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DTAC vs True H vs 3GX Prepaid, cost for internet paskages, speeds, areas.

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http://truemoveh.tru...smart/entry/594 or http://truemoveh.tru.../inet/entry/583


Which one cheaper for internet?

they all 42mbps so i guess similar

I am on DTAC now, pay 399+vat for 1 GB

I am thinking about TOT's 3GX

looks cheaper 100bath gets 500mb

399THB gets 2500MB

do u get calling credit when u top up 3gx and internet on top of it ?

where to get top ups in pattaya? and sim ?

or should I stay with DTAC and wait thier TriNet thing ? trinet is 3g or 4g ?


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I use TRUE postpaid, so I can't help with the rates and which is better etc,


However, I can tell you that you can assign 3G to your account as long as you have money in the account. You simply send a code to your mobile provider.


For example, for DTAC, go to http://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/products/Happy-internet-package.html and you will see the codes you enter for the various time/volume programs.


Of course, you have to have sufficient funds in your phone to pay instantly for the service. If you don't cancel the service, it will automatically renew when the previous one expires...if you have sufficient funds.


This does not combine, in any way, with your call balance amount...you are charged at your current rate for calls up to your remaining balance.


Here is the first part of the DTAC page...


Happy Internet Package (1).png

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