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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Can someone recommend a good reputable Muay Thai Gym in Pattaya for my nephew to train?
  2. Thanks for the reply's gents, I will be in a house in the Khau Talo area and want to use an android box to watch tv plus stream films on m laptop, hope this helps
  3. can you give me any information paulyoung3046 like price how's there service, how long to get installed?
  4. Who is the best internet provider in Pattaya for speed and reliability ? thanks in advance
  5. Has no one taken a lady back to the Premeier Inn on soi Diana?
  6. Does anyone know if the premier Inn in Pattaya charges a joining fee for ladies
  7. Can someone recomend a nice hotel in Bangkok within walking distance to soi cowboy?
  8. This is what my concern is, can you let me know what the outcome is please?
  9. Do any of you gentelmen who fly emirates business class use the free Chauffeur service (Taxis) from BKK to Pattaya?
  10. No its from northern Thailand
  11. Where in Pattaya can I buy roasted Peaberry coffee beans
  12. Sorry I did mean business class
  13. Has anyone flow first class with Finnair, and would you recommend? Thanks in advance
  14. Is there any news about the proposed F1 race in Bangkok in 2015?
  15. enduser

    Golf Clubs

    Can someone please tell me, where would be the best place to buy second hand golf clubs from in Pattaya?
  16. Have you posted links to Illegal sharing sites?
  17. If there is anyone in the uk that wants this course, I will get Mick to send it to me,to pass on, Rob.
  18. Hope this is allowed, if not please remove and accept my apologise, A friend of mine who lives for most of the year in Jomtien, has the full Pimsleur Thai language course that he is prepared to give anyone how wants it free, all he asks is that you pay for the usb memory stick he will put it on, because he has no way of burning it to disc, message me and I will give you his mobile number, Rob.
  19. In the uk I am an NVQ assessor, plant instructor, health and safety advisor, I have a long history of working in the piling industry, but totally pissed off with the uk, and the bloody idiots that are trying to run it. Question, how do I go about finding work in Thailand, I would consider anything legal that pays enough to live. There must be someone on here that has done the same, advice please. Rob.
  20. I hope this is the correct place to post this, if not ,mods can you please move. Can someone please explaine what getting a work permit in Thailand entails, cost, who, and how. Cheers, Rob.
  21. What is the ball park figure for a game of golf in Pattaya, including the hire of clubs, cheers, Rob (enduser).
  22. Hi people, can any of you guys tell me, whats the Criteria I would need to meet if I wanted to obtain a Thai car driving licence, other than the obvious need to be able to drive, Cheers, Rob.
  23. Hi cmanc, I will be there in march, i have been 12 times now, so know a lttle about Pattaya, Cheers, Rob.
  24. Thanks for posting, very interesting viewing.
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