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  1. I have been done twice while riding a motorbike. Once was for an illegal right turn. The second time was for not wearing a helmet. In both cases, the only thing they asked was "what is your name?" I gave them my first name, which they wrote on the tickets. I have yet to have anyone ask for an ID of any sort. With that said, I carry my passport with me everywhere, and will until I get a proper Thai driver's license.
  2. Some members here are real pieces of work. I post something I find, which I believe to be helpful to new members on this forum, and you resort to a reply like that. From France? A Frenchmen? Or just a Frog want to be? Incidentally, you may wish to learn to read English. I never posted that I went anywhere. As stated, it was the cheapest that I had found.
  3. As a newbie here (both on the forums and in Thailand), I have read quite a bit regarding types of visas, visa runs, extensions, etc. Unfortunately, trying to sort out the best way for me to extend my stay has been quite irritating, not to mention very time consuming. Seasoned members, I'm sure, already have their connections established which allows them a worry free stay. But, for the new guy, making his own way is often a must. So, after arriving last month, I began going to places to deal with concerning visa extensions, types of visas I may be eligible for, and the most efficient, econ
  4. I have been using credit card, PayPal, and other online ways to pay companies through the internet for many years. This goes back as far as I can remember, in fact. I have either been very lucky, or the security is pretty good. I do make it a point to keep PAID for internet security software, including two firewalls, updated. (This doesn't include the hardware firewall in my router.) Do not let this give you a false sense of security, though. I always make it a point to change passwords, and call my financial institutions for verifications of payments, balances, etc., concerning my accounts.
  5. I realize this is (quite) a dated thread. However, there is a modification for IPB available, which will automatically reduce the warnings after a set length of time. It is called "(M32) Auto Decrease Warning".
  6. I have tried to be able to give (positive or negative) reputation points, but do not have permissions to do so, to date. (I am under the impression this function will be enabled, automatically, at x number of posts?) Although I have found a thread on the topic, I have not found anything concrete, thus far anyway, about when or how many posts we need prior to using this feature? Another thing is usergroups. I see a number of different groups (including purgatory?), but have not found any information explaining these either. Thanks for any help.
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but, is it possible to open foreign currency accounts as well? Or, are only baht accounts available to foreigners in Thailand?
  8. It's a rough life, mate, a rough life.
  9. Thanks again. Well, Eric seems to be a reputable guy on this forum. I will try to deal with him when I am ready to rent a place. Again, I appreciate the input from each of you.
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