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  1. I forgot to mention that I will get a pickup from Mr "T", inexpensive, and that I speak Thai well and can advise the driver to take you wherever you need to go.
  2. Greetings gentlemen, looking for someone to rideshare from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya July 10 approx 11pm or most likely midnight , Thanks, Martin
  3. Greetings, I am a seasoned Pattaya goer. Will arrive Jan. 8 at 11:55pm on Delta from USA, would like to share a Taxi. Can message me here please. Thanks, Dwaynehoover
  4. Yes, I arrive from Tokyo June 23 after 11pm and want to share Taxi from Airport Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya, I put 11:45 because I need to wait til midnight to go thru immigration because I will have a 90 day visa and my return is 91 days. I speak Thai well and am fairly good at dealing with taxis. I will make an appointment for an airport pickup for 1000 baht to Pattaya.
  5. I will arrive at BKK 11:45 PM or so, will book taxi and have it waiting for us, would like to share to Pattaya, Dwayne
  6. Ride share January 9, my arrival at 11:45 PM, I already have Mr. T appointment for taxi.
  7. Greetings, will arrive Jan 9 , 11pm , want to share a taxi to Pattaya, I will probably book taxi, good price in advance. Thanks, Martin
  8. Greetings, I will be arriving at 11:20PM on Delta from Tokyo on Sept. 10, I speak Thai fairly well , can get us reasonably priced taxi to Pattaya. My email mgansborg@gmail.com , Thankyou
  9. Greetings, I will arrive Bangkok on NWA flight 21 from Narita at 11:45pm on Sept.9, would like to share a taxi, I speak pretty good Thai,guaranteed we pay no more than 1200 baht total. My email is mgansborg@gmail.com , Thanks, Martin
  10. Greetings, I will be arriving at 11:45-midnight on Nov. 28, would like to share ride to Pattaya, Martin
  11. Hey Warren, in case you didnt see the PM I sent, I will be on your flight #27, send me your seat number and I will come over and talk to you.
  12. I will be on the same flight as Warren #27NWA. I will be wearing blue t-shirt or dark gray sleeveless and tan slacks and have 2 black backpacks, 1 with tennis racquets.Please lets go together to Pattaya. I can help, can speak Thai. Monte
  13. Pleeeeeease, if you know of anyone who plays tennis in Pattaya or jomtien give me some kind of contact information for them, cellphone or email or where do they hang out and name please. I gotta play some tennis during the day or I go crazy or is it crazier, yeah thats it. Thankyou gentlemen, Dwayne Hoover
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