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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Actually PatPong is a fun, interesting place that gets bad mouthed a lot, though I'm not sure why. Certainly you have to be aware of the scum that tries to rob you with the upstairs extortion venues. Aside from that, there's a lot to see and do. Its pretty fascinating the way the night market emerges with the night life. Provides lots of eye candy from both angles.
  2. "My wife wanted to have sex in the back seat of my car. And she wanted me to drive" "My wife's a real screamer. She can really get screaming boy. Especially when I walk in on her during sex."
  3. Sure, I should have thought my post thru better. I can now understand that.
  4. thai style is ok. would be nice if I could just have a/c. but I can do without it. traditional thai bathroom is ok. I'm pretty adaptable. As long as the place is safe and sanitary.
  5. I'm hoping Though to be in the range of 10000 monthly. Any place that's baht bus accessible to Pattaya should work. Though I generally prefer being close to soi Honey or soi Chayapoon off the soi bukaw area.
  6. Thanks for your response. Any location that makes Pattaya accessible by baht bus is ok. Though I preferto be close to soi Honey or soi chayapoon area off soi bukaw. I'm hoping to get in the range of 10000 baht a month.
  7. Does anyone no of any for a month a longer. Or how to go about it and not get ripped off on things like utilities? Any help, suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Please let me share some light on the waitress being on you. I had to go thru that cultural learning curve too. They are waiting not to rush you but to be there when your ready to order so you won't have to wait or track them down. Once I learned that I felt much less pressure and learned to take my time. of course if I am being rush Ill ask what the hurry is, or simply get up and leave.
  9. It seems I didn't make my self clear. What I meant to say is the place is still the same now as when it first opened. It hasn't changed. This is based on a recent visit.
  10. The way i remember when the place first opened. There was only one other customer in there. And the damned waitress didn't utter a word until i called her on it and asked her if her throat hurts when she speaks. When your paying a ridiculous 40 baht for a meal, sure, you live with it or maybe even expect but that's not the case here. i would appreciate any shared thoughts on what your guys think of such service when it happens. Do you ignore it or does it annoy you? Thanks
  11. I dont know the name cause its a traditional Thai Place. looks alot like the place on S Pattaya Rd on your left when your leaving WS for the baht bus on 2nd rd.. Its on the 3rd Road end of soi Chaiyapoon (soi 25, 3rd rd.) on the corner of both. Look for the Man Club sx up high. It has some good sea food choices running around 60 and 80 baht. Certainly if you want to go expensive they have those selections too. My suggestion is if you want to go for some good priced seafood, don't take your Thai squezze who well squezze you they way they often do. Go alone or with friends and you'll co
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