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  1. You should learn this quote thingmy on the forum, Vic. Then you would (or would not, in this case) make yourself look quite silly by making up xhit that no one said. What you remember and what actually happened seem to be two different things. In any case, you are wrong. Or, you know, come up with the quote that proves you're right. Okay, eff this. Vic, you are a liar. You are a lying liar writing lies. I specifically stated and wrote and documented that the Patriots were favoured. It was a matter of fact, and not a shred of my opinion was involved, and you are not just a liar, you are shooting the messenger as well. Those posts of mine about favourities and the odds are in this thread. I was very specific about it. I challenged your wingman on it, when he implied after the game that I got the odds backwards, and of course he didn't answer -- four times -- and I personally think he hasn't the guts to either explain what he meant or to just back off the implication. That's him, not you, though. You are a liar. So. Will YOU have the guts to show him up, grow a small pair and back off this lie you just wrote? Like I said way, way ^^^ up there, Vic, you ruined this thread almost from the start. And here you go again - just personal attack xhit without a single sentence that discusses the game. Not one. EDIT: Actually, on second thought, I will concede there's a possibility that your English problems are at the root of this. I've commented on that before. If so, I may have to concede you didn't actually lie on purpose, but simply got mixed up about language, didn't understand. Let me know, okay? AFTER you've read my posts (plural) on the odds, that is. .
  2. "Backwards" is my old normal. Not now. GIYF. Go to google and type, for example 1.5 sterling in baht or 74 baht in sterling for example.
  3. I didn't realise you were using the McThai website. The Big Mac is on there, 78 baht: .
  4. I just saw this very troubling story on the web: It says that 15 (fifteen!!!) per cent of men said they would be willing to miss the birth of their child to attend the Super Bowl.That is a STUNNING statement. That is very troubling and worrisome. Can you imagine? That's incredible!! Eighty-five per cent of American men are so pussy-whipped they are afraid to tell the truth! .
  5. For some, such as Yurpeens, but not for others, such as North Americans. .
  6. Fair enough. But you seem to be handling that part okay. I was reading what YOU wrote, when you wrote: I am trying to figure out the "wrong" part here in what you wrote. Are you saying the U.S. books did NOT favour the Patriots? .
  7. To be technical: The Giants never talked big, not at all. Some dweeb who runs their website accidentally put up a page to test it - and it was quickly taken down. It was a total accident, not planned and not in any manner "talking big". Yeah, I was amused - that's just me letting out my inner geek. There was no way this game result could be properly predicted - not from the stats, not from the performance, not after one quarter or two quarters or three quarters or not after 55 minutes. This was a "wait it out" and wait for the fat lady, all the way. Even a three-point spread was quite a lot, I thought - and of course the bookies were wrong about that. Predicting that game was nothing more than a gut-feeling at best, from two weeks ago until the last Hail Mary on Monday morning. Anybody who says "I knew all the time" is a liar. I've been looking and I can't find one person who predicted how this game would proceed. Just under half the people picked the winner at their bookies, which is the way the books like it. But if anyone laid out the game plan and details beforehand, I sure didn't see it. "The Giants will win because Welker and Branch will drop passes in the last few minutes." Yeah, sure everyone knew that, right? heh I'm not sure you can compare it with Joltin' Joe, though. That was a FUN thing. That was a game where one team was a very heavy favourite and the underdog came through. That didn't happen in this year's Super Bowl. There was no underdog, and there was absolutely no trash-talking. That's a shame, in my view. . Are you saying the U.S. books did NOT favour the Patriots? .
  8. Good for you. You should have tipped us to this BEFORE the game instead of waiting until it was all over to brag about your prediction. Are you saying the U.S. books, coast to coast, did NOT have the Patriots as favourites? Are you making that claim? It seems you are, since as usual you don't want to talk about the game but just make personal posts. So are you claiming my post was wrong? Is that your claim? .
  9. Yeah, but not memorable. Here's what I remember a few hours later: A great catch without a TD for the Giants. Three dropped balls by multi-millionaires for the Patriots. Eli and Brady proving they are top of the top-drawer (no surprise). And the worst call in football this season, the decision by the Giants not to rush Brady and giving him a TD at the end of the first half. That was more than enough to get me through the game, start to finish, and to keep me totally rivited. I bet in a month I won't remember anything about this game though. So I agree entirely with you - good to watch without doubt. Nothing lasting to remember. .
  10. I wasn't all that impressed by the game. It was very professional (mostly), very cool, very business-like. It DID come down to the last minutes so it left good memories of fair excitement. But really, 50 so-so spectator minutes watching every good plays by both teams, mostly sitting on hands. Good for Eli and the Giants to pull it out yet again. When it the rubber met the road and it came down to the nitty-gritty, they got it done and the Brady Bunch didn't. One spectacular catch on a very good throw - nothing else to remember, really, except the guy who tried to stop and accidentally fell into the end zone to score, too early. THAT was funny. .
