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  1. Maybe this should have been posted in the Technical Questions section of the forum?
  2. I have flown Thai Air so much that the stewardess' now me. When I order a beer, they bring me two. I had two make a bet with me that I couldn't drink 10 cans of beer between Hong Kong and bangkok. I drank 12, and got a date with one of them. Thai Air, if you travel them a lot, will feed you as much booze as you want. As long as you are not a stupid drunk.
  3. Damn it! I told jiggy to move on! 5555! Seriously though, I hope he gets bored. Some guys just never learn!
  4. 1) It's full of tourists that don't know any better 2) You can sit and watch tourists do stupid things 3) You can watch tourists fall for the "scams" 4) You can watch 300lb men walk around in nothing but spedo's and flip flops 5) The smell of the open sewers
  5. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Did someone fart? Nah, it's just buffalo breath I guess.
  6. I took a good healthy shit this morning! I was thinking of a couple of board members, and the shit just started gushing out!
  7. Another problem I have, is when you drop that massive Titanic Turd and the cold water splashes up and hits you right in the sphincter hole. I tend to do a sudden twitch movement when this happens, and have a hard time keeping hold of the laptop. Maybe I need a strap on?
  8. Is Benihana the place that the cheifs cook the food right in front of you and put on the show? I would love to take my wife and kids to a place like that. If this is not the place, could someone point me in the direction of one?
  9. I do not have a problem "pinching a loaf" when logged into other forums though? As soon as I log in to this one, my shit boats return to intestive land. As soon as I log out, and into another forum, the brown cookie dough starts dropping again. A real strange problem? Anyone else log into the forum while "dropping the twins off at the pool"?
  10. I have a theory that it is due to all the anal retentive blokes around here. Not sure though. It could be all the bad Karma involved with this site that is scaring my terd boats back up me bowels?
  11. 1) Tequila Reef soi 7 Mexican 2) Pig & Whistle soi 7 Pommie 3) Subway multiple locations Cold meat sandwiches 4) Burger King beach road Royal Garden best fast food burger in the world 5) El Toro 2nd Road Italian
  12. While I am logged into the forum, using my wireless connection, I am having trouble having bowel movements. I got bored of reading the newspaper and books while taking a dump, so I now take the laptop into the can with me and read and post on several forums. But for some reason, while logged into this particular forum, I can not seem to get the hershey river to flow? Can someone help me out with this problem?
  13. I always use a new login and username when I change ISP locations.
  14. That happened to me yesterday, but today seems to be okay.
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