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  1. I said if you knew how, what your you can hide your doing. the answer isn't subscribing to some service unless you want to be caught. kevin mitnick is the one the most famous hackers that got caught. your claims are equally fantastical as you put it. your saying that if I commit a crime on the internet that i have 100% chance being arrested, no law enforcement agency is this effective
  2. a hacker wouldn't use a vpn provider anyways, as far as the fbi goes they hire hackers to track down hackers but these people are former hackers. I am not going to spend a lot time on this subject but only to say that the better hacker is the one that wins. you might be right about thailand but not all coutries cooperate with the u.s. others do sometimes. that all depends on current politics. FBI is not infallable, they have had very public defeats.
  3. You can infact hide everything on the net if you know how! You need to be a techy/hacker to understand how. as far tracking you down goes they have to start with the endpoint ip address and can track you back to your computer not just your isp. if the track it back the vpn, they can't logs that never existed, they can sapeana the info but that don't matter. The fbi can not force a vpn that operates in another country to give up anything. mostly people get caught becuase they make a mistake not becuase the fbi always get there guy. becuase when it comes to tech mostly there are bunch of bozos,
  4. What is the cheapest that fly's from Los angeles to Bangkok?
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