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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Know the place. Box from Tesco, rack from there, and let them fit it. Change from B2000? That will do for me!
  2. Bored of watching tilak try to force her entire life underneath the seat of her already full (klick) motorcycle seat, so: 1) Best place to get a back box fitted for her in central patts? 2) How much should i pay for the bog standard version? (with and without the rack) Many thanks guys...... 7 weeks 2 go....
  3. I don't doubt it Butch, and I would never deal directly with them. It was an auto transfer from a TravelSupermarket.com search. The worrying thing is that if there is one such outfit at hand, there are probably many more. Sticking to the mainframe from now on personally. Don't care if it costs me a couple of quid more. (which is unlikely, as the prices quoted by said rogues were ficticious anyway)...
  4. Exactly. Dodgy firm. Anyway, fact is (despite having previous experience of this) I have blinked too soon as Thai are now down to £674 for my dates having released some more tickets. I fully expect them to dip under £600 to generate sales and then rise sharply to catch the people who will pay the £1464 (which some did), before recalculating and pitching again. I knew the strategy before, and the timescale. It just shows the power of the idea that you may be the guy to miss the flight to paradise and spend that week/fortnight/month at home instead. Thing is, I should know better by now (30 trips). Still....at least i'm on the plane tee hee
  5. True, but they are also the only agent that charge me £4 (not a fortune I know) for ATOL protection. It comes free everywhere else. (that I use) Also, their prices are generally fiction, which explains why you can never (maybe too strong) complete a deal online with them. I have it on good authority, from an indeoendent travel agent here in London, who I have dealt with for many years that only the ebookers and opodo sites are worth looking at to get the ACTUAL current prices, as they are tightly run outfits, and their computers are linked to some mainframe computer that links the travel agency world. Something that the satalite agents aren't privvy too. That's his story, and he is sticking to it so please, don't shoot the messenger. Having said that, the two sites that I will be refering to for current prices in the future will be? No prizes for gussing!
  6. The prices came back up, but by the time you complete the booking process the site just tells you that you have been timed out, and takes you back to the search page. Sure enough, the used the email address that I had entered to send me a happy sheet! I may try booking by phone 2moro (off to work now), as last EVA price quoted was £585 !!!
  7. Every time I tried to book the Crystal Travel £651 the site kept timing me out! Now they are not quoting ANY prices at all! Iffy...
  8. Ok. Thailearner was right. I've just been on travelsupermarket.com, and they directed me to a Crystal Travel website, who are indeed offering flights on dates either side of my own that I can manage for £651. They are backed by IAATA which seems to be a representitive body for the airlines, not the punters. They also claim to be affiliated to ATOL and quote an ATOL number and invite you to click on this on their website to get further details of the ATOL protection. But when you try to do this, nothing happens. No site opens up. Also, while searching this site it has frozen my computer twice! Gives me collywobbles when other agents are asking £950 upwards for the same flights, and some agents don't even list these flights as available. Fucking minefield! (so what happened to the regular £1464?) You see what I mean? No rhyme or reason to it all. I'm sorely tempted by the price with Crystal (travel supermarket), but have doubts about there authenticity. Anyone booked with Crystal in the past, or any other agent backed by IAATA? I'm also tempted to go with the agent I used to deal with for £750. His name is Adrian De Sousa, who formerly worked with Lazy Vacation until they went bust. Like i said, i dealt with him at that company successfully, but the only details I have for him now are a personal email address. One man band now maybe? Something else I have to chase up. Shambles this time really. Anyway, anyone dealt with any of the above who can give me the "heads up" would be much appreciated. Now i'm gonna go sleep on it, and hopefully wake to see that the prices have tumbled and i can get c £600 with EastWest. Never know your luck lol .... Goodnoght all
  9. Ok, I hear what you are all saying. Thanks for the imput, but i've just had the old diary out and last year I booked on 04/01/2012 so 10 days earlier, for travel out on 11/03 (a week earlier) and back on 06/04 (same date)! Price then £573. I have seen the Thai/Eva prices swing up and down without rhyme or reason before. In fact for a short time on Sunday the Thai price went down to £943, then back up to £1464 the next day. See what i mean. No rhyme or reason to it. I have an offer of Eva at £750 from an agent i used to use a while ago, which I will chase up 2moro. I just have a gut feeling that this 90, 60, 30, day cycle thing may be in effect here and both airlines may be sitting on seats, which when released will be at a much cheaper rate, rising gradually as the seats available decreases. I can't believe that if their 06/04 flight was sold out bar 4 seats 9 weeks before wheels up that they wouldn't just put another flight on, as the demand is obviously there. Right? I take the point about the Easter holidays, and come to think of it, last year I actually flew back on Good Friday! This time I straggle the entire holiday, so that could well be it! Bugger!!!!!!!! Having said that, I have punched in going out a week earlier (sicky), and coming back a week earlier (decorating) and that still comes in at hi £800s. Of course, that still catches Good Friday out there. Hmmm. Thinking aloud here, but it looks like that is it doesn't it? I should have been chasing this up in the week after Christmas! (the busiest week of the year in the uk for holiday bookings due to the post festive depression rate). Ok,thanks guys. I admit defeat and will immediately get after Thailearners £650 fare on travel supermarket, and my own guys £750 with Eva. Thanks for all your input. Actually though, what is your opinion of the 90, 60, 30 day pricing benchmark? I ask as i'm tantalizingy close to it......
  10. Just started glancing at flight prices for my next jaunt, specifically: Dep Ex LHR Sun 17 Mar Ret Ex BKK Sat 06 Apr Usually go direct but the prices are sky high currently. it's still 9 weeks to wheels up, so i'm hoping there is still time for them to come up with some offers. The problem seems to be the return flight on Apr 06. They say that there are only 4 seats available on it at £1464. Eva are +3k on the same day. Surely it can't be sold out 9 weeks in advance can it? Also i'm coming back before Songkran so i'm a bit taken aback by the current state of play. I can get the usual sub £600 in May/June.I know They play games with the release of tickets/promos and am hoping that is the case here. Or is there something I've missed? If it's not (the price) going to come in a lot, i'll need to look at moving my dates back. Tilak will just love that! So, what do you think. Am i getting panicky for nothing, and should just sit tight and wait for the deals, or am i rightly concerned and should be looking around to find someone to exchange my leave dates with?
  11. Just how busy is Pattaya at the moment? My (soi 7 waitress) tg is whinging about having to work late every evening. She says she can make money (tips) at the moment, but it is making her tired. I know its still high season, and the Chinese new year must be about now, but I suspect full loads and Germans lol. So, busy or not?
  12. I'm ashamed to say that this is the first time i've partaken of monkeywatch, but I shall be backtracking and keeping tabs in the future. Great humour lol...
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