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  1. Noooo I am normal I just have three same as most people
  2. In the biological sense, one testicle works just as well as two. Nevertheless, having a single, lonely nut can be a source of great embarrassment for a guy. But it turns out there may be an upside to monorchism. An Asylum analysis of famous people rumored to have only one testicle has exposed that a half-sack may increase your chances of becoming a professional athlete or a military despot. Here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head There was a 10th but my memory is crap theses days Can anyone help me out ? 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger An Austrian American bodybuil
  3. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
  4. I would rather sit and listen to this full blast for 24 hours, than share a taxi with that cunt Boring cunt Spike
  5. shall I start a new Movie Quiz ? cause this one is fucked !
  6. What an absolut fred thuck :bhappy
  7. I think the US version is slightly different to the UK version
  8. Use IMD mate much better for cheating information in these cases
  9. Nickys on Bukaow is better , ran by a Brummie not the cheapest but you get what ya pay for IMO you wouldnt put cheap shite fuel in ya car would ya -_-
  10. Just been in London , The old bill use them down there looks funny as fuck Edit : wehey im off mod watch il be good as MM is poorly
  11. Looks fuckin rancid ! Il stick with Nickys bar on soi Bukaow
  12. I say let catty come back he is a nice kunt -jump
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