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  1. yeah, but you wouldn't tell them that until after you arrived and theres nothin they can do about it cuz you can marry anybody you want who is in the u.s.
  2. And I disagree with Lovedogs post saying that doing it yourself is easy. Yes, it is true that you do the hard work yourself, but you pay the company to help make sure you don't forget anything. For example, when you send the documents to USCIS you need to send about 10 other things with the petition form and one of those docs is your wifes birth certificate. (all these thai docs need to be translated btw that the company will do). My wife wasn't born in a hospital but in a house and her birth was recorded but wasn't given an official birth certificate. The "unofficial" certificate which h
  3. Thanks for all the activity on the post guys. Let me address a few things. First let me say that all my information provided, in the initial post and this one is info I got from my new visa company which I paid for and from my extensive visits to the U.S. Embassy, and this hard researched and expensive info I am hoping to pass onto you. Secondly, it is surely not black and white and every situation is different, so basically, as with anything politics, don't take any of it to the bank. As what they told me about tourist visas... As MM pointed out, you commitment to Thailand is what depe
  4. Good day to all, I am happy to have found this site and wish to share my experience to all people who are thinking about or currently trying make a Marriage Visa or Fiance Visa for a Thai lady, whether you live in Pattaya or Bangkok or anywhere else for that matter, the process is the same. Please post any other names of scam companies that you may have been victim too and share any info you may have about the visa process to help a future person out. I think by telling you my story, I can help answer a lot of questions you may have, and please, BEWARE OF LAZY/SCAM LEGAL COMPANIES WI
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