  11. I'll give you a hand. Corn Flakes. Wine. Apples. All beef from medium quality up. Rolex watches. Lamborghinis. Or, to be short: Pretty well anything that's imported. Gasoline... for the U.S. yes, for most other places, no. Thai gasoline today is $1.22 a litre, or $4.62 per U.S. gallon, a lot cheaper than Yurp for example. England today is roughly $2.15 per litre or $8.15 a gallon, in Germany $7.73 per U.S. gallong. Seems to be about $5.60 in Australia per gallon. .
  12. The thread was wrecked long ago by evangelical BS from the other religious people, you just didn't get here soon enough to help them wreck it. But anyhow. Guess you don't want to bet, Greg? No problem. You just don't believe in your own prognostication, not many people do. I usually don't myself. But in *this* case I absolutely do. NFL.com and NBCSports.com (in two hours, midnight Pattaya) have all kinds of pre-game stuff. .
  13. The one I proposed ^^^^ up there. Start with "I bet Elway drafts a high-profile QB to replace Tebow" if you want - that's the one Vic also claimed but then stepped away from. But hey! It's your bet to make or refuse, I don't speak for you, for sure. You originally put it this way: By all means phrase it your own way, in your own interest and let's get it on. Important bragging rights are at stake and you seem intensely, personally emotional about it all -- the very BEST time to commit to a prediction that by April or May will show you are the one, true, actual, real, unrivalled expert on this entire forum. Here's MY bet. Note that it's not based on statistics and it doesn't involve any prediction about how Tebow will perform, because Tebow is just a player and as fungible as, well, Brady Quinn. Or Peyton Manning. The Broncos will "use" him - literally - just like every team uses every player. (Did you notice the Yankees were going to trade Posada ferpetsake?) Stats mean nothing, literally NOTHING about how a team uses its chattel. My bet, which you refuse to consider and go all spittle-happy about, is that there are huge, over-riding reasons the *former* football person, now empty suit, Elway won't do a single, solitary thing to rock his comfortable boat because he hasn't got the guts. Bottom line: Tebow is the Broncos QB for the year, the Broncos won't touch the QB position, but they WILL draft and sign at some of the 32 other positions in order to build - ten on offence, 11 on defence and 11 on ST. They'll do that because it's good business for a very ordinary team with ambitions to get better and because "team building" is a proven method -- and the Broncos were sensational at it in their first post-Josh year. They'll do it because the fans want (i.e. economically support***) it. But at the bottom line they'll do it because the very, very personally and economically desperate Elway hasn't got the guts or brains to do it any other way. That's my bet. ***The Broncos are going back to orange jerseys. That means everyone in Colorado and some neighbouring states has to change his team gear this year. The streets of Denver and Rifle and Vail and Canon City already are changing from blue people to orange ones. If you think that doesn't affect the personnel decisions, then I guess you've not been to Colorado or followed the Broncos too much. Question: Why do you think Tebow played at all in 2011? Why do you think Orton was benched? Why do you think Quinn never got a snap? Why didn't Elway... how did you put it..... oh yeah, why didn't Elway "develop his style of a QB" for even one MINUTE of 2011 and 36 days of 2012 and counting? Not one MINUTE did he do it, why not? There is one answer. It's my bet about what will happen in the future, too. You think I'm wrong, and you're right. What's your bet, then? Come on, step up, this is really, really important stuff! .
  14. For a guy who won't take a real, actual bet you don't even talk a good game. Bloviate, Greg, bloviate. You are exactly like those people who give the winning numbers on the lottery. Never heard of THEM winning, either. Or you're like the Giants. talking big before the results are in. This is the Giants website Saturday night US time, big, big talk, fingers furiously flapping. Do you actually, really think you can predict the future? Then take the bet. Go on the record. Grow a pair and maybe in a few months you'll be somebody, able to brag about how you knew all along.
  15. Also, he's not baked. Don't want to bet, eh? Don't want to take the side that explains how Elway is a strong, independent Broncos leader who will buck the tide and take a gamble in order to build the team HE wants? Good choice Greg, by far your best option here. Very VERY lonely on that side of the bet. Here's a couple of items from people sitting in Denver in the last couple of days, paid to know stuff about the Broncos 24/7/365. Overall, though, if the Broncos stick to the plan Elway has laid out for the future, the draft will be the team's emphasis in building the roster. It would be unexpected if they dived into the top tier of free agency, especially given the up-front cash that would require. That is because the Broncos are committed to about $101 million out an expected cap around $120 million. $20 million can get you some talent, don't get me wrong, but the Broncos won't be picking up many, if any, top free agents. That includes Peyton for sure And, different guy, same newspaper (in Denver, for Colorado, not feeding fantasies of Tebow-haters who are far away from the scene) On the Broncos side, based on what I know, they'll give Tebow every chance to prove himself all season. If it doesn't work, they'll head off to a new frontier in 2013. Despite what many think, they got to the playoffs this year because of Tebow, and because Fox was willing to change the offense in mid-ocean. If Orton had been the quarterback all year, they'd have gone 4-12.... If Tebow fails, Elway will draft a quarterback high in 2013... The good Lord and a lot of better-off people know I've been wrong once or twice in my life. But this is as close to a lock as a prediction can get. And you know it too, and you won't bet. .
