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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Might be an English/American style " All you can eat " buffet,or a Chinese style " Eat as much as you can " buffet. ?
  2. Hi, I applied to the Thai Consulate at Liverpool. They issued me with a Non-Imm Category O Single Entry Visa, valid for 90 days I applied by post, but had to collect in person from Liverpool. The cost was £60 + £10 handling charge, £70 total. As I am here for 108 days, at Jontien, they would only give 7 days. So I had to do a Border run to Cambodia, and got 30 days " on arrival". Try your nearest UK Consulate, for the above Visa.
  3. Regarding the guy opening a new bar on Soi Pothole. In my opinion, it's too far down the Soi. It's a So i known for massage, not bars. IT'S too small, t the upstairs/overflow bar area, will never get used . If he uses upstairs, as ST rooms, he's cutting his own throat. Will it generate enough profit to satisfy him and his 2 or 3 partners. Only time will tell. Sorry for the thread fuck.
  4. Hi Evil, Many thanks,for the report on the Sunday roast at the Marquee, and your many others. I'm sure the members on Talk, find them very interesting, and helpful. I went there last Sunday, 12/11/17. The place was reasonably busy, but I was served quite quickly. Some the meals served after mine, didn't get the Yorkshire pudding, then later on meals were served with the Yorkshires. I presume the Yorkshires, are cooked fresh. As you say, the meal was nicely cooked and presented. I went last night Fri 17/11/17, and had the 100 Baht Fish and Chips. The fish was nice and seemed to have be
  5. I can’t see the point in using Hull if you know they are re-directing it to London, more chance of it going tits up IMHO. Hi Sam, I have always used the Hull Consulate, and found them very good. I was not aware, of the new arrangements, as, the last couple of visits to Thailand, were short ones, so I got 30 days on arrival. I have just received conformation, that my Visa has been granted. I will now have to drive from Manchester to Hull, to collect it in person. In future, I will apply direct to London, but, I notice, they want paying in POSTAL ORDERS. Didn't know they still issued
  6. Hi, I managed to speak to a lady on Tues 17th. She confirmed that they had received my 2nd e-mail, but had no record of my original application. She asked me to resubmit the application. To be sure, I popped into my local Staples, office supply store, and got them to send an e-mail, with the attachments. Just now ( 2 days later ), I have had confirmation that they have received my application, and have sent it on to London. So, just have to wait a little longer, as the cremation of the late King, may delay things. As I am not due to travel till the middle of Nov, I have time enough. Th
  7. Hi I will shortly be returning to Pattaya from the Winter 2017-18. I am applying online, to the Thai Consulate at Hull in the UK. The new regulations are, that you apply on line to Hull, who then forward it on to London. If you are successful, you then have to go to Hull, in person, to collect the Visa. I e-mailed my application over a week ago, but have had no reply or acknowledgement from Hull or London. I have e-mailed Hull to ask if they have received my application, but still had no reply. I have phoned Hull, and all I get is "all our operators are busy, please try later" Anybody e
  8. Sorry that XZone and Blues Factory both closed. XZone was good for a bit of depravity, the sort of thing the Walking St tourists came to see, but never did. Blues Factory, must have had high overheads, with not enough customers to meet them.
  9. +1 I have a Thai bank account, with a Debit Card. Use the DC to withdraw 20k Baht. 5000k baht in my pocket, put DC, and 15000, in my room safe :)
  10. I bought some crumpets in Villa market, on 2nd road, about 2 years ago. They were OK, made in Austrailia, and not overly expensive. I used to work for Mothers Pride bakery in the UK, and thought our crumpets were the best. But, I have to admit Warburtons, are much better. My TGF loves them, more than me
  11. Hi I am hoping to take my Thai GF, back to the UK, for a short holiday. We need some documents translating,to submit to the British Embassy. They are English to Japanese Japanese to English. English to Thai Thai to English Anyone, know, where we can get these done, to a standard acceptable to the Embassy. Regards thechairman18
  12. I too have had the Fish and Chips at NeeRoys on Soi Chaiypoon. First time was OK Second time was so-so Third time was sh1te. They seemed to delight in covering the meal with "scratchings". As a youngster in the North of England-Manchester, we used to ask for a pennyworth of "scratchings"from the local chip shop. They are simply the batter, that comes away from the battered fish being fried, and if not scooped away, will make the oil smell 'off'. You can smell the vendors selling the fried bugs a mile off, because its old oil. Anyhow, 'scratchings' are a relic of bygone days, and shoul
  13. Point taken, and we did talk about this. Its a serious offer, and I can only hope that BM's treat the matter in a serious way. She has started advertising, and has had leaflets (flyers), and buisness cards and stationary printed. These all have her number on, and she is well aware the she might recieve some 'strange' requests. But, thanks for your concern.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I think it would all depend on what was expected, i.e. level of care required, etc. and whether in hospital, or someones home. If you need more info, please give me a call, and I will pass your message on to her. PS. we have met on a bar crawl, it was a while ago, I think we started off at the Buffello Bar 3rd Road.
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