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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. baggage drop is checkin usually canada air staff open up about 2 hours before sometimes a little earlier. Thai air staff at enquiery window, but only interested in chardging you extra to upgrade and nothing else in my experience of over a dozen flights with them, never been upgraded either though they willl sometimes process me through early at first class counter if theres only a few peple there waiting when they open up.
  2. Canterbury tales cafe must be doing something right whenever i have tried to stay for a few days it has always been full if only you ask there are many places in pattaya for reasonable prices if you dont pay the first price asked
  3. FYI research into bilingualism notes that allthough the very young tend to have a smaller vocabulary than monoglots it seems to delay senukity and alzheuimers for 4 to 6 years. Argentinians speak mostly Spanish although a lot of then speak Italian , German ,Native languages and English
  4. Wesh is of coure a saxon word meaning foriegner -that is a native of britain - as opposed to a hired German mercenary. A majority of young people leave to work in other countries and we also have large number of old immigrants from the english cities . in the last census over 30% of the peole of voting age had not been born here
  5. on justintv which hosts the webcam with a chatroom it says that it has been suspended due to abuse
  6. airmiles with thai are a joke. Tto get full ammount you can pay at least £150 -£200 more than the cheapest return with thai. with any cheap ticket you specifically cannot upgradeit also takes seven return trips fromthe uk plus the need to buy miles check the price of airmiles on their website a cheaper ticket is always a lot cheaper than paying their full rate
  7. all very well for you americans as you fly a lot domestically quite cheaply the cheap flights from uk to thailand are often only 50% airmiles or as klm is offering in may a cheap flight but only 25% airmiles allowed. to book a cheap flight then upgrade the ticket to full airmiles allowance is about a £100 on top not a geat deal of difference in buying air miles
  8. just flown back on Gulf and paid 14200 Baht one way (including all taxes) with German travel agent in soi honey just up from Bay Breeze hotel
  9. try the travelhouse a phone call is better than their website i can also recommend travel counsellors they have an 0800 316 0278 numberThai high season starts about a week or so into july the 7 or 9 it seems to vary. best of luck
  10. have stayed in Bay Breeze seven or eight times over the last couple of years never heard of anything going missing or any problems except one girl getting into hotel when she should not have, many couples stay here thai and farang and a few families so if you have a regular TG rent a cheap place for short time or take the chance of being caught. There is a security guard at night but he is very discrete and is usually just out of plain site in the coffee shop or behind pillar watching tv he likes a bottle of carlesberg which i get him on a regular basis if i want he CAREFULLY checks girls I.
  11. I' ve looked at the sawasdee hotels and to be honest they are pretty basic you can get a better deal in many condo,s or apartments for long stay book into somewhere for acouple of days and have a good look around walk in the door everyone hates to see money walk out! ::)
  12. bay breeze is on soi honey inn that is soi 11 second road just up from the apex the soi has the 7/11 on one corner and a bank on the other its nest door to the 7/11 you cant miss it ; ;D ;D
  13. share taxi to pattaya 14 june should be landing 15.15 on thai
  14. i stayed there 2 years ago toilet leaked and the water ran nonstop there was no hot water when they did the laundry from about 10 am till midday ants in my room two single poor mattresses on double bed mosquito screens ineffective very noisy and the air conditioner controls broken had to change my own lightbulbs dirty carpets but lovely staff ps food was also deliciously luke warm whatever you ordered :-/
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