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  1. Thanks, gents. First chance I've had to get on the net since I arrived otherwise I would have thanked sooner. Soi 16/Walking St it is!
  2. Greetings... wow, been a long time since I've been on this board. Heading to LOS today and wondering if a kind soul can guide me to wear there are any gyms in Pattaya that have running treadmills. I'm staying on Soi 13 in the Lek/Dynasty Inn area so if there's one close to there that would be great. I'm not too keen of taking my life in my own hands anymore by running on Beach Rd due to the falling coconuts (?). The last time one just missed me head! Cheers
  3. Hey, just posted that I'm arriving on 30 Oct too but I'm not landing till 1400. That's probably too long a wait for you guys landing @1200 as I'm sure you'll want to head out as soon as possible. See ya at the FLB Wednesday night! Andy
  4. Greetings all. Been a long time since I've been on this board. I'm arriving to Bangkok Wednesday Oct 30 @ 1400 (local time) on Thai Airways. I have a car reserved from the Flipper Lodge Hotel (Soi 8-where I'll be staying as usual) for 1300 baht and would like some company as the drive can get long and boring. If you happen to be arriving around the same time as me, let me know if you want to split the cost and cruise along... Anybody know if Winston is still around? Would like to go on another Winston "prowl". That was a blast. See ya, Andy
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