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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. My friend and I got stuck in Thailand during the last bit of political unrest a few years ago when the protesters shut down the airport in Bangkok. We werent going to complain. The Thai Government put anyone that wanted it, that got stuck there and couldnt go home, up in hotels and paid for their meals at the hotels. I got to stay in Pattaya for a couple extra weeks courtesy of the government. Not a bad deal. There was a certain list of hotels that we could stay at, and they gave us like 400 baht a day or something like that in credit to use for food with the hotel room service.
  2. I avoid Thailand at all costs for Loy Krathong. Last time I was around during it, I took off and went to Cambodia and Vietnam for a couple of weeks. Aggressive tourists ruin the experience of Loy Krathong and what it is all about.
  3. Guess I'm Grandfathered in. Ive been banking with Chase since they were Bank One. Had an account with them for 18 years now. But there are several banks and credit unions that offer no foreign transaction fees, and refund any charges on ATMs, some of them up to 10 times per month.
  4. I AVOID walking street like the plague. On my last 3 month trip to SE Asia, of which I spent approximately 5 weeks in Pattaya, I went to Walking Street a total of 2 times. Its a tourist trap area. I much prefer to stick to my stomping grounds on Soi Buakhao. Its a way cheaper area, plenty of great looking girls, and not as many Russians. Soi Buakhao is where its at.
  5. Thats fucking beautiful. Im going to have to make a pit stop there sometime on one of my yearly trips.
  6. I ALWAYS use my debit card thru Chase Bank and bring like $200-300 as backup currency. I dont pay a fee on any ATMs outside of their network, and they dont charge me a foreign transaction fee. So I only get charged the 150 baht that the ATMs inside Thailand charge, and they always give you what the going exchange rate is.
  7. Never had problems when they switch to new notes. They always hassle me about really small tears in the bill or anything older than 2008 I think, might be 2005
  8. Only time Ive ever in my life had trouble getting one to stop in 13 years of visiting was last year during that Music Festival they had on Beach Rd for the whole weekend. Everytime one drove by it was packed up balls deep, and the ones that were empty were looking for sucker ass Russians to do private hire. Took me almost 30 mins to finally find one that had room in it. I would have walked but I was going all the way from Central Festival up to the Dolphin Roundabout. Even the mototaxi driver wanted to try and charge like 150 baht just to drive up the road.
  9. My first trip to the LOS, the exchange rate was around 42 to 1USD. I miss those days. Gotta a lot more bang for my buck, literally. This last time I went in early 2013, I saw it slip from 32 all the way down to almost 28 to 1 in less than a month. I started justifying it in my head. For every $100 I used to trade in I got about 4000 baht, this time was around 3000 baht. Thats literally a ST experience Im losing out on for every $100 just due to exchange rates.
  10. Going to check this place out tonight and see how it is. Used to love Pump Station, Spicy Bar, and Nice with Ice back in the day. But last couple years I've been here, I haven't seen anything but uglies and fatties at all of them. But you would think with Bliss being a bit off the beaten path they would actually have a little lower price. You can go to Soi 6 and get full service for just a few hundred more baht. Good BJ should run about 500 IMO if you compare what the costs of services at other locations are.
  11. What do you mean your estimate is 13%? That's how much the management company takes or that's how much you clear. Give me an example. How much does your place rent for for the month and how much do you get out of it? And do you already own the property or are you still making payments on it?
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