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  1. Thanks all. I came here to look for the ad and waited while reading the forum yesterday, but never saw the RG advertisement Today, it was running as soon as I opened the page. Maybe random luck. See everyone over the weekend.
  2. I don't see an ad for the Residence Garden. Does that mean no more FLB discount?
  3. I never stayed at Sabai, but have stayed at Residence Garden, and still would if it were not for the Baht Bus Mafia. They line up at second road and Pattaya south road. They charge 100 to 200 Bt to the Russians going to Jomtien. Imagine, 1000 Bt. for a family of 5 to go a few Km to Jomtien. You have to ride one of these to get back to RG. I have been lucky and got to ride for 10 Bt. when I explained that I was not going to Jomtien. Other nights, I walk the Km or so back to the hotel. After a dozen trips, I started exploring other options. The Baywalk is probably the closest hotel to Walking street on Beach road. It is 54 USD per night. The rooms are good, TV is a bit lacking in English channels. I like the breakfast, and being able to look out and watch the kite skiers in the morning. My other choice is The LK Empress at soi 12. The rooms are beautiful and new. Breakfast Buffet is OK. It is around $60 per night. Remember the RG does not have free breakfast, so add 5 or so dollars to the RG price and the costs for the other hotels start to equalize. For those unable to find a woman, they can set you up with one for "massage". I am heading here next week for the weekend and maybe somewhere else for the rest of the week.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up. I am flying in from Beijing Friday night. If I had to face a dry weekend, I would have gone back to Shenzhen.
  5. I heard there was some religious festival this weekend and it will mean no whiskey, no funny. Is this true?
  6. I heard there was some religious festival this weekend and it will mean no whiskey, no funny. Is this true?
  7. Thanks John. This is the first complete story I have seen on Winston. I will be there next month. I will miss not seeing Winston holding court on his bar stool. Ray
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