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  1. I always have a slice of lime in my SML
  2. But he was in it So Empire of the sun still stands
  3. He must of been in it I doubt old Jacko is wrong Edit: yes he was in it (only 22)
  4. Stop threadfucking Firth MM has already told you off once today -jump
  5. You call it Jacko as your the oldest
  6. I take no notice of grumpy pants these days , I just give him a big kiss when I see him and all is forgiven
  7. Yes the bit where the nurse sticks her fingers up his arse FAF American Pie
  8. He will even have some beers and limes on ice for you if you ask in the email . I once got in the back of his cab and he turned round to me with a knife I thought I was being robbed he laughed and said it for cut lemon
  9. I know what you are getting at MM , I could of posted in the Members Bar But I didn't Anyway did you spot the Cat ?
  10. Idle chit chat Ok how about this one?
  11. Its there I promise (once you have seen him its easy ) dont worry took me about 20 mins to find
  12. ^^ I thought that at first but there is a puddy cat in there honest. Its easy once you have found the little cunt
  13. Can you spot the cat? Dont post the answer
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