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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I will be in Pattaya from September 29 through to October 8 and playing golf everyday with Soi 7 Fun bar. If anyone is in town and is interested come and have a game.
  2. Back in March 2000 I slipped down a small mound on the side of the 3rd tee and fractured my right ankle. Well I did not know it was fractured at the time. I biridied the next hole and finished the round 11 over par on one leg. Since then I have had much worse socres on both 2 legs....
  3. My favourites which have a good variety of golf courses and also have hire clubs available Fun Bar, Soi 7 on left hand side at bottom of soi. Play Monday through Friday during high season and most Sundays. Usually leave bar around 10:30am and no limit on tee times just turn up or put your name down on sheet before the game. Contact Peter on 087 815 0433. The Golf Club, Soi LK Metro. Play Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Early morning pickup, around 8:00am, and limit on tee times so need to have name down on sheet early as there are quite a few regulars. Contact John but don't have p
  4. I would consider a 25 sq metre room to be comfortable. The superior rooms at Pasadena Lodge are 26 sq metres and for me that space is more than adequate.
  5. Are you referring to the one being built next to Pasadena Lodge? It was still under construction in June. I will be back again in a few weeks and will be interested to see the progress.
  6. Some of the courses I always enjoy playing are Laem Chabang, Khao Kheow, Greenwood, Burapha, Emerald, Crystal Bay, Green Valley, Eastern Star. There are 20 or more bars that organise golf games through the week and it works out quite cheaply and you do not have to worry about organising anything. Just turn up in the morning. I usually play out of the Soi 7 Fun Bar but there are many alternatives like the Bunker, Caddy Shack, Haven, OK Corral, The Golf Club and many others. The first thing I do when I get into Pattaya is find a copy of the previous Fridays Pattaya Mail*. There you will
  7. I have hired clubs from Laem Chabang and a few other courses and the sets are not too bad. I am a left hander and there is less choice but decent clubs if you are a right hander. You can also hire golf clubs from the pro shops along 3rd Road in Pattaya for 300 baht a day. You can probably negotiate a lower rate if you hire the set for a week or 2.
  8. I enjoy playing most courses around Pattaya. Laem Chabang, Khao Kheow, Burapha, Noble Place are all very picturesque golf courses but not very challenging for low handicappers although Khao Kheow could be difficult on some days. I think the Plantation course at Siam is the toughest I have seen in a long time. I played it in June on a very windy day, no trees for protection, and balls one yard off the fairway were either lost or unplayable in the thick 'cabbage'. There is also the triple green which is a great novelty and the top level has got to be around 30-40 yards higher than the bottom
  9. Those photos bring back wonderful memories. I love playing golf at Laem Chabang and love the pro shop with the Jack Nicklaus memorabilia including the putter he used when he won the US PGA championship in 1980. It is a very challenging golf course with 3 unique 9's. I look forward to having a game there everytime I am in Pattaya. Hopefully I will get to play it again in 3 weeks time. I am also striving hard to break 80 there and I have only managed 81s and 82s so far.
  10. I have used Agoda and before that Precision Reservations on a number of occassions. They have a user friendly website, friendly customer service and competitive prices on most hotels and have a simple rewards program you can use as a discount on next hotel stay or save up rewards to get a free room. I used Agoda to book a room in Singapore in 4 nights time. I always compare room rates on different websites and usually book using the cheapest option.
  11. The difference in cost is only minimal and I like to get out and about in Singapore. Just like I spend 1 night in either the Hilton/Holiday Inn or Intercontinental in Bangkok after leaving Pattaya. For me as I live in Australia and Qantas is part of the Oneworld Alliance it makes sense to book all my flights on Oneworld Alliance airlines. Star Alliance and Skyteam do not have a domestic presence in Australia. From my perspective the following points I posted in another thread are very relevant.
  12. Yes Qantas and British Airways have direct flights to Bangkok but I like to spend a night in Singapore. The cost of the airfare via Singapore is not much more than the direct option. I am almost certain that Emirates and Etihad do not fly direct Sydney-Bangkok but I would not even consider flying them unless they were part of the Oneworld Alliance.
  13. I am a Qantas frequent flyer with Platinum status, equivalent to Oneworld Emerald. Some of the benefits are first class checkin when using any Oneworld airline, fast track through immigration and quarantine when arriving back into Australia, extra luggage allowance on Qantas flights, priority luggage tags on most Oneworld airlines, complimentary lounge access including first class lounges and in Australia I can get into the lounge even when not flying, 100% bonus on frequent flyer points when flying Qantas, Bristish Airways and American Airlines, accumulate frequent flyer points with partn
  14. Blame me! I am really sorry. I noticed the problem about 3-4 days ago and sent a PM to Martin. The problem was that anything posted to the members bar, other forums were unaffected, was not incrementing the post count. Martin said he would investigate the problem and try to correct the post counts. Seems to be OK now and apologies again....
  15. I tried Mr Tooms service for the first time in March and it was a pleasant experience. Will definitely use his services again....
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