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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Cats Corner Bar Beer is 5 years old on Monday 31st Ocober 2011, so please come and help us celebrate with live music and food.
  2. Cheers Alf - Pattaya not the same without you. Hope your health is back on track. The bar-owning crowd in our area send their regards.
  3. Party here for one of my customers 8pm Wednesday 3rd August 2011. Bob Palmers' food and live music.
  4. Party for friends leaving soon - roast pig, Bob Palmer's food and live music. 8pm Friday 1st April 2011
  5. Having a party around about 8pm Friday, 18th March 2011, in Cats Corner Bar Beer to say bye and have a safe trip to some friends who are leaving over the weekend. Everyone welcome - Bob Palmer's food and live music. Best regards, Paul.
  6. Very remiss of me - forgot to mention it is also my manager's birthday on party night
  7. The management and staff of Cats Corner Bar Beer invite you to a mega bash on Sunday 11th July 2010. From 7pm until 9pm be entertained by the British F1 G.P. during which copious quantities of food will be on offer, including a 35 Kg porker and Bob Palmer's usual great selection. From 9pm until 1am there will be live music (and more food)THEN - the World Cup Final (English commentary), Holland -v- Spain. We already have some Spanish friends coming, however all are welcome. Best regards, Paul.
  8. Looks like I won't have to shell out for food the way England are playing!
  9. Glad to have been of assistance. I'll try and pop down sometime.
  10. I have one large TV, so I've forked out THB 10,000. I made that back on the first day and more. Like last June, I get very little passing trade. Formula 1, football etc. brings in much needed revenue for my bar.
  11. Just before the World Cup commenced, we were visited here at Cats Corner by the Pattaya Rep of RS Company, Bangkok and his lady boss, the latter who spoke very good English. The position is this - THB 10,000 for each TV screen. Police cannot enforce the law alone. The company rep must request police assistance and take the lead. The police are there to prevent a breach of the peace and convey all parties to the police station for the infringement to be settled. For a first offence, RS Company will seek payment of THB 100,000. For all you upstanding and law-abiding bar owners (like
  12. Just to let you know, we are screening all the World Cup football matches at Cats Corner Bar Beer, with the commentary in English. You read it here first - if England reach the semi-finals or final, I will put on copious quantities of free food! Best regards, Paul.
  13. I must be reading the wrong newspapers, looking at the wrong forums, viewing the wrong TV stations!! The new, young Superintendent of Soi 9 Pattaya Police Station went on record in several media outlets that he intended to crack down on the indiscretions I described in my original post. He seems true to his word. Despite the public order problems in BKK, the police and other agencies have been visiting/raiding both foreign and Thai-owned venues. Out of deference to the owners, I will not name those venues, but it is happening. Who wants drugs, underage, flower sellers, DVD/watch pushers, b
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