is back in action and leading the next CRAWL to the "DARKSIDE" on the 26th this month that's this Friday! Names being taken now at the Irish Rovers see the cashier, there are limited spaces so it is on a first come first served basis, you won't be dissapointed! If in any doubt read Koolcatcha's trip report in the advanced section page 17 i think and also Johnnywilde trip report in the normal section, they are both on Pattayaaddicts.com! Hopefully see some of you BM's there! Irish Rovers Hotel located on soi LK metro, near soi Diana.
  7. This post was posted my me former co-owner of the Irish Rovers and not the Rovers! Pc automatically posted under Irish rovers, check out the reviews under the hotel section! I was giving an alternative to PL and Billabong i have nothing to benefit from this anymore, just a great place to stay that's all!
  8. You can't shoot these types of weapon's in Thailand, only Hand Guns and rifle's. You can however shoot just about anything in Cambodia just outside of Phomn Penm which is where that was taken, you can fire rocket launchers throw grenade's etc if theve got it you can fire it!
  9. The girl in the picture her name is Ying, Not sure what you mean by what is her story? She works at the Rovers!
  10. No but the one in the office is, should you feel the need to lock it away! Most of our customers just leave it on the side, never had any problems so far!
  11. Yeah good to meet you too Simmo and look forward to some more sessions, will defo have to hit the gym as getting out of shape with all the drinking! That's the downside of having a bar! LOL hic hic
  12. Irish Rovers Hotel, Bar, Diner, Golfing Holidays and Bar Crawls to Ban Chang and the "Darkside" Located on soi LK Metro in the corner wich is quiet! Any information contact Dom 0066 87127 6486 or Ian 0066 82216 8567 Website www.the-irish-rovers.com E-mail: info@the-irish-rovers.com
  13. Will do and when i get back from Philipines on Saturday will be looking to take some photo's for ya all!
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