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  1. Maybe once I get use to it. How do I navigate to see my PM's?
  2. If you fly often then you need to do some research on the various airlines frequent flyer programs as the cheapest fare doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest over the long run. Look at their partners that offer airmiles such as rental car, banks and financial instutions, hotels, and etc. As an example a friend of mine wanted to make his first trip to LOS a couple years ago. I told him to sign up for United Airline FF program. Then I told him that if he applied for a Chase Visa card he would get 30K United airmiles plus 1 miles for every $ charged. Then I told him that a specific investment
  3. Be careful about the electric. I knes a guy who liked it cool in his room. He was paying 7K a month and his first month's electic came in for another 7k. Check to see waht they are charging per unit used as I've heard other pay between 5 baht a unit up to 10 baht a unit. Also check to see how often you get housekkeping as that can range from everyday to once every two weeks or less.
  4. There ae 2 Mike's hotels on Soi 4. The old one which is called Mike's Beach and the newer one called Mike's Orchid. I stayed at the old one and was never charged a joiner fee however the last time I stayed there was in 2004.
  5. If you want to stay in the area near Soi 6, a new hotel will soon open just down the Soi from where the Bangkok Bank is located on 2nd Rd. I think its name is something like the Mind Resort.
  6. Not abolished. With the opening of the new airport it began to be included in the price of your airfare. At that time I had purchased my ticket a few months in advance when the old airport was open so when I checked in shortly after the opening of the new airport I was asked to pay the departure tax because it was not included in my ticket.
  7. My prior place was Benjaphan Mansion next to the Nova Attrium and it had the 2 burners. The large 1 bedroom units (about 75 sq meters) cost 11,300 per month on a year lease and 12,300 for a month to month back then. Before that I stayed at Mansion 75 near Carrefour in a studio (about 36 sq meters) for 7500 a month. This place had a counter about 2 meters long with a sink but no burners. The TGF did an excellent job of preparing meals using an electric fry pan and other electrical appliances.
  8. 1. The lack of a motor vehicle code or the compliance of it. 2. The tailors always trying to shake my hand.
  9. This is a little late but for your info Mr T charges 1600 baht for a mini bus which includes tolls and parking.
  10. I think I remember reading on this forum that one can get a monthly rate for around 19K at the Skytop Resort. Seriously the two time that I rented a place for a monthly rate and it wasn't a year lease I had to pay 2 month plus a security deposit. However those monthy rates were greatly reduced compared to the daily rate. Those monthly rates were 10 times the daily rate and I had to pay for the electric/water useage.
  11. I made my first trip to Pattaya and first stop to the Freelancer Bar in August 2001 and that sign was not there. Moulee was the mamasam and the first person to greet me at that time and Ben was the manager.
  12. I've ridden in the minibus a few times when I booked a private car. If you ask for the minibus the fare is 1600. Why we got the minibus at the private car rate is that after they dropped you off they had a scheduled pickup for a small group so better to travel to BKK and get 900 baht than zilch.
  13. Once high season comes to a close and more new hotels open later this year prices could drop. As an example over on Soi AR, 3 new Nova are scheduled to open this July along with another hotel that almost as large as the 3 Novas. Sunshine expansion on soi 8. What looks like another LK on Soi 12 along with something being built across from the Avenue. Plus there are others throughtout the Pattaya area.
  14. For those that like the location, another place just opened recently on Soi 2. Its located across the soi from the A-One. Sorry can't remember the name, but if your interested and no one else can provide any info let me know as I'll be back in Pattaya in less than 2 weeks.
  15. Some of the free public toilets don't have tissue so best to carry some with you. also some will have machines that you can purcahse small packets of tissue, but they only take 1 baht coins.
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