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  1. Yep done should be another message for you there now :)
  2. Mate hows it going? I will PM you as i will share a Taxi with you again no problem . Kiwilad
  3. Ok sounds great can you let me know where the Kiwi Club is as i have never been there. Kiwilad
  4. HI if you were going to arrive late at night and wanted to spend one night in BKK i would be keen to go there on the 31st after lunch. Kiwilad
  5. Yes that time again another trip to the Thailand. Can anyone tell me of a good hotel in Bangkok price 1000-2000 Baht I used to always stay at the Nana but it seems not to be so friendly anymore. Some where close to Soi 4 if anyone has any idea. Thanks Kiwilad
  6. HI Just a short word about Taxi sharing. I shared a car with Aldprt whom I had never meet before. Great guy we hit it off right away and he was kind enough to show me around the Pattaya bars both getting so hammered. If you get the chance to share I do recommend it. I think Aldprt should change his handle to Pussy Bar Master as I learnt a thing or two from him. KiwiLad
  7. HI i will be going back to BKK from Pattaya on the 5th of April 11am. Any one to share? Also looking for Lemmons have been to the FLB but could not find you. Kiwilad
  8. Yes plenty of beached wales here at the NOVA Lodge. Stupid me for booking this hotel. Kiwilad
  9. HI Well yes arrived here in Pattya and have made the big mistake in pre paying for the Nova Lodge. the word DUMP and piss poor service sums it up pretty well. If you guys are looking for a good hotel stay clear of this shit hole. I spoke to a few guys at the FLB and they were able to tell me of more better hotels in Pattaya that the staff will be are to meet the needs of the hotel guests with a smile. Even a $5.00 hotel in Cambodia has better service than the Nova . Kiwilad
  10. Or could be : Land of Sniffers ( that would be panty sniffers )
  11. A white woman? mmmmmm Let me tink most of us men come to the land of smiles to escape them. I think you should head down to Pattaya get a couple of lovelys down there im sure then you may change your mind about the white girl. We have a name for them in New Zealand , BUSH PIGS . Nothing more of a turn off when a white womans guts walks in the door 5min before her head. I wish you the best of luck. Maybe you need to take a plank of wood with you. ( comes in handy to strap across your arse when been with a white woman.) Cheers Kiwilad
  12. Ok Guys yes i may take the afternoon one with Aldprt as i will go out the night beofre for a bit of a sniff so i guess it will be a late one. Lemons i will give you a call and hook up for a beer or 3 when i get there. Aldprt let me know how you want to work this? i can do one of 2 things. wait at the nana hotel and you pick me up or i can also go to the airport meet you there and go from there. this may be the easy way so we can get on the road at the double. Let me know what you think. cheers kiwilad
  13. HI Lemons Thanks for the reply. Ok sounds good. I could do one of 2 things, Meet you at the airport and arrange a taxi from there with you or if you come to Nana hotel and we go from there up to you as im easy whatever suits. There was one other thought if we waited for aldprt and then all went together as it may work out cheaper? I know he gets in a little latter. Well let me know im keen as . What do you think about that Idea Aldprt? Just let me know Cheers Kiwilad
  14. About time they started doing that as when I fly Thai air I always end up taking off my shoes, belt, ect just to do the check through in Sydney Airport. One time an old guy with a walking stick was told to take off his shoes and ended up falling over. The staff there were very slow to help him up. No wonder I rather go to Thailand for a holiday than spend my money in Aussie. Flight stops for one hour takes you up to 45min to go through the check through. I have changed to Singapore air as they also have good deals if you book ahead. Return to from CHCH to BKK 1300 NZD for my ticket open for s
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