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  1. You should learn this quote thingmy on the forum, Vic. Then you would (or would not, in this case) make yourself look quite silly by making up xhit that no one said. What you remember and what actually happened seem to be two different things. In any case, you are wrong. Or, you know, come up with the quote that proves you're right. Okay, eff this. Vic, you are a liar. You are a lying liar writing lies. I specifically stated and wrote and documented that the Patriots were favoured. It was a matter of fact, and not a shred of my opinion was involved, and you are not just a liar
  2. "Backwards" is my old normal. Not now. GIYF. Go to google and type, for example 1.5 sterling in baht or 74 baht in sterling for example.
  3. I didn't realise you were using the McThai website. The Big Mac is on there, 78 baht: .
  4. I just saw this very troubling story on the web: It says that 15 (fifteen!!!) per cent of men said they would be willing to miss the birth of their child to attend the Super Bowl.That is a STUNNING statement. That is very troubling and worrisome. Can you imagine? That's incredible!! Eighty-five per cent of American men are so pussy-whipped they are afraid to tell the truth! .
  5. For some, such as Yurpeens, but not for others, such as North Americans. .
  6. Fair enough. But you seem to be handling that part okay. I was reading what YOU wrote, when you wrote: I am trying to figure out the "wrong" part here in what you wrote. Are you saying the U.S. books did NOT favour the Patriots? .
  7. To be technical: The Giants never talked big, not at all. Some dweeb who runs their website accidentally put up a page to test it - and it was quickly taken down. It was a total accident, not planned and not in any manner "talking big". Yeah, I was amused - that's just me letting out my inner geek. There was no way this game result could be properly predicted - not from the stats, not from the performance, not after one quarter or two quarters or three quarters or not after 55 minutes. This was a "wait it out" and wait for the fat lady, all the way. Even a three-point spread was quite a l
  8. Good for you. You should have tipped us to this BEFORE the game instead of waiting until it was all over to brag about your prediction. Are you saying the U.S. books, coast to coast, did NOT have the Patriots as favourites? Are you making that claim? It seems you are, since as usual you don't want to talk about the game but just make personal posts. So are you claiming my post was wrong? Is that your claim? .
  9. Yeah, but not memorable. Here's what I remember a few hours later: A great catch without a TD for the Giants. Three dropped balls by multi-millionaires for the Patriots. Eli and Brady proving they are top of the top-drawer (no surprise). And the worst call in football this season, the decision by the Giants not to rush Brady and giving him a TD at the end of the first half. That was more than enough to get me through the game, start to finish, and to keep me totally rivited. I bet in a month I won't remember anything about this game though. So I agree entirely with you - good to watch with
  10. I wasn't all that impressed by the game. It was very professional (mostly), very cool, very business-like. It DID come down to the last minutes so it left good memories of fair excitement. But really, 50 so-so spectator minutes watching every good plays by both teams, mostly sitting on hands. Good for Eli and the Giants to pull it out yet again. When it the rubber met the road and it came down to the nitty-gritty, they got it done and the Brady Bunch didn't. One spectacular catch on a very good throw - nothing else to remember, really, except the guy who tried to stop and accidentally fell
  11. I'll give you a hand. Corn Flakes. Wine. Apples. All beef from medium quality up. Rolex watches. Lamborghinis. Or, to be short: Pretty well anything that's imported. Gasoline... for the U.S. yes, for most other places, no. Thai gasoline today is $1.22 a litre, or $4.62 per U.S. gallon, a lot cheaper than Yurp for example. England today is roughly $2.15 per litre or $8.15 a gallon, in Germany $7.73 per U.S. gallong. Seems to be about $5.60 in Australia per gallon. .
  12. The thread was wrecked long ago by evangelical BS from the other religious people, you just didn't get here soon enough to help them wreck it. But anyhow. Guess you don't want to bet, Greg? No problem. You just don't believe in your own prognostication, not many people do. I usually don't myself. But in *this* case I absolutely do. NFL.com and NBCSports.com (in two hours, midnight Pattaya) have all kinds of pre-game stuff. .
  13. The one I proposed ^^^^ up there. Start with "I bet Elway drafts a high-profile QB to replace Tebow" if you want - that's the one Vic also claimed but then stepped away from. But hey! It's your bet to make or refuse, I don't speak for you, for sure. You originally put it this way: By all means phrase it your own way, in your own interest and let's get it on. Important bragging rights are at stake and you seem intensely, personally emotional about it all -- the very BEST time to commit to a prediction that by April or May will show you are the one, true, actual, real, unrivalled expert
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