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  1. I havent used the pattayapages link in years, i just e-mail the hotel and after giving the dates i require ask for the FLB rate and I have never had a problem. Da has always gotten back to me very quickly and have never had a problem. Have looked at several different hotels over the years but have never found any that i felt offered the value the RG has for the price. The room are great, with a large in room safe. Have never had a problems bring back over night guest, the staff are friendly and helpful. Like others have said there is a couple resturants near by plus the on site resturant that has good food. Family Mart, massage places, laundry service all very close by. Right on a main baht bus route so no problem getting to and from the hotel all times of the day and night. You will be veryhappy with the place.
  2. Just got set up, cant wait for the season to start. Go Pats.
  3. Have spent all Pattaya holidays at the RG and I just returned home from a great 3 weeks. I spent the entire time at the RG and I have no complaints. The staff were as friendly and helpful as ever. The room was always clean and it had a full double bed, there was always plenty of hot water, i really enjoy having the 2 separate ac controls for the main room and bedroom. The new layout of the restaurant looks great, there was never a problem with bring guest back and the girls seem to enjoy it there. Will stay there again on my next trip and would recommend the place to anyone.
  4. Never had the "complimentary airport transfer to Bangkok airport" but i have used the RG airport pick up service several times now and it has always been great. The car has always been clean, well maintained and the driver works for the RG so there is no problems finding the hotel when getting into town. I have arranged it for solo trips and right up to and including 4 people with baggage. Let them know how many will be travelling so they will know what size of car / van to send.
  5. Hope everything is ok and a quick recovery. As others have said he is a great guy. Get well Mick.
  6. Agreed, i do this everynight when finishing my night up. Paying 100 baht to hire the bus from Marine Seafood to take myself and my lady back to the RG with out being packed in and not stopping is well worth it.
  7. Have been looking at fares and looking out 9 months i can get a decent flight. Anything i look at from a week from now to 2 months out is crazy and the worse part is depending on the time of day i check it can be anywhere from $2200 to $3100.
  8. Have stayed at the RG on all my trips and have never had a problem. It is a great hotel with friendly helpful staff. The rooms are large and I like the 2 seperate ac units, the in room safe is large enough to hold my laptop, camera, ipod and papers.
  9. Cant wait to be back and trying some of the new dishes on the menu.
  10. Metallica Guns and Roses AC/DC Aerosmith The Doors
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