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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. More than one. All British people do this. Even the ones who aren't landlords. .
  2. You think that in reality it is impossible for the desk clerk to figure out, rather quickly and accurately, that there is a difference between the girls who are checked and your friend who is not? There is absolutely no difference to be seen, and they are trusting their paranormal skills -- which is always correct, mind you, but still is obviously a sixth sense and has no logic or intelligence behind it? See, that kind of.... well, I don't want to call it "thinking" I call it blindness or ignorance, but it is why they check old ladies' wheelchairs and grope children at the airports. Which
  3. Almost certain that you did try it, and almost certain that it did not work back then. As MM says, technological advances in your lifetime. .
  4. It is Chinese New Year AND it is high season. Pattaya will be very busy with tourists -- Hong Kong ,Singapore, China, Malaysia especially, and a lot of Thais. They got this new Google thingmy now, works a treat. Like any hotel, some will like it, some will have a bad experience. Location (for me) is just "okay". Price on the Internet site of 2,500 baht for a standard room is out of line, you should do much better -- although at New Year maybe not. I've not stayed inside it or even eaten there, but I've been in the lobby. To me it's a Goldilocks hotel in my opinion -- not too hot, not
  5. Translation: I only give my money to people smart enough to speak English. Actually..... One of the big differences I found between Thailand and (most) other Asian countries with tonal languages is that Thais actually make an effort to figure out what you're saying. Where others will go "HUH?" and turn off, Thais try to figure out if you mean mother or horse or dog according to the context of the sentence. Most Thais will allow for errors; most others won't. They might LAUGH when you say you're going home to visit your horse, but they understand. Long way of saying if you make a t
  6. Do tell! At least we know it wasn't a grammar school position. .
  7. I was handicapped though. I had actually read the thread, to wit:
  8. So. The Great Dalton throws one TD pass for Cincinnati, one for Houston, goes home to watch the rest of it on TV. The Saints yummy yummy The Saints go marching into San Francisco next week, and isn't THAT a lovely match-up. .
  9. Well... define "needed". You go to another country and have no curiosity about it. I really can't relate to that. .
  10. There are already 347 separate puns about this particular year - 2555. I think I've groaned through them all. Thais love a pun. .
  11. It "means" ha-ha-ha. Don't understand why this is mysterious. To anyone who speaks Thai, anywhere in the world, it means ha-ha-ha. On this new-fangled internet thingmy, you don't have to be a Thai in Thailand to get the connection. Now you have it too. Never again will it be a mystery. .
  12. You want to copy the YouTube URL including the "?" question mark and assorted letters-digits after it. But ONLY up to any "&" and following material that you often find. Simple paste it into the text of your post, and the board will turn it into a video preview. Remove the ampersand and anythng following. Paste this: http :// www. youtube.com/ watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ &feature=player_embedded#! Get this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ .
  13. A lawyer boarded an airplane in New Orleans with a box of frozen crabs and asked a blonde flight attendant to take care of them for him. She took the box and promised to put it in the crew's refrigerator for safe keeping. He advised her that he was holding her personally responsible for them staying frozen, mentioning in a very haughty manner that he was a lawyer, and proceeded to rant at her about what would happen if she let them thaw out. Needless to say, she was annoyed by his behavior. Shortly before landing in New York , she used the intercom to announce to the entire cab
  14. Yep. No better reason to try to get and use local ones. You know, if you've been going through that kind of money, 'most any bank in the Phils/Thailand would be pleased to have you put it on account, give you a passable one-time conversion rate and a couple of ATM cards. .