  16. I did. I also wrote it down at length, several times in several ways. My thoughts are public record now right up ^^^ there from when I went through this with the equally crazed VicVegas. How about you? Do you have a shred of actual, you know, evidence that Elway has the spine to even TRY to defy the owner, 90 per cent of the media and the fans, plus the players and go his own way on this? Any evidence at all? Like I say: With two choices to replace the sainted and heavily Elway-baked Randy Orton, Elway didn't have enough backbone to use Quinn, who he had *told* the media and the fans was the second best quarterback after Orton. But even then he couldn't bring himself to go against the grain and bring in Quinn and simply leave Tebow where he was sitting, on the bench. What makes you "think" (to use your word) that Elway (or Fox) has changed so dramatically since he cravenly backed the cowardly decision to use Tebow in the first place - and now Tebow has actually won games? Think, man, and tell us about it. EDIT. Oh, one other thing to "think" about. Denver is a weak team, and getting weaker (Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins....). They need a lot of people at a lot of positions. If they draft QBs, where will they then get those people? Think. .
  17. You definitely want to believe that unnamed, unaccountable, possibly British person, because when the police stop you, you can say, "Well the Internet says I don't need to carry a passport, any old ID will do, so THERE." This unnamed, unaccountable bureaucrat at the FO (heh, great name for that place, eh?) even states that the police will DEMAND your passport. In what way did I "guess" about that? I told the OP how to deal in the easiest way in the unlikely case of a police face-to-face, and the unaccountable foreigner who isn't in Thailand and has no credentials that he ever was in Thailand told you how to make it extremely difficult for yourself. By all means, go with the anonymous guy writing on the Internet from London and explain to the police how STUPID they are that they don't know the law and you don't have to give them your passport, and stop haranguing you about it. That should be quite helpful in sorting out any problems with the police, because you can refer to the Internet, police are certain to believe you on that. No snit! Right on. I have NEVER been in a situation where my Thailand driver's licence didn't work, aside from with an immigration (or embassy) person. For people who have a Thai driver's licence, they will never need anything else for any internal situation. But I left that out of my answer, since I was answering the OP, who doesn't have one. I advise him not to carry his passport, but to cooperate with the coppers about it in the unlikely case he ever has to deal with them, and don't try to foist off something else by informing them they don't know Thai law. I advise that. .
  18. Who do you hate now, Vic? In a disgustingly sappy e-mail, supermodel Gisele Bundchen implored friends and family yesterday to pray hard for her pretty-boy hubby to win Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Giants. "I feel Tommy really needs our prayer, our support and love at this time," Bundchen wrote in the message sent out to Brady-clan insiders. ,
  19. Yes it is mandatory by law that everyone in Thailand carry his/her primary ID at all times - in your case the passport you used to legally enter Thailand. Yes, the police can demand it any time, anywhere. Meanwhile in the real world... In such a case as you describe, people are told to go home and get it, or even accompanied home to get it. It is a VERY rare case, and not worth carrying your passport all the time "just in case". However, *if* it happens which is unlikely but possible, then you will be inconvenienced for a bit, maybe even a few hours while the cops sort out everyone's ID. Many people make a photocopy of the front page of the passport and the page with the latest visa, and carry that. It can't hurt. .
  20. You mean like the way Elway refused to start Tebow this past season because he wasn't "his style of QB"? Want to bet? As I said strongly before, Elway doesn't have the guts. Time will tell, but I'd bet on this one, it's such a sure thing. .
  21. No kidding. It says, for example: Tebow "led the Denver Broncos to repeated late-game victories." You've already exposed that lie many times. Proves you can't believe anything in that article, eh? Is Tebow still in the NFL Play-offs, the reputedly alleged so-called subject of this totally trashed thread? Sigh. And once again, absolutely gratuitously, you have to be the only one to mention religion. Aetheism really is the most crazed, warped and missionary religion ever. .
  22. In life's top feel-good experiences, introducing your daughters to the PattayaTalk forum is right up there. Nice video, Gary. Good fun. .
  23. Because the backup facility only copies it and renders it useless as above posts point out. He wants the program off his disk to save space. .
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