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  1. I booked for August 2nd - 13th with dialaflight also flying with Ehihad and paid £392.40! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  2. They haven't failed me so far and I use them alot! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  3. Just booked to stay there for a couple of days over Christmas, I booked it with http://www.asiarooms.com and paid £11 for a delux room (around 720 baht I think?) Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  4. Val, What tour operator is that with? Is it with Airline Network, I don't think they use that carrier? I would be greatful if you can tell me where I can book this or just even where I can have a look at it! not real bothered what airline, just want to get there! I should get there with Aeroflot right guys LOL! I feel it's worth the risk! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  5. I did but after i typed in all my credit card details and clicked on buy ticket, it directed me to a page stating fares no longer available for this airline! so that's when I contacted them by phone! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  6. Sorry to dissapoint but I just called them up with that fare and also the 17th DEC - 26th DEC which was coming in at £550 and she turned around and said to me that there is no flight at that price! I then told her that it was in black and white on the web-site with two ticks by the side of it meaning very good availablity at this price, her answer to that was there must be something wrong with the web-site! I think it is very bad showing flights on a site that don't exist! you get your hopes up and then get them taken away again should of booked far earlier to avoid dissapointment!!!
  7. Hi Guys, My GF booked us into the Smile court (she was told by a friend), has anybody stayed there or know it's exact location? they have a web-site http://www.smilecourt.com/smile.html We are only staying there one night to settle in a friend of mine and then the next afternoon we are going to bangers to catch our flight to Chiang mai so it doesn't have to be anything special, just clean and good location will do me! Cheers in advance! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  8. Check out: http://www.bangkokbank.com/Bangkok+Bank/We...es/FX+Rates.htm may take a minute to upload! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  9. Totally agree with Tazzyd. Rooms are very old, damp, dark and need updating! I stay there a couple of Christmas's ago so they may have revamped by now? wouldn't ever stay there again! My GF was told by a friend of her's who works and lives in Pattaya about a hotel called Smile Court for 500 a night http://www.smilecourt.com/smile.html now I am not sure about this hotel but seeing we are only staying one night in Pattaya to see an old friend of ours and to settle in a friend of mine who is not sure of his surroundings (his mate pull out last minute ) as he has only visited LOS once before and
  10. You can't go to Thailand for your first trip without taking in bangers IMHO! why not stay there for the first night and then head down to pattaya and if you were impressed with your first night in bangers, stay there for your last night too! but if not, stay your last night in Pattaya, simple! Have a good one! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  11. Bill, Some useful info for you: http://www.pattaya-at-night.com/howtogo/index.html Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  12. When I visit Chiang Mai in Aug time I will be staying at the Suriwongse Hotel right in the middle of the night bazzar booking it through http://www.asiarooms.com paying £12 a night without breakfast! I will inform you all about the hotel when I get back! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  13. Chairman, I am going too Chiang mai in Aug, amongst other places and I booked through http://www.airasia.com flying from BKK and paid a total of 3,462.52 baht return and that's for both me and my TGF, you can pick a fare up as little as 499 one way without taxes so deffinatly worth a look on their web-site! I am also going to Samui and Phuket and opted to fly with Bangkok airways, alot more expensive but I booked a multi destination ticket flying from BKK - Saumi - Phuket again using airasia onway ticket from Phuket - BKK. I don't know much about accomadation in Samui but the here is the
  14. Lingo, I was thinking the same! if this is the case, I think this board will be in big trouble because if one can access the board there's only a matter of time until she tell hers mates! some one's got ALOT to answer for!!! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
  15. I too flown Air France going back xmas 03 and was not impressed with them one bit, e.g customer services did not exist, i'm around 5 7' and the leg room was tight as fuck specially when you are eating your food and the guy in front decides to have a kip putting is seat back! One good thing though was the price of £515 which at the time was far cheaper then any other airline was offering! Jai yen yen! Stiffler.
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