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  1. hi i am visiting pattaya in July for a month can u recommend me some good serviced apartments in south pattaya , 1 road , 2 road, soi bukao or central . my budget is around 10000 to 15000 bhat for a month James
  2. i checked the ktk link u gave its 14k a month , how much do u think would electricty + water take the total for month
  3. hi could anyone recommend me good serviced apartments or hotel i can get for a month in june my bugdet is 12 - 15k . i prefer south pattaya , but i can look at recommendation if u can give any James
  4. hi i have heard that many pharmacy sell fake pills could any one tell me where i could get good pills and at wht rate for pack of 4 or more Thanks James
  5. Hii i am visiting pattaya for first time on Oct 9 for 2 weeks could anyone recommend me good hotel or guesthouse 500-600bhat a day in south pattaya or beach/second road etc . James
  6. hi friends could u please reco me some good budget hotels between 500 - 600bht a day for a 2 week trip in south pattaya , near beach road , second road , soi bukhao etc
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