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  1. My nephew in drum battle.
  2. While My ukulele Gently Weeps
  3. i bet not everyone likes this, but for some odd reason, i do..a lot!
  4. I hardly ever like cover versions more than original, but there are some covers that beat the original hands down... Here is one example. Original is 80's euro pop by A-ha. And then more "manly version" by Northern Kings Personally i like much more of the later version, but that's just my opinion.
  5. http://youtu.be/VaUyJyPekJE
  6. The crazy Finns do it again, this time they "rape" AC/DC...
  7. I dedicate this to the one board member, who don't know the difference of your and you're...
  8. Never though it would become this popular.
  9. Usually this genre is not to my taste, but this one really is great one
  10. Same Danish band LIVE, So many bands suck live, but not Volbeat. http://youtu.be/uO_Go9GCZPo
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