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  1. sorry geography is totally cr*p. My friends have given me Foodland as an approximate location. They live somewhere between scnd and third street although the Park and Town inTown are a reasonable walk distance away from where they live also Foodland . Just trying to get a hotel in that area using only the landmarks I know. Without a detailed map, it is difficult to pin it down any more and most of the maps just dont cover that area in any great detail. This any help
  2. sorry, He doth protest to much"" ?????????? No protest!!!! just question
  3. Looking to visit some friends in Pattaya in October (not BGs) and am trying to find accommodation near the foodland supermarket between second and central. If possible the city side rather than the beach side of the supermarket between second and third street. I looked at the Park Hotel but seems a bit down market and the Town in Town Hotel does not bother replying to my e mails. I want a good base, not just a sh*gging room, bath etc probably equivalent to a two or three star in the UK. Budget of about up to 1500 baht per night. Not concerned about a pool or distance to the beach.Also, I am
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