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  1. The pricer hotels in the area i.e. J W Marriott, Landmark, Sheraton have good restaurants serving a variaty of different food, the only place I've tried was the Hibisgus (spelling?) at the Landmark it was very good but the tg I was with would have been just as happy at a food stall.
  2. My last trip LAX/BKK my tv moniter was broke so the cabin crew gave me $70 in discount coupons. I found out you cannot use them booking on line and thats the only way I do it, so if anybody buys tickets at EVA counter or uses travel agent I'll pass them on they are transferable have no cash value and are good till sept 27 07
  3. Hey Manuthai, Big problem for me,I got to ticket counter at LAX and found out I needed a china visa even though I was just changing planes, wound up spending an extra day in LA getting visa. I think the rush visa cost $60 plus to photos acrosss the street $20,extra day car rental night in hotel etc etc. Next day plane left LAX 4 hours late missed connection to BKK they put me in a dump hotel near the airport didn't have internet I could'nt figure out how to use phone no one spoke english to help me had a hell of a time finding out when I was getting another flight. Due to no show Nana Hotel ca
  4. I'm planning a trip to LOS 3/6-3/25 I was hoping fairs from LAX to Bkk would come down, they had been running 811+ tax eva deluxe but yesterday they went up to 927+ tax not a big deal but I'll hold off buying a ticket for a while longer
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