  15. On its best day, which was quite some time ago, it wasn't even close to 4 star. If it ever gets a good cleaning, it might once again be a weak 3-star, and I'll probably darken its doors again. My opinion? It's dark, dank, dusty, grimy and of course noisy just to add to the irritation. It's one of those places you wear your flip-flops everywhere *in* the room -- and try not to touch almost anything. It was a terrific novelty, great idea when it started. Now? Shame they didn't keep it up. There are fabulous hotels, and very good guest houses in Pattaya. The Penthouse today isn't one
  16. Good ones, the sort of list you hope all of them are true. I remember weeks when the only reason to buy Private Eye was the Colemanballs - ALWAYS good. .
  17. That's your exclusive method of counting. The accepted way and the official way is that the 1 and 2 teams are off, and the 3, 4, 5, 6 teams are playing. There are no 7 and 8 teams in that accepted way of counting. I understand what you think you said fine, but I'm not sure you should claim to have your own system when all the other people are doing it differently, and you're the only one around doing it ... um, right. More good news for the Steelers lovers and Tebowhaters, though. They're just piling up the excuses for the black and gold guys: (Assume high voice, limp wrist, waving!) O
  18. Definitely, and they should have changed that other stupid rule where the Steelers lost those games, and the new rule should be as soon as the Steelers have a lead, the game's over, and if it goes 60 minutes and the Steelers never have the lead, they are awarded the win. Getting your excuses ready, eh? Looks like it's going to be sunny in Denver, and that means sun gets in the Steelers' eyes, but not in the Broncos. Also, they're fixing the grass so it will only be slippery for Pittsburgh. Thin air, Steelers should never have to play at 5,000 feet, what's wrong with the NFL? Also, Pittsbur
  19. Kinda sorta, a little backwards. The 5 and 6 teams ARE the wild cards - the Pittsburgh Steelers, for example, and the brilliant Dalton -- they're wild cards because they couldn't actually win a division. The 3 and 4 teams, who the wild cards play, are what everyone but Vic calls "winners". Like the Giants, for example, and the horrible Tebow person, who has the gawdammed NERVE to say a prayer right in front of Vic, who is totally in favour of free speech except, you know, that kind of free speech that isn't worth the sweat off the kneecap of Madalyn Murray O'Hair and should be banned. Those we
  20. What did it used to be? It always did. You have one hearsay example, no history, no actual law. But "It depends" is pretty safe. Sort of like anywhere else. Depends on the case, depends on the judge, depends on the time, depends on the lawyers, depends on a lot. About right. You go to a civil court, where the decision is made and judgement given. But a CIVIL court has no physical enforcement. To get enforcement, you have to go to a criminal court. It's highly unlikely an agreed divorce settlement would get before a criminal court at all. All very Catch-22, so "be nice" is
  21. You can't go back home. Really. FWIW, Thai women are all over Facebook. There's no other general place they'd be. .
  22. You kind of miss the point. No one ... I mean NO one thinks, let alone claims, that Tebow is a highly qualified, polished NFL quarterback with a great career in front of him. The only point is that he stepped into a situation where ALL the powers that be said he would never be, and he won. And a team widely expected to be 4-12 is in the playoffs. Everyone including little kids and Tebow worshippers know he can't pass and he has to learn how to pass or he's doomed as an NFL quarterback because the triple option is never, let's repeat that NEVER going to win a Super Bowl. But Tebow IS a winn
  23. Good. I'd add that it's best to try to get a job before you arrive. Almost all jobs contracted or obtained in Thailand, you'll work under Thai rules, including the pay. If the only thing you can teach is English, don't expect to make a lot more than existence money. If you have actual qualifications, you can hook on to a school and make decent money. .
  24. Nobody wants to try the trivia? I totally agree with the Buzzer that Tebow against Orton was Frick-and-Frack, Obama-Romney. Talk about tank jobs, 76,000 Coloradoans should be lined up for a refund. That was a game with the drama, tension and professionalism of a Texas execution. I watched Republican debates in December that were more competitive. At least the Republicans actually showed up for the event. And Jeez, what a horrible last Sunday overall. Did ANY team look good? I could never understand this theory of dogging it because you don't "need" to win the game. I really believe in
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