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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Check out the airport 389 bus. Says the last bus leaves at 10 pm. 2 hour trip to north Pattaya. 134 baht. Later, SB
  2. Decided to go with Tiger Air out of Clark. Would up being half the price as CP from Cebu. Later, SB
  3. Noticed on Vayama some really attractive fares from LAX to MNL for around 500 to 600 bucks for sept and oct. Been long time since I've seen them that low. Guessing BKK would be in the same price range. Later, SB
  4. Heading off to the Philippines for 6 months so will be tracking this promo for awhile. Bought time I got back to Thailand for Chinese New Years. Later,SB.
  5. Thats not exactly true, flew United in premium economy a few years ago and for an extra hundred bucks, not only got the extra legroom, but got a vacant seat next to me. Very important if you got a 300 pounder sitting next to you. There were a lot of vacant middle seats in that part of the plane. Money well spent in my opion. Later, SB
  6. Didnt buy any meat from the market but, did buy some sandals from the area that I am still wearing today. Took me Chinese massage lady along with me to do the bargaining.
  7. Any chance the tube runs from Heathrow to Stansted?
  8. With Air Asia jumping into the game, it might make sense to fly the Atlantic route to Asia from America.
  9. Flew Economy Plus on the way to LOS. Hope to get it on the way back home. Worth the extra 100 bucks from LAX to NRT. A little extra leg room but, usually an empty seat in the middle. Later, SB
  10. I'm guessing you can use a mulligan if you don't hit your drive past the ladies tee box.
  11. Sorry to hear that Dungheap and Fornicator will not be making the cup this year. Will miss you partners. Dungheap never told me what sledging was, so I could have worked on it. Will just have to practice my sledging tonight in Phnom Penh. Later guys, SB
  12. One more day till wheels up. Not as good as being there but, hey you have to start somewhere. Later, SB
  13. Doggie, put me down for the Rideher cup this year. Went out yesterday for me annual practice round. After popping up me drives to the left and shanking me wedges to the right, I'm fine tuned to go. HDCP: 18 Shirt: XL Country: Americana Clubs: Rental
  14. Was quite flattered the last time I ordered a drink at the Atlanta airport. I'm well over 50 and they asked for my ID. Grandma comes along and sits down next to me and they asked for her ID also. Guess I wasn't as young looking as I thought. Later, SB
  15. Stayed there about 5 years ago for about 350 baht a night. Rooms about the size of a walk in closet. Nice pool and ok buffet. In the 1000 baht range, think that Dynasty Inn or Nana better deal. Later, SB
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