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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I know that everybody is talking about the Nationwide cards, but I use a Halifax debit card (switch, cirrus, maestro) for all cash withdrawals, and a visa card for all hotel, medical, emergency bills. This means that I dont spend stupid amounts on commission, and that I dont have to carry silly amounts of cash. I even resent having to carry travellers cheques to show liquidity and dollars for when I have been really stupid. Thus is the tangled web I have woven to be with the rest of the reprobates on Saturday. Regards, Andy
  2. I don't think that you can beat a vaio for reliablity, I am writing this in a vaio, which I only use as a mobile machine,connecting to my network to swap files and update. The model number is PCG F400, and the only thing I have had to do was replace the battery. I think that this is awesome for a four year old laptop. I have got so used to taking the bugger around with me that I automatically subtract four kilos from my luggage allowance wherever I fly. Regards, Andy [smiley=3some.gif]
  3. Chrome condoms, used to stop the spread of computer viruses. Regards, Andy
  4. Capitals mean that you are SHOUTING ???. Regards, ANDY
  5. Kuwait is a non-drinking, non-smoking airline. The stopover looks pretty good on paper, but I have never left on time to go to the UK. The airport, the last time I was there, was a smokers paradise. There were very few restrictions. It is also clean and well mantained. It makes LHR T3 look third world. It must also be one of the most boring airports in the world. Duty free is reasonable, but no booze. Regards, Andy
  6. Sorry, you are wrong. I get my travel insurance through the Halifax, but all other insurance I get elsewhere. Regards, Andy
  7. They were all ****ing packed this weekend. This was due to a strike by B***** A** ground staff at terminal 1. As regards rates, you would be better off nipping into London for a day/night out. Regards. Andy
  8. I'm looking at my confirmation from my last trip with Emirates. The ticket was valid for a minimum of seven days and a maximum of four months. The return date could be changed once enroute for a fee of £50.00 The cost of the ticket, including taxes was£492.00, and was sourced through Trailfinders. That was in April. Please note that you could have some problems with visas if your stay is more then a month. Regards, Andy
  9. I once met a Dutch man who ran from Naklua to Jontien and back nearly everyday. Why didden't he pay the barfine instead? Regards, Andy
  10. Tom, If you ate that many beans,the Russians would take you for free on one of thier Soyouz rockets. Just imagine how much they could save on fuel with a minor plumbing job ::) ::) By the way, does anybody know what happened to the Beanz programme? Regards, Andy
  11. Pattayaman!! don't you think you are going to be a little tired, going with Linn, Poly, and June ;D ;D ;D Booked with linn poly Roll on june pattayaman Regards, Andy
  12. It's no illusion that the seats are better on BA. domestic flights. They are generally leather, wider, and even though I have not checked the seat pitch, it seems to be greater. There are other factors in BA's favour. The main ones are, punctuality, onward baggage forwarding to other airlines and finally no need to get onto a train, or drive down to Heathrow from Manchester. I don't like BA. international service, but as a way of getting around the UK., they are probably the best. Regards, Andy
  13. It probably wasn't a computer problem. Most airlines overbook the aircraft between 5% and 10%., if they get to capacity. They know that this is the rate for no-shows, and they want to fly with all seats taken. This is the usual reason to bump somebody up a class, not goodwill. There are some times of the year, and particular flights which have nearly 100% take-up, but airlines cannot seem to recognise this fact,hence"computer problems" It's nice to see somebody benefiting from this attitude for a change, and not just being shafted Congrats, Andy
  14. I want to wish all the people on this board a happy, peaceful holiday and a rip-roaring enjoyable new year. Regards, Andy
  15. If you fly with them, only read ten chapter books ::) ::) Regards, Andy
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