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  1. Thanks for the advice biggles, much appreciated
  2. Thanks for the info, I didn't know that. As I'm on a type O I have 3 months to pass my test then. Have only been out of quarantine 3 days and had a near miss, a little Thai boy ran out in front of me on Lengkee so I had to swerve - only just missed him. Made me realise that I need to be legal and insured when riding here, I would have been in a world of trouble if I had connected with that kid with no insurance.
  3. Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Does anyone know of a reliable used motorbike shop here in Pattaya? I'll be here for 6-12 months and I prefer to buy a used bike rather than renting. Also, does anyone know what documentation I need to purchase a bike and get insurance here? I have a fixed address (my brother in law) and an international driver's permit (issued against my Australian driving licence). Thanks!
  4. That's a bit harsh PM, the ops from India - maybe he figures the less dosh he's paying for a room, the more he'll have for haggling in the Coconut Bar
  5. If the rooms in Sawasdee Hotels are starting at around 700 these days then I would give them a miss. There are better options in the 700-900 range than Sawasdee.
  6. 500 baht, ouch! Thanks for the info, if that ever happens think I'll be checking out the following morning. Re: the Intown Hotel, I agree with piero, it's a good option, if you don't mind the miserable-looking unhelpful reception staff. The roof pool is a nice touch, and usually had the pool to myself. However, could not find them on the internet in the past (I think there is a 'Town-in-town Hotel' just off Pattaya Klang which seems to come up on Google searches). If budget is an issue, try the Sawasdee chain (link provided by Cicero above). The Sawasdees on Soi Diana and Soi Honey Inn used to do rooms for about 3-600 p/n. Or the Diana Dragon at the Buakow end of Soi Diana is another cheap option, expecially if you book weekly or monthly and if you don't mind a fan room it will be even cheaper. But the cheapest places i've come across are on the Sois that link Buakow with Third Road. You can get a room above a shop/bar over there for about 200 a night. In fact, it's often handy to book yourself in at one of those places even if you are staying somewhere else, as the spare room available 24/7 can come in very handy sometimes ;-)
  7. Thanks MM - have now followed the link and applied for full membership.
  8. But if he's not a board member how can he even post here? I have the same problem by the way.
  9. Hi everyone, just joined the forum. Yeah, over the past ten years I have stayed in literaly dozens of hotels in the Pattaya area, usually in the range from 350-1100 baht and have never once been charged a 'joiner fee' or even heard that term before. What the hell is it? Is this something new?
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