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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. My credit union account to Bangkok Bank account online push a button. Easy, simple, and cheap. Use any bank in USA to send to Bangkok bank via their New York branch.......done.
  2. Really??? You don't have the 2 seconds it took me to type in Bike store bangkok into google and the 2nd link down was the one listing all the bike stores. I mean come on it would of been quicker to google then it would of been to start this thread...
  3. I have a dream that one day all people will know how to use GOOGLE http://bicyclethailand.com/bike-stores/ http://www.bangkok.com/cycling/recommended-bike-shops.htm If you want a good "real" racing bike you're going to have to go to Bangkok and be prepared to spend some serious cash.... I have a cervelo S5 and that set me back $4000 US.
  4. I'm pretty sure anybody who has ever been to Soi Cowboy knew where that was filmed.
  5. Now whos being an ass. You brought up the dead girl due to the water being thrown on her, about being blinded while riding a motorbike. Others have gone on about "Safety" I just pointed out the obvious.....Some are only concerned about certain things to be safe about and turn a blind eye to other things that can impact their personal "safety" and can impact other peoples safety if that person has no knowledge of some disease they picked up. Not very safe now is it? one other aside. My wife was not saying farangs should be deported or forced to leave. She was sayin if you dont like it
  6. Get out in the country and do songkran. Away from farang /tourist areas and yes songkran is different. It is not the hostile event that you experience in Pattaya. And who is the cause for that over top the behavior. Farang simple as that. You want to complain about then complain about the actions of Farangs.. They are the ones that end up changing the attitude of Thais. Seen it to many times in cities that never saw farang then they get the tourist infulx and the attitude goes to shit. Of course my attitude would to dealing with some of the aholes that travel from other countries to Thaila
  7. Mislead about what. Cause were back in the states right now...... That is my wifes account she has posted before when certain people seem to get on their anti-Thai tirade.....Thats her opinion and actually a few of her friends opinions as well......
  8. No both on the same computer.....but 2 accounts.. Now your board keeps you logged in when you come back there has been a time when I replied to something underneath her account when I meant for it to go under my account.....Yes I saw what you added. There are things my wife doesn't like about the states but she does not go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about it...................................she deals with it and adapts......
  9. Heres a clue...My wife has ADAPTED. She doesnt get on a bunch of message boards and bitch and moan like a bunch of little girls about shit in another countyr.. As to safety if everyone is so worried about safety then why do so many of you Fuck a bunch of BG's.. Lets see theres HIV, Hepatitis, Herpes,gonorrhea(strains of which are becoming resistant to antibiotics), syphilis, etc....... Ever go out on July 4th, Memorial day in the states, the 2 holidays for the most traffic accidents. The western world has not capitalized on safety in any way....There is about 1 death every 13 minutes
  10. And those at fault are.................FARANGS.....but then with out them you make no profit MM via alcohol sales...The fact of the matter is so many westerners like to bitch and moan about fucking everything.....You dont like it leave better yet learn to live with it and then you have no problem.........
  11. No you just cant handle the truth like so many on this board..
  12. Really that paranoid MM....Should I change my status anytime I step foot out of anywhere....
  13. Fyi Wife and I are back in Sacramento right now. Somtomthai would be my wifes account. Really MM I stated this when my wife signed up and we had to put the little intro paragraph of why we should be allowed to join. That is my wifes thoughts to this whole thing. You really dont want to get her started on some of the other things she reads.I mean are you guys really that paranoid over some criticizing. So many here criticize Thais of which both my kids are half Thai and some of you are fucking racist assholes....to tell the trutth but I guess the truth hurts.
  14. Wear a swimsuit when you get to place you need to be change. See easy problem to solve... but during songkran who or what expects anyone to arrive anywhere dry?
  15. Then you aught to head up to Phettrakul road right in front of the Leelawadee Lagoon Resort. Only farangs that were there all day were my brother and I. A few farangs came walking down the road with the one exception of one who stoped for about 30 minutes and then left. 99% of the poeple were Thais and it was one of the best Songkran experiences I have ever had...Get to the food mart across the street, drink some beer, and have FUN
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