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  1. Well done sir. thanks for the quick reply and fix
  2. Seems to be a problem logging into the webcam site today. I keep getting a internal server error and won't load up the webcam page. Any way to check this on your side MM? If it is only a local problem on my end with my machine i apologize in advance.
  3. Just added a firefox add-on called "1-click YouTube video downloader" which allows downloads as .flv, .mp4, or 3gp. works great and relatively fast downloading speeds.
  4. Sounds like that has some promise Mick, saving the 40 bahts each time you use them will add up quicker than later.
  5. I tried Sharepod. plugged in the iPhone to the PC and it allowed me to transfer songs, videos, and pictures from the iPhone to the PC with no problem. Didn't need to start up iTunes either, you can then import your stuff to itunes to do that if you choose. You can also add music or delete music on the iPhone thru the Sharepod program and not have to be required to do it thru itunes. Thanks for the heads up on that Mac program CMC , allowed me to find this one for PC's.
  6. This promotion is pure genius . Things like this are great to hear, Hope it works well for you Pete, and all parties involved. I love the PBG and go in for food/drinks almost daily when in Patts .
  7. Senuti looks great, but only seems to support Mac's. I looked into it and a program called Sharepod looks to do the same for PC's. I will probably try it in the coming days, and report back here if i can get it to work.
  8. you can sync your phone numbers with windows contacts on your PC, or with gmail if you use that for email. like someone else said dont sync the whole phone or it'll wipe out your music and vids. If someone knows how to pull the music and vids onto a new computer, i would be interested as well.
  9. Sounds good Ed, hope things are going well. Can't wait to see the talent. Will definitely check the place out next time.
  10. 2Slices, this is looking great. Hope it is smooth sailing for you and the boat. I too would like to go out onto the high seas and party Pattaya style when i make it back to LOS. Good luck with the new business Captain
  11. I'm sure one of their lovely hostess/coyotes would be happy to help you out with that request
  12. Pizza at Goodfellas is fantastic. I've tried pizza at so many places in Thailand that i lost count and the few i consumed recently at Goodfellas, which is basically opposite of FLB has excellent pizzas, worth a try if you're around.
  13. seems right now the euro is the only one creeping up,while the Pound is dropping a little, and the USD is flat out on a downward spiral
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